I Forgot My Apple ID Password and Email [Options for Regaining Access to Your iCloud Account]

You are about to log in to your iCloud account and oops, you discover you can’t remember what password you used anymore. Or you think you do remember but after two tries, you still aren’t logged on. There comes the worry and panic that follows the “I forgot my apple ID password and email”. There is no need to panic. You can and will get access to your Apple services again by following these simple steps.

See if you are signed in on one of your devices

  • Search for your Apple ID in your iCloud or Media & Purchases settings
  • For iCloud, tap Settings >> then tap your name
  • For Media & Purchases, tap Settings >> tap your name, before tapping Media & Purchases. Your ID will most likely pop up.

Note that you can try this on iTunes, Messages, or FaceTime.

On your PC, you can:

  • Open iCloud for Windows
  • Then open iTunes, choose Account
  • Then select View My Account. If you are signed in to iTunes with your Apple ID, you will see your email address and account name.

If you logged on to iCloud on the web, try this:

  • Go to your Apple ID account page
  • If you are not signed in, your ID might prefill on the sign-in screen especially if you used the “save password” feature

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Regaining Access from your Apple ID Account Page

  • Go to the Apple ID account page
  • Click on Forgot Apple ID or Password
  • Click “if you forgot your Apple ID” when asked to enter your Apple ID
  • You’ll be asked to enter your first name, last name, and email address. If you don’t get the email address right the first time, you can try a different one until you get it.

If after all of the above, you still can’t retrieve your password or email, try resetting your password.

Password reset from a trusted family member or friend’s iPad, iPhone, or Mac

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap “your name
  • Click on Password and Security >> Change Password
  • If signed in to iCloud, you will have to enter the passcode for your device
  • Then, you follow the onscreen steps to update the password

Regaining access on your Mac

  • Choose Apple menu >> System Preferences >> then click on Apple ID
  • Click Password & Security
  • If asked to enter Apple ID, click on “Forgot Apple ID or Password” and follow onscreen directives
  • Click Change password.

Note that before you get to reset your Apple ID password, you will have to enter the password used to unlock your Mac.

You can also use the Apple Support App on iOS 12 or later or the Find My Phone App on iOS 9 to 12 here

Forgot Apple ID or Password Option

You can also try this to change or reset password:

  • On the Apple ID account page, click “Forgot Apple ID or Password
  • Enter your recovered Apple ID and select the option to reset password, then click Continue
  • Then, choose how to reset password. You can either choose to answer security questions and follow the steps indicated or “Get an email” on your primary or rescue email address.
  • If asked for a Recovery Key, use the steps indicated for two-factor verification as shown below.

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Recovery Key Method       

If you are at risk of forgetting your Apple ID, generate a recovery key beforehand. Should you need to reset your password, the recovery key can be used to regain access to your Apple ID. A recovery key is a randomly generated code of 28 characters that can be used to help reset your password or gain access to your forgotten Apple ID.

To generate one, on your Apple device,

  • Go to Settings >> your name >> Password & Security
  • Tap Recovery Key and slide to turn it on
  • Tap Use Recovery Key and enter your device’s passcode
  • You will receive your 28-digits recovery key. Write it down somewhere safe.
  • Next, confirm by entering it on the next screen.

Note that activating Recovery Key cancels Account Recovery. Account recovery is another method via which you can regain access to your Apple ID. But once Recovery Key is on, the latter is annulled.

To use Recover Key in the “I Forgot My Apple ID and Password” scenario, do the following:

With an Apple device, a trusted phone number, and your recovery key, you can reset your password. The device must be running an iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra or later for this to work.

Account recovery

Use this only as a last resort when you do not have enough information to reset your password. It usually takes several days, though, which is why it’s the last resort.

How it works

  • Request account recovery
  • You will get an email confirming your request and the date and time when you should expect to regain access
  • When the waiting period is over, you will get a text or automated call with instructions on how to regain access to your account. With those instructions, you will regain instant access to your device.

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How Can I Recover My Apple ID Without Phone Number?

The following steps will help:

  • Using the browser, click on iforgot.apple.com
  • Input Apple ID username, then tap Continue
  • Select whatever you want to reset and tap Continue
  • You can either choose to answer security questions and select the account recovery choice without a phone number.
  • Or click the “Get an email” option for a mail to be sent to a recovery email address of choice
  • A mail will be sent there with a verification code that you must enter before clicking Continue
  • You can then enter a new Apple ID password before clicking Reset Password

Check to see if the “I forgot my Apple ID password and email” problem is resolved by attempting to log in again.

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