HyperX Cloud Alpha Price, Specs & Software Download and Review

The HyperX Cloud Alpha price and specs are very competitive, but the headset is one of the best premium-looking gaming headsets. Right from the moment you take the headset out of the box, you feel how sturdy and durable the headset is. It also feels very comfortable on the ears and head, with band and forks that are metal.

You’ll appreciate how all the movable parts are well protected, and how the thick earpad seals to your head. The headset doesn’t need to be completely changed whenever you damage the cables or mic. These are removable and changeable as the HyperX Cloud Alpha comes with parts that can be bought independently, and that is one of the reasons why it remains one of the most durable headsets I have used.

Let’s take a closer look at the HyperX Cloud Alpha price, specs, and software download.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Specs and Price

DriverCustom dynamic, 50mm with neodymium magnets
TypeCircumaural, closed back
Frequency response13Hz–27,000Hz
Impedance65 Ω
Sound pressure level98dBSPL/mW at 1kHz
T.H.D.< 1%
Cable length and typeDetachable headset cable (1.3m) + PC extension cable (2m)
ConnectionDetachable headset cable – 3.5mm plug (4 pole) + PC extension cable – 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs
Mic ElementElectret condenser microphone
Mic Polar pattern Noise-cancelling
Mic Frequency response 50Hz-18,000Hz
Mic Sensitivity-43dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)
PriceHyperX Cloud Alpha price is $99

HyperX Cloud Alpha Price

The HyperX Cloud Alpha price is $99. The headset is available on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Design Review

The HyperX Cloud Alpha comes with a design that seemed like an upgrade to the HyperX Cloud II, and you won’t be wrong to think that it is. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is an upgrade and comes with visible improvements in the designs. The headset sports a new metal frame that gives the headset an even more premium look and feel.

You’d also notice ear cups and headbands that have thicker, spongier foam cushions. This makes it pretty easy to use the headset for long periods without feeling any discomfort. The aluminum frame of the headset is expandable, so if you have a bigger or smaller head, you should be able to get a setting that will work for you.

The braided cable is top quality, and it can be detached. It also comes with a detachable noise-cancellation mic, plus a very convenient in-line audio control. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a nice option for pro gamers on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and a couple of other different gaming systems and consoles. Speaking of designs, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is worth every dime invested in it.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Headphones

The HyperX Cloud Alpha provides punchy sound quality, and you’re able to hear even the smallest details of your in-game activities. You’d be able to hear the traumatic audio response of a grenade going off and the fragments of glass falling to the ground immediately after the grenade goes off.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha comes with a two-chamber spec that makes the bass and mid frequencies to reverberate in their own components. The headset does a good job of minimizing distortion and maximizing articulations. I noticed almost no uncomfortably loud volumes.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha also does a good job of blocking out outside noise. This helps to protect your ear from damage, while also providing you immersive gaming experience as the interruptions caused by household noise isn’t there. One of the best things about the HyperX Cloud Alpha is that it doesn’t leak the audio out, so while outside noise doesn’t interfere with your gaming, the gaming or music sound doesn’t disturb others around.

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One thing I did notice while playing Fortnite matches was that the headset doesn’t have surround sound feature, which would have helped to get sharper accuracy in matches. That is because the HyperX Cloud Alpha is a stereo headset. But outside a need for better situational awareness which is mostly needed in competitive gaming, stereo sound isn’t a bad deal. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is better for single-player or FPS games, some users might find a better sound deal for competitive gaming if they go for the HyperX Cloud Alpha S as it comes with 7.1 surround-sound support.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Mic

The audio production of the HyperX Cloud Alpha is of good quality, it comes with noise cancellation in case you’re in noisy environments. I did notice, though, that the mic is not very steady, but is a great option if you just need something for voice chat. I noticed it emphasizes notes of information-carrying sound while de-emphasizing the range of fundamental notes. It also comes with a very boomy sound when your mouth is too close to the mic.

If you need a gaming headset for basic streaming, discord, and in-game chat, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is a great option. But if you need top-quality audio, then a USB mic or dedicated gaming mic will do a better job.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Software Download

The HyperX NGENUITY is a software provided by the company that allows you to personalize your HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset. You can save a range of sound profiles and have them in a library that you can quickly access and start using.


The HyperX Cloud Alpha is one headset to get if you want to see improvement in your in-game sound experience, something older versions of the headset didn’t do as well. For the HyperX Cloud Alpha price and specs, the ease of replacing the parts, and the quality of the build, the detail put into its design, you’re sure to get real value for your money.

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