How to Use VPN in Android [Best Free and Paid VPN Apps]

The more you browse the internet, the more the internet remembers and stores sensitive information about you. They may be private photos, login details, chat records, and so on. While it’s easy to rationalize, thinking it’s no big deal, recent developments reveal that you must protect your private information.

Imagine your bank details out there and how much harm could be done with that piece of information in the wrong hands. Even your physical location, which is turned ‘On’ for most people, can be tracked easily. The number of hackers and online fraudsters are on the rise.

Installing good third-party Apps might help, but the best way to secure your private data is by installing a strong VPN (Virtual Private Network). They can be trusted to secure your private data, affording you the luxury of surfing the internet without worrying about the security of your private information.

Here, we take a brief look at how to use VPN in Android. We also highlight some paid and free VPN app download sites.

How to Use VPN in Android [Best Free and Paid VPN APPs]

Method 1: Using the android phone’s built-in VPN

The easiest way to use VPN in Android is by utilizing the phone’s built-in VPN. Follow these steps to use the service

  • On your phone’s menu page, find and open settings
  • Find Network & Wireless and click on it. On the network & wireless page, find VPN and click on it
  • On the VPN page, click the ‘+’ sign on the top right corner of the screen. On some devices, it may be more instead of the ‘+’ sign
  • Enter the required information like server address, username, and password to set up your phone’s VPN. In most cases, this information will be provided by the network administrator.

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Method 2: Installing a VPN on your Android Device

A simple google search will give you the names of popular VPN that are compatible with your Android device. Some are paid while some are free. The general principle is to opt for a paid VPN because they are more reliable. Some are premium but allows you to enjoy 30-45 days of trial before you are charged for using them.

Step 1

  • Identify the VPN you want to download. It may be a recommended app or one you have to find yourself on the internet
  • Go to the Google Play App on your Android device and tap it. Be sure your internet connection is turned ON
  • On the search bar, type the VPN app name and tap ‘search’. Wait for the search results
  • On finding the app, tap the app, andclick download. Wait for it to download and install on your Android device

Step 2

  • Go to your device menu page and find the app you just installed. Tap it to gain access
  • You will be required to either Login or Signup. Click on ‘login’ if you already have an account with the VPN provider. Click on ‘Signup’ if it is your first time using the VPN apt
  • Upon gaining access, find the ‘quick connect’ tab and connect to a secure location. There is always a search bar with which you can choose which server location you’d like to connect to.

Free VPN for Android – Free APK Download

When something is free, it calls for caution. Some free VPN apps will sell any information kept with them like your browsing history and records to the highest bidder. Some VPN providers have bad intentions but appear to be free just to have access to people’s private data.

However, few trustworthy VPN providers have made their services free. While they are free to use, they may have certain limits on the services they provide. For instance, you may not be able to choose which server location you want and there may be some data limit. Since they don’t charge users, they make their money through other means like running ads, which may appear annoying to some users every time they open the app.  If you don’t mind these few restrictions, here are the top free VPN apps:

They are all secure and dependable. They are designed to encrypt your data so that hackers or spies will not be able to crack it. Although they may not offer the same speed as paid VPN apps, they are still effective.

Some of these VPN apps offer paid premium services for a better experience, but only if you feel you need it. Others also offer a free trial and 100% money-back guarantees.

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Paid VPNs for Android

Unlike free VPN apps, these are more reliable and secure. They carry an extra guarantee for the safety of data. They boast better data speed, bandwidth, and military-grade encryption. Here are the best paid VPN apps for android users.

With just a single tap, you gain access to more than 2500 servers in different countries. They come with built-in ad blockers that help you browse the internet with less worry and less data. Even if you have to pay for the services rendered, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want.