How to Unblock Someone on Google Duo

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Recently, you blocked some of your Google Duo contacts on your phone because they disturbed you a little too much. However, if you are here now, it seems clear that you have changed your mind and would like to know how to unblock someone on Duo.

So let’s do this! I’ll show you how to unblock someone on Google Duo in a few minutes. Ah, I almost forgot… obviously by unblocking someone on Duo, you will not get any info about the calls and messages that may have been sent by the latter previously, nor will the contact in question be notified that you’ve unblocked them.

How to unblock someone on Google Duo

To unblock a phone number you previously blocked on Google Duo, you must go to the blocked contacts list.

  1. To see the list of all the blocked contacts on Duo, go to the application’s main menu.
  2. Click on the icon with the three vertical dots at the top right.
  3. Next, press on the Settings item from the drop-down menu that opens.
  4. On the Google Duo settings page, select Blocked numbers.
  5. The next screen will show the list of contacts you’ve blocked on Google Duo. The list also includes the person you just blocked.
  6. Then tap on the contact you want to unblock for a couple of seconds. A window will open. Select the Unblock item to remove the person from the blocked numbers.

You have removed the contact from the blocked numbers list. The contact name will disappear from the list. The person can call you again and send you notifications on Google Duo.

Unblock Someone on Google Duo

How to block someone on Google Duo on iPhone?

  1. Open the Google Duo application on your iPhone and search for the person you want to block in your contacts.
  2. Tap on the name of the contact you want to block for a few seconds until a menu appears. Don’t lift your finger. Otherwise, if you press quickly, a video call will start.
  3. A menu will open with some items. To block this person, tap Block user.

You just added the contact to your list of blocked numbers on Duo. You will not receive any further calls, phone calls, or notifications from this person through the app.

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How to report a user after blocking them on Google Duo

You can report the person while blocking them by reporting abuse.

  1. To do this, click on Block user
  2. Tap the Report as spam box
  3. Then tap on Report abuse and block.
  4. Finally, specify why you’re blocking them from the list of options. These abuse types can be Spam, Fraud or Phishing, Malware, Harassment, or hateful content.

How to know if someone has blocked me on Google Duo

There is no direct way to know who blocked you in Google Duo. The Duo application does not send any messages or notifications about the blocking. However, you may see Unavailable in front of the contact name. But being unavailable doesn’t always mean the contact blocked you.

The system will not deliver your message to the person when you message the person. Unlike in Hangouts, where you may get a message like “Message not delivered because the other person blocked you,” you may not know if someone blocked you.

You will not realize that you have been blocked. When you try to call the contact, they will only see the message ” Contact cannot be reached.” You can’t share the Google Meet video call link either.

You may try to add the person to a social group on Duo. However, if the person has blocked you, you will be prohibited from adding the person.

How to view blocked numbers on Google Duo

  1. To see the list of all the phone numbers you have blocked on Duo, go to the application’s main menu.
  2. Click on the icon with the three vertical dots. It is located at the top right.
  3. A drop-down menu will open. Next, press on the Settings item.
  4. On the Google Duo settings page, select Blocked numbers. The next screen displays the list of your contacts blocked on Google Duo. The list also includes the person you just blocked.

How to add more people to the blocked numbers

To add other people to the blocked list, press the plus (+) icon at the top right of this screen. Then select the contact name to add to the list.

Can you see blocked messages on Duo?

No, when you block someone, you can’t send them a message successfully. This is because the blocked person will not receive or see your messages, not even after you unblock them. But after the person is unblocked, they can now begin to see your messages.

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What does it mean when someone is unavailable on Google Duo?

It either means they’re not signed into their Google account yet. However, if you see Unavailable beside a contact on Duo and they are never always available, it may be that they’ve blocked you.

Are you getting unwanted or annoying messages from someone on Google Duo? What does blocking a person mean? When you block a contact, you put them on a personal blocklist, and you can no longer send messages or video call your phone number with Google Duo.

I used a smartphone with the Android operating system to write this tutorial. However, the instructions are also the same on all Android tablet/smartphone devices and the Apple iPhone/iPad on iOS.

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