How to Turn On Laptop without Power Button [Toshiba, Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Asus, MacBook]

If your laptop power button is completely damaged, you might be inclined to learn how to turn on laptop without power button. These tips are sure to make starting your laptop, even if you’re unable to work around the damage temporarily or permanently, as seamless as possible.

Many who teach tips on how to turn on laptop without power button will recommend processes that require completely opening the chassis of the laptop, and while we recommend that process, we will be showing you how to do it even without opening the lid and in some cases, how to turn on laptop with keyboard.

Note: We have found that on some laptops, the plastic power button is designed to press another button when we press it, so you’d want to see if removing the plastic power button on top leaves a press-able button under. If that is the case, you might want to get something like a screwdriver to press the button instead of tampering with the motherboard, especially if you’re not a tech-savvy user.

How to Turn On Laptop without Power Button [From the Motherboard]

  • Open the chassis of the laptop and locate the port where the power button ribbon cable is plugged >> you should now disconnect the power button.
  • Get a small conductor and short-circuit the 1st and 3rd pins in the power button port. If this doesn’t work for your laptop, then you can short all the pins at the same time. This doesn’t cause any damage, so you shouldn’t worry. If you correctly short the circuit, the laptop should startup in no time.

Now, opening your laptop every time or short-circuiting every time might lead to long-term hardware issues, especially if this is a computer you’re not ready to do away with, so in the meantime, before repairing the power button, there are other ways of safely starting your computer with no power button.

How to Turn On Laptop without Power Button [With Lid]

After closing your laptop and having it up and running, we would recommend that you check your BIOS and look for an option called “Power ON While Open Lid”. This is an option that most laptops have for only when the computer is asleep, so we’d want to adjust the settings for even when the computer is turned OFF.

If you wouldn’t like to use this option, then we would recommend leaving your computer turned ON indefinitely and putting it to sleep when you’re not using by closing the lid and pressing the Enter key after opening the laptop to turn it ON.

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How to Turn On Laptop without Power Button [With Wall Socket or Extension]

If you’re using a Dell, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, or even Toshiba laptop, this is one option that you might want to try. It’s a pretty cool solution for users who don’t want to short-circuit their laptops to turn it on.

Find the cable that connects the power button to the motherboard >> disconnect and leave this cable unplugged >> now remove the battery from the laptop and plug the laptop into the socket >> this should power it ON >> if the laptop is powered ON, return the battery into the laptop, disconnect from the socket, if you choose to, and you should be fine.

Note: On some laptops, you might have to enter your BIOS to set the laptop to turn on when it detects AC.

How to Turn On Laptop without Power Button [With Keyboard]

For this process, you’d need to adjust some settings in the BIOS. If your system is already powered ON and fully operational, follow these steps:

Enter Settings in the Start Menu >> Update & Security >> from the options on the left, select Recovery >> from the tab that opens, select Advanced Setup >> Restart Now >> from the window that pops up select Troubleshoot >> Advanced Options >> Power Management or ACPI Management tab >> press Enter >> look for Power On By Keyboard or Wake On Keyboard >> Click the (+) or (–) buttons to enable or disable the option >> select the key you want to use to power the laptop >> Save and Exit.

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If you followed the instructions and if the settings are supported by your laptop, you should now be able to turn your laptop ON using the key you selected after you shut-down the system.

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