How to turn OFF JLab Go Air Wireless Earbuds

One of the best manufacturers of wireless earbuds is JLab Audio, and one of its flagship products is the Go Air Wireless Earbuds. However, like most devices, many people find it challenging to navigate some functions of this device.

One major problem first-time users encounter is turning OFF the earbuds. This is quite common since wireless earbuds are relatively new, and most people who use this device are first-time users. So, how do you turn OFF JLab Go Air?

The JLab Go Air earphones will turn OFF when placed in the case, and this is the easiest way to turn it OFF, according to the product manual. But in this article, I’m going to show you how to turn OFF JLab Go Air using different other methods. I’ll also address some common questions or challenges people face when using these earbuds.

How to turn OFF JLab Go Air – step-by-step

Many people have a problem turning OFF the device by pressing and holding it for 3 seconds, as recommended by JLab in the manual. However, there are two other ways to turn OFF JLab Go Air, and the first is the easiest.

Method 1: Place it in the charging case

Remove the earbuds from your ears and place them in the charging case, and that should automatically turn OFF your JLab Go Air.

Method 2: Forget the device in Bluetooth settings

  1. Go to your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings and look for “JLab GO Air”
  2.  Tap on Forget to disconnect the device from the earbuds
  3. After about 3 minutes, this should turn OFF JLab Go Air.

How to turn ON JLab Go Air without case

  1. First, press and hold the right earbud button for about 10 seconds.
  2. A blue and white light will display, which shows that you can now pair your Bluetooth device.
  3. Once the right earbud is successfully connected, turn ON the left earbud so that it can connect.

Why won’t my JLab Go Air turn OFF – Possible causes and tips to fix

To turn OFF your JLab go air, place it into the charging case, and it will automatically turn OFF JLab Go Air. However, if your Earbuds don’t turn OFF, it could be because:

1# Factory problem on earbuds

I’ve seen a couple of users on Reddit finding it challenging to turn OFF the earbud by pressing and holding it for 3 seconds, as recommended by JLabs. Unfortunately, no one has found a way out of this problem. The only option is to turn it OFF via the charging case or forget the device in your Bluetooth setting.

2# The charging case is faulty

This could be because the case is old, was poorly handled, or has a factory error.

The best solution is either to return the earbud and the charging case if the product is still within the warranty period or get a new one.

3# The batteries are dead or faulty

The charging case won’t turn OFF the earbuds if the battery is dead. You might have to turn it OFF through your phone’s Bluetooth settings by forgetting the device. Then the earbuds will turn OFF in three minutes. Don’t forget to charge the case, however.

How to reset JLab Go Air

  1. Place the earbuds in the charging case, which turns OFF the JLab Go Air
  2. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and look for “JLab Go Air”
  3. Tap on it and the Forget option.
  4. Quickly press one of the earbuds in the case 7 times
  5. Repeat the same for the other earbud.
  6. Your earbuds should be ready to connect to your Bluetooth device.

How to pair JLab Go Air

  1. Remove the earbuds from the case and take out the stickers.
How to turn OFF JLab Go Air Wireless Earbuds
  • Put the earbuds back in the case and close it
  • Wait for a red light to blink, which means it’s charging.
How to turn OFF JLab Go Air Wireless Earbuds
  • Remove the earbuds again from the case.
  • One of the earbuds should blink alternatively between blue and white, indicating it is ready to pair.
How to turn OFF JLab Go Air Wireless Earbuds
  • Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and select “JLab Go Air.” (Note, this works best for JLab Go Air Sport).
How to turn OFF JLab Go Air Wireless Earbuds

You should hear a voice prompt Bluetooth connected, followed next by white light that blinks, indicating that it’s connected.

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How to turn up the volume on JLab earbuds

To increase the volume by a level, tap the volume up of the right earbud once. To increase continuously, gently long-press the right earbud’s volume up as much as you want the volume to increase.

How to skip songs on JLab Bluetooth headphones

Press the volume up button on the right earbuds to skip songs. If you press and hold down the volume down button, the audio will reverse, and if you press the volume up button, it will skip forward.

How to connect JLab earbuds to iPhone

  1. First, hold the button on each of the earbuds till they blink a blue/white light 
  2. Search for settings on your mobile device and look for Bluetooth.
  3. Turn ON the Bluetooth.
  4. Look for the JLab earbuds under “OTHER DEVICES” and tap on it to connect your iPhone to the earbuds.

How to disconnect JLab Go Air

  1. To disconnect JLab Go Air from your phone, go to your Bluetooth setting on your mobile device settings.
  2. Search for JLab earbuds under “OTHER DEVICES” and tap on forget.

To turn OFF the JLab Go Air, place it in the charging case, and it will automatically turn OFF.

How to charge JLab earbuds

  1. Connect the micro USB on your charging cable to the charging case and the other end for the cable (larger USB) to the plug or charger.
  2. The charging case should display a light that indicates it’s charging.
  3. Place the earbuds in the charging case, and it will automatically power off and begin charging.

How long does the battery last on the JLab GO Air?

The JLab GO Air Earbuds battery can last for at least 5 hours for one-time use and on a full charge. It can last 15 hours more when charged with the charging case. This is a total of 20 hours or more of battery life.

Is the JLab Go Air better than the JLab GO Air POP? – A comparison

Overall, I think the JLab Go Air Pop is better than the JLab Go Air. The JLab GO Air has a battery life of 5 hours, while the JLab GO Air POP comes with a battery life of 8+ hours. The input power for the JLab GO Air is 50mA, while the JLab GO Air POP is 31mA which makes it more efficient.

Also, the JLab GO Air Earbuds weigh 5g per bud and 50g for the charging case, while the JLab GO Air POP weighs 3.7g per bud and 27.5g for the charging case.

The JLab GO Air charging case battery is made with 370mAh lithium polymer, while the JLab GO Air POP is made of a 350mAh lithium polymer battery.

Where the JLab GO Air stands out is the charging case charging time which is 1.5 hours, in contrast to the GO Air POP, which is 2.2 hours.

From the user perspective, if we compare both of them, it is evident that the JLab GO Air POP is better than the JLab GO Air.

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Does the JLab GO Air block out noise?

The JLab Go Air has no noise cancellation system that blocks out environmental noise, according to the PC Mag. But according to an online review, the JLab GO Air moderately blocks background noise and is good enough for your morning work where you might want to hear what is going on around you.

How does the JLab GO Air sound?

The JLab GO Air is quite bass-heavy and is 2 to 3 times louder than they are built to sound. Users who want high-quality sounds and audio should consider the JLab GO Air. These earbuds are comfortable for daily activities like exercises. But premium features have apparently been cut out to keep the earbuds affordable by most earbud fans.

Can you use the JLab GO Air for phone calls?

Yes, you can use either of the earbuds to pick phone calls. Each earbud comes with a microphone that allows you to communicate with the person at the other end. You can also use one earbud to receive calls while the other plays music.