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A steam cleaner is a great household appliance to use if you are concerned about pollution of your home with unfriendly and downright toxic chemicals. When you use a carpet steam cleaner regularly on your carpets, kitchen appliances and floors, furniture, upholstery, in your bathrooms and on your toilets, you will drastically reduce if not eliminate the need to ever use abrasive chemicals when doing your house cleanings. Carpet cleaning Idaho Falls.

In this article, we will go over the carpet cleaning steps you need to undertake to make the most of your efforts involving carpet steam cleaners. Carpet cleaning steps required are: prepare the space, pre-vacuum the carpet, remove major stains, and, finally, sweep with the vapor steam cleaner and allow it to dry. Carpet cleaning Idaho Falls.

Here are the carpet cleaning method steps in more detail. They will work both with a steam mop and a steamer with a detached steamer canister.

Step 1: Prepare the space. Remove all furniture that is easily moved into another space, either another room or, if feasible, outside. This includes chairs, tables, pole lights, any boxes. If you have old magazines lying around this is a great time to get rid of them. Carpet cleaning Idaho Falls.

Step 2: Pre-vacuum the carpet. To remove any major pieces of dirt and dust, it pays to give the carpet a vacuum with your regular vacuum cleaner. As you will see in a minute, collecting dirt and debris is not the vapor steam cleaners forte, so give it a hand and collect as much as possible ahead of the steam cleaning.

Step 3: Remove major stains. This is optional if you feel that the carpet floor steam cleaner can do a good job. Just to be sure, apply vinegar on any large but localized stains, such as food stains, and rub the stain with a cloth or a carpet cleaning brush. To a large degree, this should remove the major stains. Carpet cleaning Idaho Falls.

Step 4: Sweep the carpet with a steam cleaner. Finally, the carpet is ready to be swept with a steamer. Pre-steam the previously scrubbed stains, and start sweeping the carpet using the microfiber pad cover over the steamer head. Repeat the sweeps if desired. The steam will push through the microfiber pad, steam the dirt which will be absorbed on the microfiber pad. Replace the pad as it gets dirty. Carpet cleaning Idaho Falls.

Step 5: Allow the carpet to dry. This can take anywhere from an hour to several hours, depending on the climate you live in, especially the humidity, then on the temperature of your vapor steam, and on the ventilation, you can provide. Carpet cleaning Idaho Falls.

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