How to Retrieve and Link NIN to Your MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, Airtel, and Spectranet SIM Cards [Via USSD and Online]

The recent requirements by the Nigerian Communications Commission to have all SIM cards linked to your NIN (National Identity Number) that you can find on your NIMC cards or slips has been one of the most rapid changes we have seen in the Nigerian telecommunications space in recent times.

The government initially gave users around 2 weeks to have their SIMs linked, but thankfully, users now have an extension of the deadlines for three weeks and hopefully more, because as you would expect, not many people have been able to do their NIMC registrations until recently.

Note: Before you join a queue and try to register a NIN, I’d recommend that you check to see if you have already done the registration. If you have, you just have to retrieve the number and then try to link it to your preferred SIM cards. You’d also want to ensure that the name on the NIN is the same as the one with which you registered the SIM cards. So that means you’d not be able to link your NIN to a SIM card that was registered under a different name.

How to Retrieve your NIN

You could simply look at the NIMC slip that you received when you registered for the NIN number. You’d be receiving like two slips when you do your NIMC registration, the second slip is probably going to be the one with the NIN number. I want to clarify that the NIN number is different from the tracking number. The one you’re required to submit is the 11-digit NIN, not the tracking number.

If you don’t have the second slip with the NIN number or you have lost yours, then you’d need to retrieve it via USSD.

Simply dial *346# on your phone >> Select NIN Retrieval and then follow the onscreen instructions. The service used to cost around 20 Naira, but recently, there was an update from the government that network providers slash the fee, so we expect it to be free right now.

How To Retrieve Your NIN Number – Is It Possible Online?

Is it possible to retrieve your NIN number online? No. Right now, the only way to retrieve your NIN is via USSD or checking the NIN slip for the NIN number (not the tracking ID).

You can check the previous subheading for the USSD code that you can use to retrieve the NIN.

How to Link NIN to 9mobile/ Etisalat SIM Online and VIA USSD

  1. To link your NIN number to your 9mobile SIM, click this link and follow the instructions you get to have it linked online.
  2. To link your 9mobile or Etisalat SIM cards to your NIN, dial *200*8# to check the status of your SIM and submit it for it to be verified and mapped on the backend.

How to Link NIN to MTN SIM Card Online and Via USSD

  1. To link your MTN SIM cards to your NIN, click here and fill the form on the page. Submitting will automatically send it to the customer support to have your NIN verified and linked on the backend.
  2. To link your NIN to your MTN SIM card via USSD, simply dial *785# from the number you want to link >> Enter Your NIN and Submit. You could also just dial *785* Your NIN# from the number you want to link.
  3. If you do choose, you can also use the myMTN App and follow the NIN banner and submit your info straight from inside the app.

How to Link your NIN to Glo SIM Card Online and VIA USSD Code

  1. To link your NIN to your Glo SIM online, click here. You will find a form with details you’re required to enter, simply enter these details and submit, and your NIN should be linked automatically on the backend.
  2. If you’d like to link your NIN and your Glo SIM via USSD, here is the code you’d need. Simply send UPDATENIN NIN (the 11 digit number) FirstName and LastName to 109.

How to Link Airtel SIM Card to NIN Online and VIA USSD Code

  1. To link your NIN number to your Airtel SIM card, follow this link, and enter your phone number >> enter the OTP code you receive and proceed to the next steps. After submitting your NIN number and the required details, you’d see a “Success” notification if you did everything right.
  2. For the USSD code to link your NIN to your Airtel SIM card, dial *121*1# >> enter your 11 digit National Identification Number >> you’d be getting a text message stating that it is successful.

How to Link NIN to Your Spectranet SIM Card

To link your NIN to your Spectranet SIM, call the customer care on 07002345678 >> choose option 6 and then request the customer care agent that picks to help you link your NIN, they’ll ask for the NIN and ask if the name used to register the NIN is the same used when registering the Spectranet account.