How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Headphones and Earbuds

From Skullcandy Crusher to Skullcandy Hesh Evo, Skullcandy makes some of the best headphones, both on the Indian market and the international market. We have tried our hands on them, they produce amazing sound quality, and they sure have a headphone for pretty much any style or taste you have.

Since these are wireless / Bluetooth headphones, they could develop issues and you might need to reset or conduct some other troubleshooting tasks on the headphones, so we are creating this article to show you how to reset Skullcandy wireless headphones.

I will be trying as much as possible to make these reset processes device-specific – each Skullcandy headphone model with its own process – but if these don’t work, I discovered that one process can work with more than one model of Skullcandy headphone, so feel free to try others if one doesn’t work for you.

How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Headphones (Crusher, Hesh, Venue, Icon, Riff, Cassette)

Fix #1. For most Skullcandy wireless headphones, one reset process that works is: Turn ON your Bluetooth headphone >> press down the volume and the center of the headphone (in some cases, you’ll need to press the power button instead of the center of the headphone) to reset it >> go into your list of paired headphones on your smart device – phone or PC – and remove the Skullcandy headphone in question >> turn the headset back ON and re-pair with your phone or PC.

Fix #1. Forget and delete the headphone from the list of paired Bluetooth devices on your phone or PC >> Press the volume up and down buttons on the right earcup at the same time for 3-4 seconds (or until the two LED indicator lights flash yellow) >> you wait until you hear two short beeps >> forget the headphone on your phone or PC >> re-pair the headphone with your phone or PC.

Fix #3. Another quick way to reset Skullcandy wireless headphones is to press and hold only the power button until the LED indicator on the Bluetooth headphone flashes Red or Blue.

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How to Reset Skullcandy Indy Evo

On how to reset Skullcandy wireless headphones that don’t work after trying the above fix, you can try the next fix if you’re using a Skullcandy Indy Evo. Simply press the button on the back of the earbud until the headset turns ON and OFF >> place the earbud inside the charging case, close the case for some minutes >> take both earbuds out and it should pair automatically after resetting.

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How to Reset Skullcandy Sesh

To reset Skullcandy Sesh, turn OFF the Bluetooth on your phone or PC >> you should also forget the Sesh from the list of paired devices >> take out the left ear of the Sesh earbud (while leaving the right bud in the case) >> press the button on the earbud 6 times, and the LED should flash RED, automatically resetting and powering OFF the earbud >> return the left earbud into the case >> take out the two earbuds from the charging case and they should automatically power ON and start pairing >> when they complete pairing, you will hear a beep, the LED on the left will flash Red and Blue indicating pairing >> you can now turn your phone or PC’s Bluetooth back ON and re-pair with your earbuds.

How to Reset Skullcandy Push

Unpair and forget your Skullcandy Push earbud from your devices list on your phone or PC >> remove both buds from the charging case and manually turn them OFF by touching and holding the button on the buds for 6 seconds >> after they turn OFF, touch and hold the MFB button on both buds for 10 seconds to reset them >> place both buds in the case until the LED on both buds turn red >> you take them back out and wait until the LEDs flash blue, after syncing, the left bud will flash red and blue >> you can now re-pair with your devices (ensure you select all “Pair” and “OK” prompts that show up on your phone or PC screen while pairing).

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