How to Operate a System Remotely – Free Remote Desktop Software

There are several ways of taking control of your computer remotely. A remote desktop software makes accessing a PC remotely, as simple as you can ever imagine.

Whether it is to troubleshoot the system remotely or operate your home computer from work, we bring to you some of the best free best remote desktop software and tools which help you access and control your system over the Internet. Free remote desktop software also works for computers in a network.

This article will feature some super great remote desktop and screen sharing software. All remote desktop software mentioned in this article is very easy to use and loaded with features.

Best Free Remote Desktop Software

TeamViewer – This one is our favorite remote desktop and collaboration software. The reason being it’s free for non-commercial use and offers all the features free of cost. In comparison with other similar tools, we find this one to have an edge in almost all aspects.

You should certainly give this one a try and I am sure you won’t need a replacement. Some features of this tool that we like are the ability to drag and drop files to and from systems, multiple monitors support, screen sharing recorder, host online meetings, and presentations. It’s compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10. Mac, Linux, Android (app), iPhone (app) and iPad (app) all work well with this remote desktop software.

CrossLoop – One of the best screen sharing software which offers both free and pro version. This tool features the ability to remotely reboot and work on any connection issues. Available for both Windows and Mac platforms needs only 2 MB space on your system and 128 MB RAM.

RealVNC – The free and personal edition offers strong security, integrated file transfer, printing & chat for home users. The software comes in client and server editions which you can install on any computer at your home.

LogMeIn – The free edition of this remote desktop software lets you access your computers (both Windows and Mac) remotely via another system or your iPhone/iPad devices. LogMeIn also features Wake on Lan which lets you wake up your sleeping home computer when you are in your office. This saves energy as it doesn’t require running on your system all day while you are away.

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