How to Lookup and Find Someone’s Name by Cell Phone Number For Free

The internet is a platform where lots of information is made available to anyone who wants them. And yes, you can look up and find someone’s name by their cell phone number for free. You can also find other details about the person like their address, social media accounts as well as email addresses if you so desire.

This article discusses how to look up and find someone’s name by cell phone number for free. We’ll look at websites that offer such services for free as well as a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Free Cell Phone Number Lookup with Name (No Charge)

If you’ll like to use this free online tool, you can use any of the services below. They are all free, effective, and you can trust the information you find there.


This name lookup service is often described as ‘3F’s (Friendly, fast, and free). It has a gained quite some reputation over the years and it is often featured on various media channels for its effectiveness.  It offers an unlimited search option and it is enhanced by harnessing its incredibly vast database of information. Though it does not have a mobile or desktop app, its web version can get you vital information like the person’s name, aliases, location, and current address. What more can you ask for?

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As the most trusted and most used phone number lookup service in America, TruthFinder processes up to 9 million search entries every month. It even has an A-plus rating by BBB (Better Business Bureau). It allows a free phone number lookup but you can also choose to be a member, which will cost $4.99 monthly. The advantage of this is that you get additional details on the person. But if all you need is the person’s name and maybe address, you don’t need to pay any membership fee.

Instant Checkmate

If you love playing chess, you know what checkmate means. It simply means that “you’ve been made” just as Americans will say. Created in 2010, Instant Checkmate records millions of searches every month. Just type the person’s phone number (cell or landline) and watch as you access the person’s name, address, and other information within minutes. Although some users complained that it can be slow sometimes, a few seconds of delay is bearable as long as you get what you want, isn’t it?


This name lookup service remains one of the oldest in the game. Intelius is reliable, secure, user-friendly, and free to use. If you need information about someone and all you have is the person’s phone number, simply type the number in the search bar and you will get the name associated with that phone number.

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With endorsements from popular media channels like Fox News, WikiHow, and Men’s Journal, SpyDialer is one of the most reliable name lookup services in America. Maybe this is because it was founded by a private investigator (Griffin W.) or not, one thing is clear: It always gets the job done.

On the site, you can make up to 10 searches free of charge within 24 hours. Some of the info you’ll get when you punch a phone number in are the person’s name, address, pictures (if available), and email.


With very easy-to-use features, all you have to do is type the number of the person and from ZoSearch’s database of public records, you will be presented with the information you are looking for within minutes. It can be accessed from both your computer or from your smartphone.

Some of the data you will be presented with are the person’s name, home address, email address, and social media handles. If you are willing to pay a small fee, you can go a step further by accessing an in-depth report on the person. But as for the phone number lookup, it is completely free to use.

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How to Lookup and Find Someone’s Name by Cell Phone Number for Free (Step by Step Guide)

Believe me when I tell you this: looking up and finding someone’s name by cell phone number is very easy. Since everyone knows how to search for any info on Google, it is pretty much the same thing. Follow the steps outlined below to search for someone’s name online.

NOTE: Some of the free services may require you to register before using their service, so your phone number and other records will likely also be discoverable if someone ever tries to look you up.

Step 1: Open any web browser and type the URL of the service you want to use >> click on PHONE or PHONE LOOKUP on the homepage >> Alternatively, some of these services may allow you to search for the person using just their first or last name.

Step 2: Enter the phone number in the search bar >> click on Search.

Step 3: After a couple of seconds or maybe minutes, you will be presented with the search results. Click on the profile that best fits your description and write down all the information you want.

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