How To Go Viral on TikTok and Become TikTok Famous (Guide For Beginners)

Any type of video can go viral on TikTok, and that is the beauty of the platform. In comparison with other social media platforms, TikTok’s organic reach is unparalleled. The number of comments, likes, and shares a TikTok video gathers does not entirely determine if that TikTok video has gone viral or not. What truly determines if a TikTok video is viral is the number of views, and these views must come from new visitors to your page.

For example, a new TikTok user of 3 months once recorded more than 14 million video views within just one month of posting a video. And once TikTok notices that your videos are getting more views, TikTok will automatically push the videos to more people who might be interested in them.

While some TikTok videos go viral by chance (unplanned and spontaneous), making your videos go viral can be learned. Let’s see how!

How To Go Viral on TikTok – A Complete Guide for Beginners

  • Keep your video as short as possible
  • Use popular and trending music
  • Make your videos relatable
  • Add a call to action
  • Add a little suspense
  • Get controversial

Keep your video as short as possible

Attention span on TikTok is very short; users can easily swipe past your video to another interesting one within seconds. People will rather watch a 7 seconds video than watch 30 seconds video. If you want your TikTok video to go viral, keep it as short as possible.

Use popular and trending music

If there is a song everyone is currently ‘jamming’ to, it is almost sure to get you some extra views. It makes your videos more interesting if trending music is playing in the background while you lip-sync your short TikTok story.

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Make your videos relatable

People will rather watch what adds some value to their lives than just watch a random video. So, if you want to solve a problem many people are facing, go straight to it. You may use onscreen text with bullet points to share useful tips.

Add a call to action

At the end of your TikTok video, it will be great to add a call to action. It could be “follow for more of these videos” or “comment if you want part 2”. This will not just add more engagement but will gain you more followers. This will be important for your next series of videos.

Add a little suspense

The easiest way to do this is to leave some questions unanswered in your viewers’ minds. If your video will pose an obvious question, do not answer it. It is likely more users will comment and ask the same question. Remember, comments are a great indication that your TikTok videos are doing well.

Don’t be scared to add something controversial

You may suggest an unpopular opinion. Don’t think this will make haters come for you. The more they watch your videos and comment, the more viral your video gets.

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How Many Views Is “Viral” On TikTok

Basically, ‘Viral’ in the TikTok context can be subdivided into three categories:

  • Entry-level viral:  If your TikTok video gets at between 100,000 to 250,000 views
  • Medium-level viral: If your TikTok video gets between 500,000 to 1,000,000 views
  • Pro-level viral: If your TikTok video gets anything above a million (1,000,000) views

Depending on the topic or niche, your video can even get more views over a longer period, which will make the videos fall into the ‘ultra-level viral’ category. This is common to celebrity TikTok videos. Also, something going viral will be niche-specific. Some videos may have less than 250k views but would be termed Pro-level viral in some niches, say finance.

In most cases, a viral TikTok video is usually addressing a specific situation or is a product of a well-planned idea. That is why it was highlighted earlier that “making your videos go viral is also a skill that can be learned”.

For your videos to go viral on TikTok, they must get a lot of ‘shares’ because this projects your videos to a larger audience. That is why you should make your TikTok videos as engaging as possible to stir and retain people’s attention.

As a beginner, target around 400 views and 100 likes within 30 minutes of posting your TikTok video. Anything less than that may mean that your TikTok video has fallen short of going viral.

  • If 400 views = 30 minutes,
  • 800 views= 1 hour
  • 1200 views= 1 hour and 30 mins
  • 1600 views= 2 hours

This way, you get a little less than 10,000 views within 24 hours. This often suggests that your TikTok videos are on their way to becoming viral.

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How Long Does It Take for A TikTok to Go Viral?

Before anything, it is reasonable to understand that for your TikTok video to go viral, you must have been consistent (making quality and engaging videos every day for 7 days a week) on TikTok for at least 3 months. That means you can’t join TikTok today and expect that your first video will go viral, except it is exceptionally acceptable.

So, back to the question: how long does it take for a TikTok to go viral? Ordinarily, within the first 24 to 48 hours, you will know if your video has gone viral or not, while in rare cases, it could take months for a video to pick traction and go viral. For example. Have you recorded close to or more than 10,000 views within the first 24 to 48 hours of posting? That is a good sign that you’ll likely go viral.

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