How To Download New CBS|Starz|HBO Series 2020 like The Blacklist Season 7 & 8, Money Heist Season 4 FREE On iPhone, iPad through Apple TV App

With the announcement of Apple’s 4 new subscription services for offering TV and movies (Apple TV+), you can download the very best of the New HBO Series 2020 with ease, fast and seamlessly.

The company, also launched a subscription service for video games (Apple Arcade), a service for news and magazines (Apple News+) and its very own credit card service (Apple Card).

The company’s Apple TV app comes with features that make it super easy and seamless to get the very best of the TV shows we love, and to download series/shows like Money Heist Season 4 and The Blacklist Season 7 and 8 for free.

The feature is called Apple TV channels. The feature allows iOS users to subscribe to the channels they wish to access, without downloading any other apps. The service allows you easily download movies, series, and shows for free from services like HBO, Starz, CBS and many more with a singular subscription. The service also allows free movie downloads for offline viewing.

So here are the steps you need to take to download free HBO series 2020 for offline viewing on iPhone and iPad through the Apple TV App.

  1. Download and signup for HBO and other services via the Apple TV channels section of the app. If you already have a subscription, you might need to cancel and signup again.
  2. Launch the newly install Apple TV app and the swipe down to Apple TV channels.
  3. Tap the “try it free” button that appears next.
  4. Once your subscription to the service is confirmed, scroll down to the homepage of the show you want to download to download the movie for free.
  5. Tap the Library tab at the bottom of the app.
  6. Click “downloaded” to see the CBS/ HBO shows you have downloaded and enjoy your free movie downloads.

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