How to Connect PS5 & PS4 To Hotel WIFI

After taking the time to carefully pack your gaming console for a trip, you get to the hotel ready to set up and you realize that neither you nor the front desk manager knows how to connect the console to the hotel Wi-Fi. This would make the rest of the trip frustrating and you might even decide to switch hotels – which is a loss for the hotel.

Setting up a gaming console to a new Wi-Fi network could be quite complicated but with patience and the information we’re about to dish out, you should be set up and ready to play in a few minutes. Keep reading to find out how to connect PS5 & PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi.

Before you start, ensure you have the hotel Wi-Fi username and password, an HDMI cable, controller, console, and power cable. Once these tools are confirmed, you can go ahead to start the process.

How to Connect PS5 To Hotel WIFI

To connect PS5 to hotel Wi-Fi, connect your gaming console to the TV in your hotel room, turn it ON, and then:

  1. Get your controller and scroll to settings
  2. Select the toolbox icon by pressing X
  3. Then, select ‘Network’ from the options
  4. Click on ‘Set Up Internet Connection
  5. Select the hotel Wi-Fi username, this will bring up a ‘Can’t connect to this network’ page with two options
  6. Select ‘How to authenticate’, then open the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and connect to the wireless network of your PS5. You should look for something like ‘PS5-123’
  7. Then enter the hotel Wi-Fi password and click ‘Connect’
  8. You will get a prompt to ‘Sign in to Wi-Fi network
  9. This will open the hotel Wi-Fi network, simply enter the password to connect your PS5 to the hotel Wi-Fi
  10. You should now see ‘Connected’ next to the hotel Wi-Fi username on your console

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How to Connect PS4 To Hotel WIFI

To connect PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi, first, connect your console to the TV in your hotel room and turn it On, then:

  1. Get your controller and scroll to settings
  2. Select the toolbox icon by pressing X
  3. Then, select ‘Network’ from the options
  4. Click on ‘Set Up Internet Connection’, choose ‘Use Wi-Fi’ and then select ‘Easy’
  5. Find and select the hotel Wi-Fi username and input the password when prompted
  6. Next, select ‘Test Internet Connection’ to test it. If the test fails, select ‘Details’ and then input the network login information
  7. Click on ‘Suggested Actions’ and select ‘Yes’ to move to the next page
  8. Then sign in to the hotel Wi-Fi network
  9. After this, press the back button on the console and test the connection again

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How to Connect with Custom Settings

Another way to connect PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi is by using the ‘Custom’ settings instead of ‘Easy’. Follow steps 1-4 above, but select ‘Custom’ instead of ‘Easy’. Then select the hotel Wi-Fi and input the password. Next, enter the following information:

  • IP Address settings: automatic
  • DCHP Hostname: Do Not Use
  • DNS Settings: Manual 
  • LAN: Wired
  • Custom IP Address Settings: Automatic
  • DHCP Host Name: Do Not Use
  • DNS Settings: Manual 
  • Primary DNS: 
  • Secondary DNS:
  • Click ‘Next’
  • MTU Settings: Automatic
  • Proxy Server: Do Not Use

Finally, test the connection to see if you are connected. Otherwise, you can try setting primary DNS to:

And secondary DNS to:

How to Connect with Wired Ethernet

You can connect your PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi using the hotel’s wired Ethernet. If your hotel uses an Ethernet connection for every room’s TV, you can use the Ethernet cable to connect your PS4 to the WiFi network. Simply find the cord behind the TV and connect it to the Ethernet port on the gaming console.

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Ps4 Or Ps5 Won’t Connect to Hotel WIFI? Tips for Fixing

If your PS4 or PS5 won’t connect to hotel Wi-Fi, the first thing to do would be to confirm the password, then check that it isn’t just your console that cannot connect to the hotel Wi-Fi by trying to connect to it using your phone or laptop. If it is just your console, then there might be a problem with it, otherwise, you can try some of the methods below.


You can try to fix your PS4 or PS5 not connecting to hotel Wi-Fi by restarting the TV and your gaming console. Ensure that your console is turned OFF and not on rest mode, then restart both devices and try to reconnect.


You can also try to reconnect the console to the hotel Wi-Fi, but first, delete the login details of the Wi-Fi and try to reconnect from scratch i.e. ‘Forget’ the connection details and reconnect it. You can do this by going to ‘Settings’ on your console >> select ‘Network’ >> then ‘Set up Internet Connection’. Locate the WiFi username, and delete it. Then reconnect.

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Fix & Connect

This issue could also be fixed using PlayStation’s ‘Fix & Connect’ portal. To do this, click on ‘My PS4 or PS5 Can’t Connect to the Internet’. You would be asked some questions that will help narrow down the cause of the problem.


Traveling with your gaming console is all fun and games until it ends up just wasting away in your bag because you cannot connect it to the hotel Wi-Fi. Luckily we have shared some of the best methods for connecting PS5 & PS4 to hotel WiFi in this article, feel free to let us know if this was helpful in the comments!

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