How to Activate Windows 10 Game Mode [Plus Best Ways to Turn It On or Off]

Windows 10 Game Mode was introduced to consumers in the spring of 2017 with the Windows 10 Creators Update amidst heightened expectations of what it could do for gaming around the world.

The Windows team explained that using Game Mode ensures that gaming becomes the priority on your PC so you get better game quality and performance.

But before you decide whether or not you want to activate Windows 10 Game Mode on your PC, what exactly does it do?

How to Activate Windows 10 Game Mode

Activating Game Mode is a two-step process: first from your Windows settings and then for each game you are about to play.

Step 1

Go to the ‘Start’ button >> Click on the ‘Settings’ icon >> Choose ‘Gaming’ >> On the left panel, select ‘Game Mode’ >> Turn on the toggle for ‘Use Game Mode’.

If you don’t see any of the options then it means you do not have Windows 10 Creators Update and so you would need to install it.

Step 2

This is where you activate Windows 10 Game Mode for each game you want to play.

Launch the game first >> Press the Windows key + G on your keyboard to launch your Game Bar >> Click on the ‘Settings’ icon in the Game Bar >> in the dialogue box, select ‘Use Game Mode for this game’ or ‘Remember this is a game

And that’s it!

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How to Deactivate Windows 10 Game Mode

Like activating Windows 10 Game Mode, deactivating it requires two procedures.

Procedure 1: For a particular game

Once you have launched the game, press the ‘Windows’ + ‘G’ buttons at the same time. This is to open the Game Bar >> Click on the ‘Game Mode’ icon on the bar to turn it off.

You might explore this option because you are using a high-end gadget and would probably not need Game Mode or the specific game you are playing is not compatible with Windows 10 Game Mode, and so in that case, it would be pointless to keep it on.

Procedure 2: For all games

Go to ‘Start’ menu >> Go to ‘Settings’ >> Click on ‘Gaming’ >> Click on ‘Game Mode’ on the left-side pane >> Click on the toggle to put ‘Use Game Mode’.

You can use this option so that your computer will be free to re-allocate resources to other activities since Game Mode shuts down background apps and might stop driver installation.

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How does Windows 10 Game Mode Work?

Game Mode is a feature of the Windows 10 update that allows you to enjoy a better gaming experience by channeling your PC resources, including, CPU and GPU resources to the game you are playing at the time.

This means that background tasks would stop running, including the installation of drivers. In turn, you may enjoy a better frame rate and responsiveness from your game.

Yes! Your opponents should prepare to be exterminated!

Microsoft has done its work to cater to low-end devices, enhancing performance while playing your favorite game.  Note, however, that an official list of games that work with Game Mode has not been released so it will have to be a trial-and-error kind of situation.  

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Pros and Cons of Leaving Windows 10 Game Mode On

The user experience from those who activate Windows 10 Game Mode has been varying.

  1. While some people say they barely see a difference when it is on or off, in terms of framerate, it is worthy of note that the effects of Game Mode are most likely to be seen only when using a low-end gadget as against a high-powered CPU like a 6-core processor.
  2. Secondly, the Windows team explained at the release of the Creators Update that the Windows 10 Game mode is meant to provide the gamer a consistent gaming experience. Certain users have reported that they enjoyed this since background running apps are cut down, thereby increasing the battery life span and giving the gamer more time to play.

All in all, the gain depends on the game you are playing and the type of computer you are using. Try to activate Windows 10 Game Mode and tell us what you think of it!

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