How Much Data Does FaceTime Use Per Hour?

You could go on and on on a FaceTime call and not realize how much time you have spent. I can’t blame you though, Apple’s FaceTime feature is such an embodiment of quality real-time chatting.

Although FaceTime is exclusive to Apple devices, FaceTime calls are not entirely free. 

Even though this feature doesn’t require you to pay, it consumes an ample amount of cellular data or WiFi.

Whether or not you have unlimited cellular data or WiFi, it’s still good to keep track of your data usage.

How much data does FaceTime use per hour? Here’s our thought. 

On average, a minute of FaceTime audio call could use about 3MB of data, which means that per hour, it could use approximately 180MB. Alternatively, a FaceTime video call can consume up to 40MB in 10 minutes, which is approximately 240MB per hour.

How much data does FaceTime use per hour?

Even though FaceTime audio uses less data than FaceTime video, there is no standard amount of data that FaceTime uses per hour, just estimates. FaceTime data usage per hour differs from person to person. FaceTime data usage is dependent on the type of FaceTime call, the strength of the network connection, and the bandwidth of the network used.

The type of FaceTime call

FaceTime audio calls consume way less data than video. Why? 

Well, FaceTime audio only offers an audio call feature while FaceTime video combines both audio and video.

On average, a minute of FaceTime audio call could use about 3MB of data, which means that per hour, it could use approximately 180MB. Alternatively, a FaceTime video call can consume up to 40MB in 10 minutes, which is approximately 240MB per hour. This is not the same for everyone, you can track your FaceTime data usage to know how much data your FaceTime uses. Read further to know how.

The strength of the network connection

There is a direct relationship between the network connection and data usage on FaceTime. The better the connection, the more data is consumed and the poorer the data connection, the less data is consumed. An hour-long FaceTime video call can possibly consume up to or more than 1GB if your internet speed is very fast.

The Network’s bandwidth

To use the FaceTime feature on your device, you could connect your device to a WiFi network or use your cellular data. WiFi has more bandwidth than your cellular data network. You would likely have a higher data usage when you use WiFi rather than cellular data because the call quality reduces with lower network bandwidth and increases with higher network bandwidth. 

How much data does FaceTime video use?

FaceTime video can use about 40MB for a 10-minute call. So, in an hour, FaceTime video uses about 240MB give or take. This does not apply to everyone. 

If this raises concerns, you can track how much data the FaceTime video call uses.

Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the FaceTime app >>> tap on ‘i’ beside the call you want to track >>> You should see the data usage below the contact name.

How much data does FaceTime audio use per hour?

On average, FaceTime audio uses around 3MB of data in 1 minute. This means that in an hour, a FaceTime audio call would have probably consumed about 180MB. This varies and will not apply to everyone. 

Does FaceTime use cellular data?

Yes, FaceTime uses cellular data. FaceTime can use cellular data too. This comes handy when you’re away from WiFi, or the WiFi network you’re connected to is weak. 

Your iPhone has a fantastic feature called “WiFi assist” to help in such a case. This feature automatically switches from a poor WiFi connection to your cellular data. Hypothetically, if this happens to you while you’re on a FaceTime call, your call will go on even with cellular data. 

To use cellular data for FaceTime, ensure cellular data is turned ON for FaceTime. 

Here’s how to go about it: 

Go to Settings >> click on Cellular >> Search for FaceTime and tap the switch on the right to turn it ON.

Does FaceTime use minutes?

No, FaceTime doesn’t make use of call minutes. FaceTime is a free call feature that works over the internet. Hence, FaceTime does not make use of call minutes, but only data. You can access FaceTime calls only if your device is connected to an active WiFi or cellular data network. 

Does FaceTime use a lot of data?

I’d probably have said no, but this is a relative question. Here’s why. 

FaceTime audio uses about 180MB per hour and FaceTime video uses an appropriate 240MB in an hour. This may look like a lot to some because they’re trying to limit their WiFi and cellular data use. 

If you’re concerned about cellular data usage, you can turn on low data mode to help reduce the amount of data you use. Allow me to show you how: 

Go to Settings and tap on ‘cellular’ >>> tap Cellular Data Options >>> Turn ON the Low Data Mode switch. This results in a reduced FaceTime call quality but it is worth it in the end.

Similarly, you can turn ON low data mode for your WiFi, all you have to do is:

Go to WiFi settings >>> Tap the ‘i’ next to the wifi network you’re connected to >>> Activate Low Data Mode.

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How long does it take to use 1GB of data on FaceTime? 

On average, FaceTime consumes around 3MB of data a minute, so it may take about 5 ½ hours of FaceTime audio call to exhaust 1GB of data. 

On the other hand, a FaceTime video call can consume 240MB of data in about 1 hour, so it may consume 1GB of data in about 4+ hours. 

Remember that this will not apply every time, FaceTime data use is usually affected by several factors mentioned earlier. 

How Much Data Does A Two-Hour Video Call Use?

A two-hour FaceTime video call may consume roughly 480MB on average. It could consume way more or less than this, this is simply an estimate.