Herman Miller Aeron Vs. Embody Chairs Compared [New, Used, Refurbished]

Whether you’re on the market for a gaming or office chair, ergonomics, comfort, and price are few things you’re considering. Some are of the school of thought that gaming chairs could be overrated, especially seeing top gamers like Ninja who spend considerable time gaming using Herman Miller chairs.

While there is some merit in that, we did take these chairs on a test, and I must say, whether you’re gaming or working with them, these are some of the best chairs you will find on the market. So let’s do a comparison of the Herman Miller Aeron vs. Embody chairs, see what the main differences are and what you should know before deciding to go with any of the two chairs.

Herman Miller Aeron Vs. Embody Chairs Compared

The basic differences between Herman Miller Aeron and Embody chairs are that Aeron has arm depth and pivot adjustment, while the Embody only has arm width adjustment. The Embody doesn’t have adjustable lumbar, while the Aeron comes with adjustable lumbar. The Aeron does not come with support for seat depth and back angle adjustment, while the Embody comes with support for back angle and seat depth adjustments. You’ll also get different reclines and mobility while using both chairs.

Having the basic differences between the two chairs out of the way, let’s do a more in-depth comparison of the features of both chairs, from the backrest, the headrest, to the seat height and pricing.

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Herman Miller Aeron Vs. Embody Chairs Specs Reviewed

PriceStarting @ $845 Starting @ $1270
Weight300 lb/136 kg & 350 lb/159 kg300 lbs/136 kg
Population Range1st–99th Percentile2nd–98th Percentile
Back SupportPostureFitPostureFit,
Standard Lumbar,
Standard Pixelated Supports
Seat HeightA. 14⅘”–19″
B. 16″–20⅖”
C. 16″–20⅖”
15 – 22 inches
Seat DepthA 15¾”
B 17″
C 18½”
15 –18 inches adjustable
Tilt OptionsStandard Tilt
Tilt Limiter Tilt
Limiter with Seat Angle
Tilt Limiter
Arm OptionsNo Arms
Fixed Arms
Height-Adjustable Arms
Fully Adjustable Arms
Fully Adjustable Arms plus Armpad Depth
No Arms
Fully Adjustable Arms

Herman Miller Aeron Vs. Embody Chairs Prices

Both the Aeron and Embody chairs are some of the priciest chairs you will find around. The Aeron is selling for between $845 and $1545 while the Embody is selling for between $1270 and $1551. When it comes to the pricing differences, the only explanation we can think of is that the Aeron doesn’t come with as many advanced functions as the Embody. You will need to buy certain upgrades to be able to get as much functionality as the Embody. So if we considered the price of upgrading the Aeron to the level of the Embody, you’d end up spending as much, if not higher.

Build Quality Review

Both the Aeron and Embody chairs are made in the USA with premium parts, and compared to other chairs, their designs are some of the most unique you will find on the market. Each of the parts and components is specially designed for each chair, and the same can be said of the quality of the chair build.

Aeron seems to be the most popular, having been around since 1992, while the Embody is equally well-known for the quality and comfort it provides. The Embody comes with adjustable back and armrest, and the mechanism comes in one of the best builds we have seen, which is noteworthy. You’ll also not do wrong if you go for Aeron as it comes with a detailed, and well-built back and armrest support.

The Aeron comes designed with a thick frame around the seat, it comes with an 8Z Pellicle mesh upholstery which is very soft on the touch and flexible. Some have complained of feeling the side bolsters on their thighs and hips, but that is because of the design of the Aeron chair; it was built to hold you and cradle you into a certain position.

The Embody seat is larger than that of the Aeron. It also doesn’t have a frame around the seat, with the upholstery being top quality. Compared to the Aeron, the Embody comes with support for adjustments, from providing lesser or more support to being more or less flexible and breathable. The Embody allows you more freedom, so the plastic pixels adjust based on the movement and weight.

The backrest of the Embody is quite narrow and tall, the curve for your lumbar area is pronounced and there is no lumbar support. The backrest has the same pixel system as the seat, so it adjusts and provides support based on the shape of your back and the changes in your movements.

The Aeron, on the other hand, has a shorter backrest, is wider, the frame is thicker, so you don’t get as much flexibility when moving or adjusting, and you’d need to get a headrest if you want to have as much head and neck support as we find on the Embody.

They both have a very modern look. If we were to judge purely on looks, I think the Aeron was a bit more impressive. But if we decide based on ergonomic support, we will be going with the Embody chair.

Aeron and Embody Comfort Comparison

Over 95 percent of people who use the Embody chair find it comfortable. The seat height range, arm width range and seat depth adjustment make the Embody chair an option that just about anyone can use comfortably. That is in contrast to what we find on the Aeron which comes in three sizes.

The A size is designed for short and petite people, we noticed that the majority of those who use the B size are larger people, while those who use the C size are big and tall. We also noticed that the Aeron doesn’t have seat depth and arm width adjustment support, which makes it less of a versatile chair than the Embody.

If you’re the only one who plans to use the chair, both for work and gaming, the Aeron wouldn’t be a bad choice, but if you plan to have other people use the chair, and are of different sizes, then the Embody will be a better choice.

Where to Buy Herman Miller Aeron Headrest

The Engineered Now Herman Miller Aeron Headset is one of the best quality ones you will find on the market. It contributes to the improvement in your posture and productivity, it allows you to straighten up and remain comfortable and aligned. It also comes with different headrest adjustments so that you can get an ideal body posture.

Where to Buy Used and Refurbished Herman Miller Aeron and Embody Chairs

If you’d like to invest in a used and refurbished Herman Miller Aeron and Embody chair, and don’t have to invest as much as you would if you got the chair new, then visit eBay for the best priced refurbished and used chairs.


The Embody seems to come with a lot more adjustability, support for different weights and heights, while the Aeron seems to be more designed to give you the correct seating positions.

Herman Miller Embody offers you allowance when the weight and body movement changes, but Aeron forces you to maintain a seating position for comfort. Aeron feels more like a rocking chair, while the Embody doesn’t give that much support.

Which should you get? Well, consider your needs. If you need a gaming and office chair for one person which will mean a not-as-much need for adjustments, then go for the Aeron; but if you want much more adjustability and support for more than one user, then Embody works great.

If you spend more on Embody, you wouldn’t need to buy any upgrades, something you might have to do if you buy a cheaper Aeron chair.

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