Groovy Discord Bot – What it is and How to Use it

Music is one thing that connects people from various walks of life. However, putting music out for lots of people at the same time can be challenging. When done on a server though, that task can be fun. Although moderating a server can be challenging, demanding, and time-consuming, with servers like Discord, you overcome these challenges.

Groovy Discord Bot is just like any other music-playing bots already available, like Rythm Bots. With it, you can stream songs from popular music streaming platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and so on and broadcast through your server.

What differentiates it from Rythm Bots is that Groovy Discord bot is a lot easier to set up. You also get to navigate through the platform’s various features without much stress. As with any music bot, it is free to use, although upgrading to a premium package guarantees a better experience with more features.

Whether you are an upcoming musician, a DJ, or just want to host a small party, you can jump on the server anytime you want. Since it is a dedicated server for music, much work has been done to reduce lagging and other connection issues.

The commands (which we’ll discuss very soon) are easy to remember, and premium users can add various audio effects to their music.

How to Add Groovy to Discord

As earlier mentioned, setting Groovy Discord Bot up is pretty much straightforward. Here are the steps outlined below:

  • On a web browser, visit
  • If you have not already registered your Discord server, click on ‘login’ at the bottom of a drop-down list at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • On the same top-right corner of the homepage, click on ‘Add to Discord’.
  • If you have not already done so, register and sign in.
  • The next step requires that you grant Groovy permissions. Check the boxes you want
  • Next is the ‘Add Bot’ section. Select Discord server from the drop-down list.
  • It is now time to authorize Groovy Discord Bot. Click on ‘authorize’ and then continue to the next page
  • The next stage requires that you verify that you’re human. Follow the steps to finish the setup.
  • Return to the dashboard after this. If you are greeted with the ‘Thanks for adding me to your server’ message, it shows that you have successfully added Groovy Discord bot to your server.

If you don’t receive this message, start the process all over again. But rest assured, as long as you follow these steps, you shouldn’t experience any problems during the setup.

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Groovy Discord Bot Commands

  • /play: This command plays any track you have searched for immediately, provided there are no songs on the queue
  • /queue: It displays the songs on your queue
  • /skip: Skips to the next song on the queue
  • /back: Skips to the previous track on the queue
  • /clear: Clears all the songs from the queue
  • /jump: jumps to any desired song on the queue
  • /loop track: loops the song currently playing
  • /loop queue: loops your current queue
  • /loop off: stops any loop in progress
  • /lyrics: shows the lyrics of any song currently playing
  • /pause: allows you to pause any song currently playing
  • /unpause: resumes playing of the current track
  • /remove: removes a song from the queue
  • /remove range: removes all the songs from the start to the end of the chosen range
  • /disconnect: disconnect the bot from the voice channel and clears the tracks on the queue
  • /shuffle: This command shuffles the tracks on the queue
  • /song: displays information about the current track playing
  • /247: activates the 24/7 mode and disables any inactivity-induced disconnection
  • /autoplay: when initiated, it automatically plays your favorite songs from your listening history
  • /volume: allows you to adjust the volume of the music
  • /pitch: Adjusts the music player’s pitch
  • /speed: adjusts the playback speed
  • /bass boost: sets the bass setting of your output
  • /rewind: This command rewinds the song currently playing to any desired point
  • /fast forward: This command fast forward the song currently playing to any desired point
  • /search: Searches a music source for a particular entry
  • /stop: Stops the song currently playing
  • /move: This command moves any song of your choice forward or backward in the queue
  • /reset effects: This command resets all audio effects
  • /vaporwave: Activates the vaporwave mode
  • /saved queues list: Displays your saved playlists of queues
  • /announce: Activates the announcing of currently playing tracks.

Groovy Discord Bot Lagging or Not Working? Try These

Because users experience some glitches in the operation from time to time, we have compiled a list of possible fixes for when the groovy Discord bot stops working.

Mute and Unmute Groovy server

Be sure to leave the server mute box unchecked. If you experience any issue with this, contact any available Discord server moderator for assistance.

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Check the settings to confirm parameter is set correctly

Sometimes, when a setting is altered, Groovy can misbehave. Take some time to go over the settings and adjust any odd settings to get groovy back on track.

Restart the server

A restart not only ends every ongoing process but also sets everything back to default.

Check if you have entered the right command

The problem may sometimes lie with the command you have entered. Double-check the commands you have entered and if you have made a mistake, enter the right command.

Remove songs from Groovy’s queue

Too many songs on a queue, too many queues present, or a combination of both can cause occasional glitches. To fix this, you should remove some songs and free up some space.

Remove and reconnect voice channel

Disconnecting and reconnecting the voice channel has worked for many users experiencing similar issues.

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