Getting the Acer Monitor No Signal Issue? Causes, Best Fixes

Starting your Acer computer is simple. But there are times when it isn’t as simple as just pressing the power button. Like when you have to deal with the “Acer monitor no signal” issue, which can be a mood dampener.

If the monitor has internal issues with the graphic card or the display setting, it won’t display anything. Let’s review other possible causes and fixes for the “Acer monitor no signal” issues.

Getting the Acer Monitor No Signal Issue? Best Fixes

The “Acer monitor no signal” issue could indicate that your computer input source is incorrect. This can occasionally occur if the monitor’s input source isn’t configured to the correct device.

Most display monitors support several inputs (HDMI, VGA, and DVI), making it possible to connect several devices at once. You want to check if the source you selected in the settings is the one you’re planning on using.

  • To resolve the no signal issue, verify that the input source is valid.
  • To begin, turn on your monitor
  • Go to the Menu on the display
  • Navigate to Input source and select an appropriate one. (So if you’re connected to DVI, you need to change the input source to DVI)

Examine your Cable

This is an easy way to fix any no signal issue with your Acer monitor. So carefully examine your monitor, check to make sure the cable isn’t faulty. Then, trace the cord connected to your monitor to confirm no loose connections.

A frayed HDMI cable, for example, may be obstructing the view of your PC’s output or a faulty or old cable. So if you notice any, consider replacing it. This can solve your no signal issue.

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What’s the Monitor’s Resolution?

A PC has different sets of display resolutions to choose from. Should your graphics card be configured to a higher display resolution than your monitor supports, you will most likely get a blank screen or an Acer monitor no signal warning.

Fortunately, resolving a blank monitor screen following a change to your display settings is a simple task. Now, if you changed the setting yourself, wait about 15 seconds, and the Windows will revert to default.

However, if this change happened automatically, you can still revert it. You can work around this by rebooting your Windows in Safe Mode.

Generally, starting Windows in Safe Mode uses a significantly lower display resolution than it does in normal mode. This makes adjusting your monitor’s display resolution to a lower value way too easy.

Note that you can consult your user manual to be sure of the suitable resolution to use.

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Driver Update for the Graphics Card

Another reason for the Acer monitor no signal error on your monitor can be because of a malfunctioning or incompatible graphics driver. Again, you can resolve this issue by updating the driver.

Simply navigate through the manufacturer’s website and download the appropriate driver based on your computer’s specifications, then install the said driver.

Verify That Your Graphics Card Is Securely Installed in the Slot

If your graphic card is not securely installed into its slot, a no signal error may appear on your Acer monitor. Therefore, open the computer casing and conduct a check.

  • Turn OFF your Acer computer and disconnect all wires
  • Remove the case’s latches and locate the graphics card
  • Detach the card from the motherboard and firmly reinsert it
  • Reconnect all the wires you disconnected
  • Press the ON button for more than 30 seconds before connecting the power cord and turning it ON.

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Getting the Acer Monitor No Signal Issue? Possible Causes

There can be several reasons for your “Acer monitor no signal” error. The monitor is expecting to receive a signal detailing what it should display, but it shows the error message when that isn’t available.

This is often because the computer is attempting to output a resolution that the display is incapable of handling, the computer’s connection to the display has gotten severed, the connecting cable for the computer and display has a problem, the display has multiple inputs, and the wrong one is selected, the monitor’s display shows nothing as it is in sleep mode or the computer is broken or crashed, preventing it from displaying anything.

When confronted with this issue, ensure you double-check that everything is powered ON and that the wire is connected correctly before moving on to diagnose what could be wrong with the PC.    

Final Thought

Don’t go panicking when you see the Acer monitor no signal error. We’ve highlighted some steps above that can help you figure out what’s wrong with your computer. However, you might still need to do a complete check to see whether you need to repair or replace it.

Getting the right computer and monitor saves you a lot of time. You don’t want to have to be repairing or replacing a monitor or PC every year.

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