Freelance Writing Jobs – Things to Consider Before Taking a New Project

I love being a freelance writer, and while being able to work where I want and when I want is one of the most interesting things about this lifestyle, getting great clients who are going to pay great rates is something I also always deal with. One in five freelancers says something similar.

You can find scriptwriting jobs and freelance writing jobs on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, but I have noticed that many of the friends who read this blog have gotten jobs from clients on neither of these platforms, so I’ll make this as general as possible.

So let’s look at questions you should ask yourself before you take any freelance writing job.

What’s your worth?

When searching for or applying to content writing jobs, it’s always great to communicate just what you’re bringing to the table from the onset. This gives the client a good idea of what you’re worth ever before you even say what you charge per project you work on. Communicating your worth also involves telling them what they’ll be able to accomplish, how you plan to complete the project and why working with you, even though costlier, is better.

What’s your bid on Freelance Writing Jobs?

Great clients aren’t looking for the lowest bid. Great clients are actually looking for the best freelance writer for their project, and they’ll be willing to go the extra mile to retain him. This means that great clients are ready to pay for your time.

So if your selling point is price, then it’s time to improve your skills. Charging low on projects make it pretty hard to scale your freelancing business in the long run. You work more and earn less. You burnout in no time. Don’t bid lower than the value you bring to the table… always remember that.

What are their requirements?

This is one of the first things I consider before taking on any freelance creative writing/scriptwriter jobs. Reading and actually understanding what a client expects in terms of deliverables is essential.

I have read some client requirements and I rejected the project immediately. Requirements from clients demonstrate if they actually know what they expect you to deliver. A client who can’t clearly communicate deliverables will likely make you do so many revisions, and since they don’t even have a great idea of what they want, your work might not be to their taste for the most part.

While this isn’t the case on all projects, (I have successfully worked with great clients with unclear requirements) it’s a good indication of just how well you’ll be able to work together.

What are your strengths?

No one who is a jack of all trades in writing can get real success in the industry. That’s the plain, painful truth. While projects come and go, with different requirements, the key to scaling your freelance business is specialization. Stick to an industry or niche and let people come to you knowing that you know and have everything they need.

fiverr  upwork freelance profile example

I have written a lot of tech and travel articles, so most of my freelance writing jobs are in those niches. I have been able to work on projects on other niches along the way, but those two have always been my strengths.

Before taking any project, do an honest evaluation of your skills and see if you’d be able to produce work that the client would actually love. Don’t be shy to walk away from a project when you feel it doesn’t fall into your area of specialization.

Are you happy to start?

This is crazy, but how you feel about a project before you start is a great indication of how you’ll take the project. For the most part, if I have all the checkboxes we discussed in the preceding paragraphs ticked, I am mostly happy to start work on a project.

Be it script writing, content writing or creative writing gigs, how you feel about the project long before you put pen on paper often reflects how valuable a project is to you.

These are just a few of the things I personally consider before I start work on any new freelance writing gig. It has helped me weed out projects and clients I won’t be able to work with.

In addition to having the freedom to work whenever and wherever we want, freelancing also allows us to work with whomever we want. So make wise choices, don’t undervalue yourself, but try not to underperform. Clients are willing to pay a premium, but are you willing to deliver a premium? Let me know if you have derived value from this blog by sharing this article and writing a comment telling the community points from this article on which you plan to improve in your freelance business.

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