Fitbit Charge 2 Charger – Best Chargers, Charging Issues Solved

Fitbit Charge 2 Charger. We love Fitbit, and by their sales alone, you can easily tell that Fitbits are loved everywhere. Fitbit sells a lot more activity trackers than any other company, so if you walk around your neighborhood, hike a trail or enter an airport, there is a good chance that you will find someone wearing a Fitbit.

With the rise in the use of Fitbits, it’s only expected that there will be a rise in the use of Fitbit accessories. That means the chances of the device developing faults, or some of the accessories needing replacements are always there. This article will be reviewing some of these Fitbit Charge 2 Charger issues, and we will be showing you two powerful chargers you can use in case the charger that came with the device develops a fault.

Fitbit Charge 2 Charger Not Charging (Fixes)

The first thing to check, and often the main reason why the Fitbit is not charging is that the charging pins are clogged or dirty. So in case your Fitbit stops charging, the first thing to check before discarding the Fitbit charger is to clean the charging pins of both the tracker and the charger.

Some users have found that if the charging pics are not clean, it could even affect the charging speed of the Fitbit 2.

Always keep the pins untarnished, ensuring that they always maintain that same bronze finish they had when you got it new. To ensure that it remains neat, dip a soft toothbrush into a little alcohol, and use it to cleanse the bronze pins. You can also clean the charging pins with a cotton swab. But ensure that no remnants of cotton are left on the pins.

How to charge Fitbit charge 2

Another major cause of issues with the Fitbit charge 2 charger is incorrect fixing. Charge 2 comes with a charging clamp which is supposed to be connected on both sides of the Fitbit charge 2. This will allow for easy connection of the pins into the port on the tracker.

After connecting the charger to the device, the next step is to connect the cable to the power source. The reason why you should connect it to the device first is that it causes tiny sparks when you first connect the charger to the power source before connecting it to the device. Over time, this could damage not just your Fitbit charger 2 chargers, but also your device.

As soon as the charger is connected to the power source, you’ll feel a vibration, with the charging icon and charge level showing up on the display. With a quality charger, you should be able to have your Fitbit 2 fully charged in 1-2 hours.

Best Fitbit 2 chargers

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Fitbit devices have evolved, and so have the quality of their chargers. Right now, most of the Fitbit devices on the market have fast charging and long battery life, so you get more on your devices.

Do you have any other issue with your Fitbit charge 2 charger? Drop it in them in the comments below. I will edit the article as time goes to include any user-related issues and solutions.

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