Fax Machine VS Fax from Windows 10: Which Do You Need?

It is the 21st century, the era of moving towards a paperless working environment. Smart devices are more common than ever due to their increased usage and the ease they have brought to our lives. Even then, the need for paper, ink, and a fax machine are still there.

The reason behind this mindset of most of the companies is that they claim fax machines to be the secure and easy way of transmitting confidential data. Well, this fact could not be denied. However, managing hardware is not an easy task when you have so much to do.

Google Fax Free has exploration about CocoFax and fax machines, you can try Google Fax Free to get detailed information. Deciding which procedure you should prefer is a difficult task. This decision is concerned with data privacy. No need to worry as Google Fax Free blogs are there to assist you.

CocoFax, Fax from Windows 10

CocoFax is always in the recommendation of Google Fax Free when it comes to choosing a fax software for windows 10. This online platform has maintained a record of multiple fax service providers. It helps people to access the information easily and decide about online fax apps.

Getting your hands on a new application is a bit difficult as you have to think about multiple aspects. Its usage, facilities, manual effort, the purchase amount, automated services, time which goes into using it, and much more. These are the major concerns of any user related to fax.

Therefore, CocoFax has made this process a lot easier by getting reviews from its users. Nowadays, it is being used in 190 countries and by a million subscribers. No reported errors and optimistic rating of the users prove that this application is worth investing money and time.

Requirements for Using CocoFax

CocoFax does not incorporate any hard and fast rules and principles. It is designed to serve all kinds of users whether it is a student or a professional person in the best possible way. Therefore, using it does not involve any special hardware or software tools. For sending and receiving faxes with CocoFax from Windows 10, you should have the following things ready beforehand

  • Windows 10 installed on a laptop or computer
  • Any web browser installed on your system
  • Uninterrupted internet connection
  • Internet access
  • Login to your web-based dashboard
  • Get fax number from CocoFax

Why should you Choose Fax from Windows 10?

It is an era of mobility. No one wants to stick to their work desk round the clock. In the case of a fax machine, you have to keep it turned on 24*7 to ensure that you do not miss any important documents. However, this is not the case with CocoFax.

It will keep a record of all the send and receive faxes in your account. You can access these fax files anywhere, anytime. It was just one fact proving the usefulness of online fax services. Below are the reasons why CocoFax has always won the race of the best fax transfer app:

  • Freebies by CocoFax

CocoFax welcomes its users with free fax numbers and a 30 days free trial package. These services are provided to ease the finances of users who were going into the monthly phone connection bills. Now they can have dedicated toll-free or international fax numbers.

The trial of a month is to give users the freedom to decide whether fax machines were a better option of fax transfer or online fax services for window 10. One this period ends, they can analyze. If they want to use CocoFax further, then they should purchase subscription plans.

  • Secure File Transmission

Online fax service provider CocoFax has integrated fax with a digital system along with the security features of traditional faxing. Now you do not have to worry about the safety of any confidential data because CocoFax promises data protection of files sent or received through it.

Top-notch encryption algorithms are used by CocoFax which keeps your information safe from only predators. Any unauthorized user cannot access your data because CocoFax encrypts the data. Only the sender and receiver of the document are having the access to read these files.

  • Portable Fax Solution

You cannot carry a bulky fax machine with you all day long and neither stay in your office seven days a week. That’s why you need a solution which would help you send paperless faxes. CocoFax does not require any fax machines or printers as it is an online web-app.

Logging in to CocoFax will resolve many of your troubles. Now you can get rid of the hassles associated with the fax machine and thinking about missing important agreements. CocoFax will help you transfer faxes wirelessly without using a fax machine.

  • Easy-to-use and Error-Free

The intuitive interface of CocoFax is designed to help people with basic computer knowledge. Rather than learning any technicalities of this web-app, they can easily use it just like other off-the-shelf programs. Reading user manuals is not required for using CocoFax like a pro.

It does not generate any warning or technical errors. Its seamless working is providing users an efficient platform to send and receive digital documents just like a fax. Moreover, CocoFax has guides for its valued users which would help them in any case.

  • Supports All Devices

Most often, online applications are platform-specific which makes the users learn other procedures to make the program compatible with their device. However, CocoFax is not one of those system-oriented applications. It is designed to be executed on all kinds of devices.

CocoFax application is available which could be used for sending faxes from a smartphone. All kinds of internet browsers support CocoFax so that you can use any internet-capable device to transfer faxes on the go. You can use any email account for using its email-to-fax service.

In the End

Fax machines and online fax service providers for windows 10 have their own specifications and characteristics. However, choosing CocoFax is a better option as it gives you the mobility and ease of access along with added security of your confidential data.