The Complete Guide to Using DStv in Nigeria 2021: DStv Mobile, Packages, Subscription, Contact, Channel List, and More

If you are privileged to take an aerial tour (probably in a helicopter) of many Nigerian cities, at low altitude, you sure can’t miss one feature of many buildings: satellite dishes; and don’t be surprised that a good number of these dishes are operated by arguably the largest terrestrial satellite Services provider on the African continent, Multichoice Africa (operating in-country as Multichoice Nigeria, with the brand name, DStv).

Since the inception of its operations in Nigeria in 1995, DStv Nigeria has transformed into the most competitive satellite cable TV providers in the country. With an increasing customer base in the millions, DStv offers an interactive viewing experience that provides quality content for families, individuals, businesses, movie buffs as well as sports lovers among other audience categories!

And it all begins with the DSTv Nigeria website; it is a fully interactive and simple to use platform that lets you into the world of premium TV satellite services, all at the click of a button.

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So if you want to know more about all the things Multichoice DStv Nigeria offers, let’s head over to the user guide below:

DStv Decoder types and Prices

It all begins with the DStv Nigeria decoder, that device that enables you to access all the quality viewing that’s associated with Multichoice.

So we take a look at the hardware you’d need to enjoy DSTv’s exciting range of bouquet services. Referred to as decoders, here are the various options available:

DStv (single view) HD decoder

This decoder might be compact, but it offers great functionality. It not only gives high-quality pictures but also comes with interactive apps and user- friendly menu applications.

Users can also access other exciting features like Xtraview, parental restrictions as well as front panel control buttons.

DStv Explora decoder

With this decoder model, users enjoy greater functionality. For starters, viewers can record the entire session of a movie or series by pressing on the ‘’i” button on the device’s remote control. The Explora’s remote control comes with a PVring button. With this feature you can catch every bit of action by rewinding, pausing or fast-forwarding your favourite program.

With the Explora, users can also enjoy parental control, personalise their viewing experience, conduct instant searches for programs and shows as well access DStv box office which connects to the internet, emailing various viewers to download missed programs.

Although the Explora will cost top naira, most people find that it is worth every kobo.

DStv Bouquets/Packages, Subscription Prices, and available DStv Channels

Now is the time to dive into the various suites of packages offered by DStv. The pay TV giant has robust plans and pricing packages for just about any individual or group! Are you excited already? Then let’s take the tour without further ado:

DStv Access Package

So let us begin with this vital piece of information: this package will set you back starting at only N1, 900 a month! Yes, for that amount, users can access over 80 engaging channels, belting out quality entertainment/information that appeals to a wide variety of audiences.

From categories ranging from audio/radio services to documentaries and movies, all the way to children programming/lifestyle and culture, the DStv Access bouquet indeed offers way more than the monetary value it goes for. Before we leave, check out the following channels available under DStv Access: Africa World Magic, Africa Hausa, Nat Geo Wild (for all lovers of nature), Al-Jazeera, CNBC Africa, Hip TV, and BBC World News among many others.

DStv Family Package

Consider this scenario in a home: Daddy wants some football action, but the kids are pleading for some time to catch up with their favourite cartoon. Mother is on the fringes; she insists she has a food show she needs to watch to upgrade her culinary skills. It seems like a conundrum of some sort, right? Then let the DStv Family package come to the rescue, at a tidy sum starting N3, 800.

The Family Package comprises a larger pool of channels compared to the Access Package. In addition to obtaining more quality entertainment, family members can choose to enjoy programs as a whole or switch over to individual interests, with the help of the Explora decoder. The list of over 100 channels includes heavyweights like Nickelodeon, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Nat Geo Wild/Documentaries, E! Entertainment Television, Discovery Family, CBS Reality and Sony Entertainment Television among others.

The DStv Compact Package

The DStv compact package comes with a rich blend of quality viewing across many channel options. At 147 channels, the family stays glued to their Television. This entertainment bouquet comprises extensive offerings of local programs coupled with tons of viewing material for kids. Starting at N6,300 per month, users can tune in and watch engaging content on Radi France International, BBC African Languages, BBC World Service, Disney XD,  DMX Light Classical,  Nicktoons,  National Geographic Channel, Universal Channel, ROK, Trace Naija, CCTV4 among other exciting stations on DStv Nigeria.

DStv Compact Plus Package

With a hundred and sixty-six channels, the DStv Compact plus package gives patrons certain bragging rights not found in the other categories of subscriptions. These rights include access to an additional score of quality programming distributed among info-entertainment genres. The channels include DMX-Hard Rock, DMX Alternative, DMX-Groove Lounge, DMX-Classic R&B, Disney Junior, Crime and Investigation, FOX Life, Ebony Life, Sony Max as well as AfricaMagic Epic Movies.

Lest I forget, subscribing to this bouquet will set you back starting at N9, 900 every month. However, you can be sure that it is money well spent for you and your family!

DStv Premium Package

Did I save the best for the last? I sure did! With the Premium package, users enjoy an unrivaled and pleasurable viewing experience, over a broad spectrum of programs and channels. In this supercharged package, get ready for non-stop action from over 173 channels including 11 local and 12 sports channels.

The list of channels covers CCTV Documentary and Crime Investigation Network. For lovers of sports, you can watch the following channels to your heart’s delight:  SuperSport 1, SuperSport 2, SuperSport 6, SuperSport 9, SuperSport 4, SuperSport 11(HD/SD) as well SuperSport 12.

To get and enjoy this fantastic bouquet option, you’ll have to pay around N14, 700 as monthly subscription charges.

DSTV Customer Care Channels and Contact Details

DStv anticipates that there are instances where users have complaints or need to make enquiries about its terrestrial satellite services. You can reach out and get heard through the following channels:

  1. Head over to the company’s Social Media Handles at and
  2. You can make telephone enquiries by calling +234 8039003788 and +234 12703232.
  3. Do you prefer electronic correspondence? DStv has got your back, and you can reach Customer Service by sending an email to [email protected].
  4. If you have got some time and would like a physical meeting with a customer care representative, then you can head to the MultiChoice Nigeria Limited offices, Plot 1381, Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Note that the company also works with partners and distributors who can also attend to your needs and inquiries. For a comprehensive list of the nearest dealers, please head over here.

DStv Self Service Options

Do you want to know what’s better than DSTv’s customer service channels? The ability to perform routine tasks or troubleshoot problems on your own first before you seek assistance from the firm. At the heart of this possibility is the DStv Self Service Option.

The self-service platform is a brilliant interface that allows users to make payments for their preferred bouquet, fix error codes and messages from their decoders, set-up a viewing bouquet and find the nearest installation agent among other sundry tasks.

With the self-service option, users have the tools to make changes to their viewing experience while on the DStv Nigeria satellite subscription platform.

Making payments for bouquet Options

Paying for your DStv Nigeria package is as simple as counting 1, 2, 3.  All the user needs to do is send “PAY” and the smart card number of the decoder as an SMS to 30333 for customers resident in Nigeria. For other subscribers across Africa, click here to enter the details of smartcard number for your decoder and country and follow the instructions to pay online.

DStv also makes payment from banks in Nigeria possible. Visit this page to see a comprehensive list of banks and other payment methods.

DStv Mobile App (Viewing experience on the go)

In this present age, many people carry out a host of activities while moving from place to place. Dstv understands this need and makes available DSTV Nigeria mobile app for smartphones and other compatible devices.

With the DStv mobile app, users can stream live TV, catch up on movies or series, and also download other exciting programs to watch them offline, at a later time. The beautiful part is that the DStv mobile app is free on both the Google play store and iStore and enjoys compatibility with a wide range of devices.

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