Dropped Phone in Water, Liquid, or Toilet? – What to do if it Still Works or Won’t Turn ON

Water can damage your phone. When your phone drops in water, it either gets glitchy for a few days after the drop or it completely stops working. No one anticipates this, but when it happens, what you do could make a great difference.

Some persons don’t know what to do if they accidentally drop their phones in the water. So what should and shouldn’t you do if you accidentally drop your phone in water, liquid, or toilet? Here are some of our best tips.

I Dropped My Phone In Water But It Still Works – What I Did

Understanding how a mobile phone function is important if you will salvage your phone when it falls in any liquid. Water is a powerful conductor, so electricity is what damages a phone when it drops in water as the water causes a short circuit. This can ultimately cause the panel or board to get damaged.

Here is a list of what to do if you dropped your phone in water but it still works.

Step 1: Turn the phone OFF immediately

Even if you managed to pull it out of the water fast, don’t think you’ve gotten away unscathed yet. If you allow the phone to keep working, the little water that got through will affect other functions of the phone like the touchscreen, the backlight, or keypads. Just because your phone keeps working after the incident does not mean the water will not get to sensitive parts of the phone eventually. First thing is to turn OFF the phone.

Step 2: Take the battery out

If your phone has a removable battery, take the battery and sim cards out immediately. A charged battery can still transmit some electricity even if the phone is turned OFF. After turning your phone OFF, detach it from the battery. If your battery is built-in, try the next step.

Step 3: Let the phone dry out

After taking the battery and sim cards out, allow the phone to dry. You may dry it by just leaving it on the counter for at least 3 days, by using a vacuum cleaner to suck out some of the liquid, or even drying it in direct sunlight. For others, leaving the wet phone in uncooked rice can help remove water.

I Dropped My Phone In Water And It Won’t Turn On – What I Did

Option 1: Don’t attempt to turn ON or charge the phone

While it is true that some phones are water-resistant, none is 100% waterproof. The dead phone is ̣evidence that the water has got in really fast that it affected some components of the phone. Just leave it that way and do not try to turn it back ON or charge it.

Option 2: Remove all external components

If there is anything connected to your phone, disconnect them immediately. For example, it is a good idea to take out the battery at this point (if it’s removable), if you have not already done so. Sim cards, memory cards, stylus, phone case, and so on must also be removed.

Option 3: Give it a shake

Before seeking any further help, shake the phone to remove any water that is stuck on the headphone jack, under the button, or the charging port.

Fix 4: Let it dry

While many use uncooked rice in drying out their phones, others think rice can transfer dirt and starch into your phone. Whether you decide to use uncooked rice or not, be patient and let the phone dry completely. If after these steps you decide to turn ON your phone, you might be surprised to see it come on. If it doesn’t, your phone probably has water damage and would need to be given to a professional.

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I Dropped My Phone In The Toilet – What I Did

Did it feel like your heart stopped beating for a moment when you found your phone in the toilet? When it happens, it’s all too easy for water to get into a mobile phone. However, do not worry.

Follow these steps to salvage your phone.

  • Quickly take the phone out from the toilet and give it a quick rinse with a disinfectant
  • Get a clean cloth for dabbing the phone and drying any moisture
  • Take the battery out, including any other hardware
  • Dry it out

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Dropped Phone In Water and the Speaker now Sounds Weird? – What I Did

If the speaker sounds weird, it can only mean that there is still some water trapped in the speaker. Here are quick fixes for it:

Fix 1: Give it time

Keep using the phone; normally, it will overheat sometimes.  As this happens, any remaining moisture in the speaker will dry out. Eventually, the muffled and weird sound will disappear. A user mentioned making calls at high temperatures. This high-end use will contribute to overheating.

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Fix 2: Use the ‘Speaker Cleaner’ App

The app is designed to get any moisture out of your phone speaker. As many users mentioned, it is free to download and it is very effective. As the app does its work, moisture will ooze out from the speaker. Here is a speaker cleaner app for android, and a speaker cleaner app for iOS.