Domain Registration & Hosting Tutorial

In this Domain Registration & Hosting Tutorial, I would like to cover the Hosting & Domain name setup from start to finish in the easiest way possible assuming you have neither.

I originally was going to handle them separately but to be honest, I think Domain Names & Hosting go hand in hand these days. This tutorial will also lead to other tutorials helping you set up a website using WordPress and various other resources.

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For this Tutorial, I will be using a well-trusted Hosting and Domain provider called SiteGround. I find that buying both items from a reputable source is the best course of action and also the easiest for you to set up.

For this Domain Registration & Hosting Tutorial, we will be using the StartUp plan that SiteGround offers to guide you through the process. Plus it’s very easy to upgrade later should you need to.

OK let’s get started!

Purchasing a Hosting Plan

OK so head on over to (SiteGround). I have put a link on the word so you can go directly to the section you need. Once there you will be presented with various packages to choose from.

There can be instances where the StartUp plan might not be perfect for your requirements, however for most startups it’s the ideal option and for demonstration purposes, we will select the one we highlighted in the image above. So go ahead and click the Get Started Button.

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This will lead to the next section where you Register a new Domain Name and enter a Domain Name you would like for your Business or Personal Website. Example

You also have the option of selecting a different extension at the end of the drop-down box. Say for instance you are a Pizza company and you wanted this option is available along with other options. For demonstration purposes, we will just stick to .com for now. Once you have typed in the name you want to Click on PROCEED as shown in the image above.

When you reach the next page if your Domain Name is available it will give you a Congratulations message like so:

If it comes up with the alternative that your Domain Name is Taken you can always select a different extension at the end. The site will present you with a set of options or you can even change the name slightly and try again.

The other parts of the page are broken into 4 Sections

  1. Account Information – (You enter your email and pick a good password)
  2. Client Information – (This will be for your address, zip code, etc & VAT No. if needed)
  3. Payment Information (Credit Card Information)
  4. Purchase Information (A summary of your order + optional add on’s)

Once you fill out all the information needed in the fields above, it’s just a matter of clicking on the Agree to Terms of Service and Selecting the PAY NOW button. Once you have this done your account will be setup and you will receive emails from SiteGround containing an Invoice for your payment and login details for cPanel, which we will discuss in our next Tutorial.

Accessing cPanel on SiteGround and Installing WordPress

That’s all there is to it. I hope you enjoyed this Domain Registration & Hosting Tutorial and found it useful in some way. Please leave a comment in the comments section below if you have time and why not Subscribe to our mailing list for more Tutorials and Articles, They are Free!

You do not have to click on any of the links provided, I give them as a recommendation because these are Themes and Hosting services I have either used or reviewed and would feel comfortable recommending them. Also, it won’t cost you any more than the price on the websites, you are just helping me out by linking to them from my pages.

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