Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth for Headphones?

Especially since the early 2000s, to connect a speaker to our TVs, we must plug different cords into the TV port. While this was one of the best ways to have these connections back then, not many people like to deal with cluttered spaces caused by cords and cables now.

Bluetooth is one feature that many TV makers and other smart hone device makers now include out-of-the-box. So do smart TVs have Bluetooth for headphones and external speakers? If yes, which ones come with external speakers, thereby helping you make better choices when getting a smart TV? These and other questions will be discussed in this article.

Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth for Headphones and External speakers?

While older models of TVs don’t have built-in Bluetooth, newer models of Smart TVs have built-in Bluetooth for headphones and external speakers. This makes Bluetooth pairing easier and a truly wireless space possible.

Even for Smart TVs that do not have built-in Bluetooth, there is still a way to make Bluetooth pairing possible. Just download the smart TV manufacturer’s App from the app store to enable Bluetooth connection.

You can also buy a Bluetooth transmitter (similar to the transmitter plugged into computers to connect external mice) alternatively. It is a device that can be plugged into the TV which then makes the TV discoverable by your Bluetooth-enabled headphones and external speakers.

Let’s now find out if the most common smart TV models have Bluetooth for headphones and external speakers.

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Do LG Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Yes, LG smart TVs have Bluetooth for headphones and external speakers. Of all smart TV brands on the market, LG is notable for having several Bluetooth-supporting options. LG Smart TV models from 2016 are all Bluetooth enabled.

Do LG Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? - Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth for Headphones?

These more recent LG smart TVs include 4K Ultra, OLED, MiniLED, QNED, and NaniCells. However, you have to enable it first before pairing it with your headset or speaker. To pair your LG smart TV, you must be sure the headphone or speaker is set in a pairing mode.

Once the pairing mode is on, go to Settings on your LG smart TV. On the settings page, look for and select Sound >> Sound Out >> Bluetooth. Then select the name of the device to complete the pairing.

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Do Samsung Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Yes, most newer Samsung smart TVs are Bluetooth enabled. This feature can be used in connecting Bluetooth-enabled smart devices like headsets, external speakers, and even remote controls.

Samsung Smart TV - Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth for Headphones?

They are usually easy to pair. Samsung is one of the most advanced tech brands in the world, so it is only natural to expect the most advanced smart TVs from them.

Do Sony Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

No, not all Sony smart TV models come enabled with Bluetooth connectivity, but it is expected that newer versions are.

Sony Smart TV

Some smart TVs from Sony come with a Bluetooth transmitter in addition to the built-in Bluetooth feature for a more flexible wireless pairing with your devices.

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Do Vizio Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Yes, newer Vizio smart TVs have Bluetooth but are not compatible with just about any Bluetooth-enabled device. While Vizio smart TVs have Bluetooth, their Bluetooth is low frequency/energy, so, they will only support Bluetooth LE devices.

What is the difference between the regular Bluetooth and the Bluetooth LE? The low-energy type can maintain the same communication range but will consume a considerably reduced amount of power.

Vizio Smart TV

Before connecting your Vizio smart TV Bluetooth with any headset or external speaker, be sure the device’s Bluetooth is low-energy to pair successfully. So, while it is right to say Vizio smart TVs have Bluetooth, it is selective in the type of devices it can connect to because the most common Bluetooth are the regular ones.

Do Sharp Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Few Sharp smart TVs come enabled with Bluetooth connectivity. As always, because of the competition for smarter TVs, it is expected that the most recent models have Bluetooth.

Sharp Smart TV

If you just bought a Sharp smart TV, don’t just assume that it has Bluetooth; confirm before trying to pair the smart TV with devices like headsets and external speakers.

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Do All Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Do all smart TVs have Bluetooth for headphones and speakers? No, not all smart TVs have Bluetooth even though the majority of newer smart TVs have Bluetooth support. As earlier mentioned, a few smart TVs (especially from Vizio) come with the low energy Bluetooth (Bluetooth LE) which is a rather selective Bluetooth in terms of pairing.

If you just bought a smart TV but unfortunately don’t have Bluetooth connectivity, you can still use a Bluetooth transmitter and enjoy the freedom that comes with wireless connections.

Does My TV Have Bluetooth? Here’s How to Check

Check your remote: If your remote is not just the regular one but a smart remote, it means your smart TV likely has Bluetooth

Check the settings:  Navigate to Settings, and then to the Sound output. In the options, if you see a Bluetooth connectivity option, your smart TV is Bluetooth enabled.

Google your TV model online: When you type your smart TV model on Google, you find a complete list of features that your TV has. Check through to know if it has Bluetooth. You can check the user’s manual alternatively for this.

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