Disney Plus not working on Samsung Smart TV, Fire Stick & Roku? Best fixes

Disney Plus hasn’t just been a competitor to HBO, Netflix, or Apple TV, it has provided millions who stream movies, TV programs, series, etc. with a ‘better’ alternative. We’ve had cases of users reaching us to complain of the Disney plus not working on Samsung Smart TV, Fire Stick & Roku, and for many, this would mean losing out on some great shows.

In this article, we’ll examine various troubleshooting tricks to try if you’d like to fix the “Disney plus not working on Samsung Smart TV, Fire Stick & Roku”. But first, wouldn’t it be nice to understand why Disney Plus may not work at times?

Why is my Disney plus not working on Samsung Smart TV, Fire Stick & Roku?

Any issue you may have with Disney Plus will come from one or more of these three:

Your device

If your Disney Plus is not working as it should, your connected device may be responsible for this. For instance, is your laptop, smartphone, or TV finding connecting to the internet hard? If your smart TV’s time and date are not accurate, it may not be able to establish a much-needed internet connection to play your movies.

Your internet

Disney Plus is an online streaming service. To connect and run smoothly, you need a good internet connection. If your internet signal strength is weak, the distance between the router and the TV is too much, or if your router is turned OFF, you will experience theDisney plus not working on Samsung Smart TV, Fire Stick & Roku” issue.

Even if your internet connection is ‘on point’ Disney Plus may still not work if you have VPN turned ON. While VPN has its advantages, it can slow or reduce your internet’s signal strength.

The Disney Plus App

Sometimes the app may keep crashing because there has been an important update to the app but the version you have has not yet been updated. No matter how many times you try to establish a connection with your TV, your Disney Plus won’t still work as it should. In this case, it will be the best move to update your app.

Too Many Users

Another reason why Disney Plus may not work is that too many devices are trying to access the subscription at the same time. For example, each subscription plan on Disney Plus has a specific number of devices that can be connected at once. If the said number of devices are connected, and you are trying to connect another device, I’m sure you already know what the response will be.

At other times, Disney server may be down generally. You can log into your account on the app to find out if the error stems directly from the server. All you can do is report the problem and wait until the server comes back ON.

The end goal however is not just to find out why this problem happens but to know how to fix them no matter what device you are trying to watch from.

Fixes for Disney plus not working on Samsung Smart TV

Check Internet Connection: Since the internet connection may be culpable, reset your modem or router. To do this, disconnect all internet connections and power OFF your router. Remove it from a wall socket and wait for approximately 2 minutes.

After that, power it ON and reconnect your internet.

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Reboot Your Samsung TV:

To reboot your TV,

  • switch OFF your TV
  • Remove its plug from a wall socket.
  • Leave it in that state for at least 2 minutes.
  • Switch ON your TV and wait for it to load-up all its feature
  • Reconnect the internet
  • Launch the app

Clear Disney Plus Cache Memory

To do this, go to Home >> Settings >> Apps >> System Apps >> Disney Plus >> Clear Cache >> OK.

Uninstall and Re-install Disney Plus App

Although this step may only be necessary in rare cases, it can fix the issues with Disney Plus app on your Samsung TV once and for all. To do this, go to Home > Apps > Settings > Disney Plus > Delete

If there hasn’t been any update to the app, you will be downloading the updated version.

Check TV Model

Disney Plus App doesn’t work with any smart TVs made pre-2016, so the Disney Plus not working on your smart TV is likely because it doesn’t support the TV in question. In some cases, the app will not be installed on the TV, in which case you would need to manually download it.

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Fixes for Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick

Clear Cache Memory

On your Fire TV, go to Settings >> Applications >> Managed installed Applications >> Disney Plus >> Clear Cache/ Clear Date >> OK

Disable Router’s DNS Settings

Go to your router settings and disable IPV6 on it. This is because this DNS setting is not compatible in most cases with the Disney Plus app. If you don’t want to disable it, you can enable the IPV6 pass-through mode.  After doing this, reboot your router and see the magic!

Reset the Firestick

On your Fire TV, go to Settings >> My Fire TV >> Reset to Factory Defaults >> Reset

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Fixes for Disney Plus Not Working on Roku

Uninstall and Reinstall Disney Plus on Roku: This will automatically clear cache memory and app data. To do this, Go to Start >> Disney Plus App >> Remove Channel

Power OFF Roku and Power it back on. Re-install Disney Plus from the Roku store and try connecting Disney Plus again.

Update Roku Device Operating System

Go to Menu >> Settings >> System >> System update >> Check now.

This manually checks for any OS update available. Download and update to get Disney Plus on your Roku back ON.

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