Discord Stream No Sound? Working Fixes

Streaming a video and getting no sound at all can be very frustrating when using Discord. This discord stream no sound issue is a very popular one among Discord users. It often occurs as a result of outdated audio drivers, the absence of a route for discord to transfer audio files, streaming Discord in an incompatible online platform, using an older version of discord, and so on. It could also be that Discord is not picking up voice due to bugs.

To fix the discord stream no sound issue, you should try these working fixes.

Discord Stream No Sound Issue – Working Fixes

  • Restart your computer
  • Update Discord App
  • Update Audio Drivers
  • Add the program you are using to Discord
  • Reset Voice Settings
  • Clear Discord Cache
  • Avoid Screen sharing in Full-screen Mode

Restart your computer

This is a simple method that often fixes this issue. Rebooting your PC will close all programs that might be conflicting with Discord. Just restart your computer, then re-launch Discord to see if this fixes the problem.

Update Discord App

All it might take to fix the Discord Stream no sound problem is to update the Discord app to its latest version. This will likely fix existing issues. To do so:

  • Launch Run dialogue box in Windows by pressing Windows + R keys at the same time
  • In the box, type %localappdata% and click Enter or Ok. It will take you to a page showing several applications and software.
  • Scroll down till you find Discord, double-click on it, and in the displayed tab, double-click on update.exe
  • Wait until the process is completed, then re-launch Discord.

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Update Audio Drivers

If your audio driver is outdated, it can cause discord audio issues. Hence;

  • Right-click the Start button and click on Device manager
  • Scroll down to Sound, video, and game controllers and expand it
  • In the expanded tab, right-click on High definition audio device and click update driver
  • In the displayed page, click search automatically for drivers to automatically search for the updated version and install it or you can click on browse my computer for drivers to locate and install a driver manually after downloading from the manufacturer’s website.
  • You can restart your PC and check to see if the issue is fixed.

Add the program you are using to Discord

Doing this makes screen sharing without audio issues possible because discord will detect the activity in question and act on it.

  • Launch both the program/activity you want to share and Discord
  • Then, go to User Settings in Discord
  • Locate the Game Activity tab and click on it. In the page displayed, click Add it
  • From there, you can select the program you want to add from the dropdown menu
  • Next, turn on the toggle button beside the Discord overlay tab

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Reset Voice Settings

If the discord stream no sound issue is as a result of faulty settings, this method is a sure fix.

  • Go to User Settings in Discord
  • Locate Voice & Video and click on it
  • On the displayed page, click on Reset Voice Settings, then Okay. After you do this, you can restart the Discord app.

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Clear Discord Cache

In some cases, clearing Discord cache has helped fix audio issues while streaming. The cache basically stores temporary data that ensures smooth sailing while using the app but should it get compromised, you will have to delete it. This action won’t affect the app as any of your data is erased. To clear cache;

  • Close Discord
  • Then, press the Windows + R keys simultaneously
  • Type in %appdata% in the search bar beside Open and hit Ok/Enter
  • In the roaming directory displayed, search for the Discord folder
  • Once found, right-click it and choose Delete
  • You can then choose to re-launch the Discord app or restart your PC before re-launching the app.

Avoid Screen sharing in Full-screen Mode

Many Reddit users found this helpful. While using Chrome or similar apps, you can manually minimize windows if you are playing a game, you can search for Windows Mode in your game settings.

Another option that works is to use a web version of Discord in Chrome or Opera. Opera works for a lot of users in fixing the discord stream no sound and lagging issues. Do let us know which of these fixes worked for you or share what has worked for you with us.

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