Dell Ultrasharp u3415w Review, Specs, and Price

With the Dell UltraSharp u3415w 34-inch curved LED-Lit Monitor, you can transport yourself to another world. Enter a new dimension of multitasking with a curved monitor that delivers an immersive and panoramic screen that surrounds your senses with incredibly detailed edge-to-edge WQHD (3440×1440) imagery and crystal-clear sound.

With a field of view that enlists both your primary and peripheral fields of vision, the 34-inch 21:9 curved screen provides an amazing, in-the-action experience. When it comes to engagement when gaming and watching films, this 34” ‘UltraWide’ 21:9 models with 3440 x 1440 resolutions has a provision for that.

This panoramic screen also provides a good amount of workspace, lending themselves particularly well to multi-tasking. The Dell U3415W not only features a 34” 21:9 screen with the aforementioned resolution, but it also provides a gentle curve.

Its connectivity features allow you to multitask on-screen or in-game without interruption. You can also display content from 2 different PCs at the same time with the Picture-by-Picture or Picture-in-Picture feature, via the USB 3.0 upstream ports. Also, you can enjoy the ease of using just one keyboard and mouse to navigate content from both PCs.

In this Dell ultrasharp u3415w review, we shall be digging deep into its specification, performance, and price details.

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Dell Ultrasharp u3415w price, features and specs list

Screen size34 inches
Panel typeLG Display LM340UW2-SSA1 AH-IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD
Native resolution3440 x 1440
Typical maximum brightness300 cd/m²
Color support1.074 billion (8-bits per subpixel plus dithering)
Response time (G2G)5ms
Refresh rate60Hz
Weight11.25kg (including stand and cables)
Contrast ratio 1,000:1 (2m:1 Dynamic Contrast)
Viewing angle172º horizontal, 178º vertical
Power consumption 55W typical
BacklightWLED (White Light Emitting Diode)
Price  $599 (Amazon)

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Dell ultrasharp u3415w design

In this Dell ultrasharp u3415w review, we’d be examining its design. Carefully viewing the Dell ultrasharp u-3415w monitor from the front, it is obvious that the monitor shares a similar aesthetic to many modern Dell monitors. At the top and sides, the bezels are comprised of a thin outer component that is space grey in color and a thicker black panel border.

The panel border is only really visible once the monitor is switched on. Together, these give the monitor a total bezel thickness of 0.67 inches at the top and 0.71 inches on each side. The bottom has a thick black matte plastic bezel and a sliver of panel border that’s 1-inch thick together.

A key feature of the monitor, of course, is the gently curved screen. This has a very light matte (semi-glossy) surface to preserve a good amount of clarity and vitality whilst maintaining decent glare-handling characteristics.

From the side, the monitor again shares some features of many modern Dell monitors. There is a strong and highly flexible stand, allowing you to tilt the screen, adjust the height by 4.53 inches, and swivel the screen by approximately 45 degrees left or right.

At the lowest height, the bottom of the screen clears the desk by around 1.57 inches with the top of the screen around 16.14 inches above the desk. The top of the screen is always above the top of the stand neck. The screen is around 0.83 inches thick at the thinnest point but lumps out to around 2.01 centrally, excluding the stand.

The rear of the monitor is quite standard for a modern Dell, being equally minimalist with plenty of matte black plastic. The stand attaches centrally using a quick-release proprietary bracket mechanism. You can detach the screen from the stand using the button below the attachment point and can access 100 x 100mm VESA holes for an alternative stand or mount if desired. Let’s now delve into the performance of this elegant monitor.


On the Dell UltraSharp u3415w 34-Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor, there are down-firing 9W stereo speakers hidden underneath the monitor. These integrated speakers produce a clean sound with crisp treble and distinct mid-tones. Although the base is generally lacking a bit compared to more powerful standalone speakers and some integrated speakers, the sound has a lot more punch than is usual for integrated monitor speakers.

Though the incorporated speakers cannot keep up with an external high-end 2.1 solution, the u-3415w still delivers good sound quality. It is sufficient for not-too-demanding uses and the sound is worth listening to inside the room. The volume in particular is surprising. It measures up to 90 dB (A) at a distance of 15 cm (~6 in).

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Image Quality

In this Dell ultrasharp u3415w review, we’d also examine its image quality. When very close to the edges, the brightness is even lower at 225 cd/m2. With a black background, slight bleeding is visible in the corners of the top and bottom segments. However, you will not see these effects during everyday usage.

In the OSD menu or the Display-Manager software, the brightness can be lowered in 100 steps to a minimum of 19 cd/m2 (factory state: 75% equals about 310 cd/m2). Thus, the display brightness can be perfectly adapted to all conditions. It is important to know that the monitor does not feature an automatic brightness adjustment.

Unlike cheaper LED display models and most notebook displays, the u-3415w panel does not use pulse width modulation (PWM) for brightness control. As a result, the image of the dimmed monitor remains very steady and flicker-free.

Response Time

The Dell ultrasharp u-3415w has a response time of 5ms. The “Response Time” also has its settings and can be adjusted in the OSD menu. You can select either “normal” or “fast”. You can also check black/white (B/W) change and gray to gray change (G/G).

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