cPanel & WordPress Setup Tutorial

Welcome to our cPanel & WordPress Setup Tutorial. This Tutorial can be used on most Hosting Providers. However, this Tutorial is a continuation of our previous Tutorial.

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Domain Registration & Hosting Tutorial

If you have been following along from our first Tutorial, that is great which means you have probably already registered with our recommended Hosting Provider, SiteGround and you are ready for the next steps. If not, don’t worry, most of what you see in this Tutorial is much the same on other Hosting Companies and you can just follow along.

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Getting Started with our cPanel & WordPress Setup Tutorial

Ok, the first thing you need to do is open a new browser tab or window and head on over to your hosting provider. In this case, we are using SiteGround. Once there you will need to Login to access the Client Area of your Hosting.

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siteground hosting

As you can see from the highlighted area in the image above click on Login. You can then enter your details which you would have received by email from your Hosting Company. Once logged in you will see different tabs along the top of your account as Illustrated below.

 WordPress Setup Tutorial

The next step is to select the My Accounts Tab as shown above. Once there you will see the option for cPanel.

siteground hosting

Go ahead and click on Go to cPanel as illustrated above. Once there you will then have access to the next step which will be Setting up WordPress. Before we use the installer at this point I just want to explain that some viewers reading this might have a little bit of a different setup but the principle is the same. If you are using SiteGround however everything should look the same.

 WordPress Setup Tutorial

The next step is to look for Auto Installers as shown above and click on WordPress. When you click on WordPress you will be brought to the next setup screen as shown below.

 WordPress Setup Tutorial

Please click on Install as shown above. The next step is easy, you just need to fill out some details which I will explain now. The image below should be what you are seeing now.

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 WordPress Setup Tutorial
  1. Choose Protocol. For now, just leave this at HTTP:// we will be showing you in our next tutorial how to activate SSL on your Hosting account.
  2. Choose Domain. Type in the Domain Name you selected when purchasing your hosting account without HTTP://
  3. In Directory. Leave this blank, unless you want to install your website into a folder.
  4. Site Name. Enter your website name here. Example: Your Business.
  5. Site Description. Enter a short description of your website here.
  6. Enable Multisite (WPMU). You can leave this unticked.
  7. Admin Username. Use something strong here.
  8. Admin Password. Use a strong password here too.
  9. Admin Email. Enter the email address you want to associate with the website.
  10. Select Language. The default is English so you can decide what you want yourself.
  11. Choose a Theme to Install. Select the default or leave blank.

After you have followed the steps above, just click Install. If everything went smoothly in our cPanel & WordPress Setup Tutorial, then you should have a fully functional WordPress website up and running.

In our next article, we explain how you can add an SSL Certificate to your website to make it more secure. We will also show you how to access your WordPress Admin area so you can start building your website & making some necessary changes.

Adding SSL & Configuring WordPress

I hope you enjoyed this cPanel & WordPress Setup Tutorial and found it useful in some way. Please leave a comment in the comments section below if you have time and why not Subscribe to our mailing list for more Tutorials and Articles, They are Free!

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