Computer Screen Goes Black But Computer Still Running? Best Fixes

YOUR computer screen goes black but is still running, you see the lights indicating that the computer is still ON. The fan may as well still be functioning and you might even hear the sounds as it continues rolling, but nothing is showing up on your screen.

This can cause some worry because it is difficult to diagnose it on your own. It also can be heartbreaking if the computer is new and you feel it shouldn’t be giving you any problem at that stage. But you don’t need to panic. Sometimes, it might be something very simple. At other times, it could be a symptom of something big.

Whichever the case is, continue reading to find out what your “computer screen goes black but computer still running” issue means. You will also learn simple troubleshooting tricks to fix it on your own.

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Computer Screen Goes Black But Computer Still Running? Causes

Computer screensaver: This can sometimes be caused by an occasional glitch in screensaver settings. Normally, your screensavers should display at the time it was programmed to display. But if the screensaver fails to load up because of failure, the screen will turn black and may remain unresponsive for a while. The computer will still be ON but the screen will remain black.

Hardware issues: Computer hardware can crash once in a while for any reason. Newly installed programs can bring new problems like bugs with them. A particular application can remain frozen for minutes before resuming normal operations. This can also make the computer screen go black even though the computer is still running smoothly.

Low Storage Space: This can cause major lag and eventual black screen because your computer needs storage space to function properly. If your computer on the other hand is fully packed with lots of files, it might be a reason for the black screen.

Overheating: Computers are meant to be used in a well-ventilated space. The CPU is processing lots of information every second, that is why every computer has a built-in fan to reduce the heat coming from this CPU. But this fan needs help sometimes, that is why you need good ventilation. But if there is not enough ventilation, the screen can occasionally go black while the computer is still working.

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Malware attack: Malware is software designed to compromise or even damage computers and the programs running on them. Viruses, ransomware, Trojan viruses, are examples of malware. If your computer has been attacked by malware, it may be the cause of your “computer screen goes black by computer still running” issue.

Outdated or missing display driver: The display driver determines the operations of the monitor. However, if the display driver is missing or if it is outdated, the display starts misbehaving. It can start lagging or tripping OFF. In some cases, while the computer is still ON, the screen goes black and confuses the user.

Faulty motherboard: A computer user reported overcharging his computer for long days unintentionally. When he finally realized what was happening, he disconnected it from a power source and turned it ON. The computer powered ON but the screen did not display even after changing the screen. It was until he replaced the motherboard that this problem was corrected.

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Computer Screen Goes Black But Computer Still Running? Best Fixes

Fix 1: Allow enough ventilation

Overheating can always be felt by touching the side of the CPU. If this was noticed before your computer screen went OFF while the computer is still running, restart your computer. Also, consider changing the location of your computer to an area where there is enough ventilation.

Fix 2: Disable your screensaver

If you have screensaver settings ON before experiencing this black screen issue, try to disable the screensaver when the screen comes back ON maybe after a system restart. This eliminates the possibility of the screensaver being the cause and, in some cases, fixes the problem.

Fix 3: Check connections

If you are using a desktop computer, make sure the monitor is properly plugged. Additionally, if you can still see the mouse moving on the screen, disconnect any external connection like USB sticks, external hard drives, or mobile phones.

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Fix 4: Delete unnecessary files

The next thing you need to do is free up as much storage space as possible so your computer will no longer experience storage-related hardware problems that could cause black screens in the future.

Fix 5: Restart the computer in safe mode

Restart the computer. When the logo appears and it is still booting, tap the F8 button several times to access the boot menu. Select Safe Mode and Enter. Safe Mode can help to fix most hardware and driver issues like the black screen. Try troubleshooting your computer from Safe Mode. When you are done, exit Safe Mode.

If after trying everything possible the problem persists, you might need to visit a technician who will test the motherboard to see if damage has not been caused to the graphics compartment.

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