How to Close Shopify Store and Cancel Shopify Account

Are you deciding to move your business away from Shopify and have it run on some other eCommerce platforms, or are you just closing down an online business that hasn’t been able to take off the ground, prompting the need to search for how to close Shopify store?

This article aims to help you cancel your Shopify account and get your data off the Shopify platform.

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A Checklist

  1. Note, though, that if you do cancel your Shopify account, you won’t be getting a refund for the plan you already paid for. If you are on a Shopify 14 days free trial plan, you won’t be able to continue or restart your trial.
  2. If you have some bills / outstanding charges to clear, like theme or app charges, or customer orders that are yet to complete, you won’t be able to close your Shopify store. Depending on the size of your store, closing your Shopify online store might require someone from Shopify taking a look at your store before approving it for closure. If you are on the trial plan only, you won’t have to face this hurdle.
  3. Remove any custom domains that are connected before canceling your Shopify account. If you don’t, you will be losing access to the store and won’t be unable to change anything, including transferring the domain name to another provider if you choose to.
  4. Depending on the apps you use and the billing options you have, your apps might still bill you. So cancel your subscriptions, and outstanding charges and delete any apps on the store. Most apps bill you as a part of your Shopify billing cycle, so this shouldn’t pose a problem, but to be on the safe side, cancel and delete all apps.

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How to close Shopify store and delete your account

  1. Log into Shopify as the Shopify account owner
  2. From the Shopify admin >> Click Settings >> Click Plan and Permissions.
  3. In the Store status area >> Click Sell or Close store
  4. Click Close Store
  5. You’ll now have to enter the store password and continue the process.
  6. Select the reason for wanting to close your Shopify store from the dropdown list, after which you can click on Close Store to verify your selection.

Your Shopify store data is saved up for around 30 days after you close the store, so if you change your mind in this time frame, you should still be able to reactivate your store. After 30 days, the chances of getting your store back is as good as zero.

Pause or Close your Store or Sell on Exchange?

Now, you might not know these. But depending on your reasons for wanting to close your Shopify store, there might be other routes that will be more profitable. You could pause your Shopify plan free for up to three months to think things through and decide if you want to close it. After three months, you would be charged $9 per month to keep your Shopify store paused.

You could also sell your Shopify store on Shopify Exchange. If you have made some sales and have past customers, or you have put a lot of work into creating and designing the store, you could sell the store on Exchange for profit. This might help you recoup part of the time and/or money you have invested in getting a store on Shopify. You won’t be able to access your Shopify admin after you have paused the store, but you’ll be able to access it after you put it up for sale on the Shopify exchange marketplace.

To pause your store

  1. Log into your Shopify admin area. (You’ll need to do this from the email you opened the store with)
  2. Click Settings >>> Plan and Permissions
  3. Find the Store Status >>> click on Pause
  4. Read the terms, and agree to it if you wish to proceed, then click Pause
  5. You will now be required to enter a message for visitors to your store.
  6. Click Submit after entering the message you’d like visitors to see when they visit the store.

If the decision is to sell your Shopify store

Instead of canceling your Shopify account, if the decision is to sell the store:

  1. Install the Shopify Exchange App after checking to ensure that you meet the listing eligibility.
  2. Create a listing of the business and submit the listing to be reviewed by the exchange team.
  3. If your listing is approved, you’d now have to publish the listings for people looking to buy Shopify stores to find, contact you and make offers.

So here is our tutorial on how to close Shopify store, and how to decide whether to pause or sell your Shopify store for profit. If you have any other pressing needs on Shopify, contact the Shopify support team as they will be providing the best resolution for your queries. They are known for having a very cool team of support specialists.

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