Canon EOS 80D Price and Review [2021]

Canon EOS 80D price and review. Are you looking to take powerful pictures and raise your photography game? The Canon EOS 80D camera comes with the very best in features, making you a better beginner photographer.

This camera sports a 45-point cross-type AF system, which offers high-speed, highly precise photos in all types of lighting conditions. The Intelligent Viewfinder feature on the Canon EOS 80D helps you not miss your shots by giving you 100% coverage, which means a clearer view and more comprehensive image data.

Other improvements include a 24.2MP COS sensor and Dual Pixel CMOS AF for Live View shooting that improves the shooting capabilities of the Canon EOS 8D all around. The camera also sports built-in wireless connectivity and you can save Full HD 60p movies as MP4s for easy sharing.

How much does a Canon EOS 80D cost? Canon EOS 80D price

The Canon EOS 80D price is $899. You can easily find in on Amazon. But if it’s not available, then you might have to use the main Amazon website and have it shipped. Shipping from the US to Europe or Asia shouldn’t take more than a week in total.

Is Canon 80D a professional camera?

No, the Canon EOS 80D is not a professional camera, it was mainly designed for users who are not pro photographers, and who would want to avoid the cost of a full-frame camera. The main difference between this non-professional body and previous ones is that this one can autofocus.

Does Canon 80D Shoot 4k?

No, the Canon EOS 80D doesn’t shoot in 4K. But while it comes with that downside, users can take comfort in knowing that the Canon EOS 80D comes with an improved version of the dual-pixel AF system we find on the 70D. With this upgrade, you still get to take stunning videos with an even better, more accurate autofocus.

Is a Canon 80D full-frame?

No. The Canon EOS 80D is not full-frame. The idea behind having this stripped-down version of the camera is so that users who are on a budget, and who wouldn’t mind having a camera that isn’t full-frame like the Canon 5D series can get a stunning camera for a lesser price.

Is Canon 80D waterproof?

Yes. The Canon EOS 80D is a waterproof camera, while it hasn’t been officially called waterproof, the company has used the term “weather sealed” more often. Weather sealing has been offered on several mid-range DSLRs. Some users have been able to use the Canon EOS 80D for underwater photography and videography.

Is Canon 80D Good For Wedding Photography?

Yes. The Canon EOS 80D is pretty great for wedding shots. You can monitor with the LCD and take overheard shots perfectly. It’s a pretty great choice, not only for wedding photography but also for other niches.

Is Canon 80D Good For Beginners?

Yes. The Canon EOS 80D was designed for beginners who were looking for as many features as possible. It’s pretty easy to use when learning photography from scratch, and if you already have other beginner DSLR cameras, the Canon EOS 80D might be just the easy upgrade that wouldn’t require too much learning. It’s the perfect entry-level DSLR camera.

Does the 80D have Bluetooth?

No. The Canon EOS 80D doesn’t have Bluetooth. The DSLR only comes with Wi-Fi. The lower model, the EOS 77D is the model that comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

How long does 80D battery last?

The EOS 80D is expected to run for around 1390 shots on a full charge when the flash is disabled. If you are using the Live View shooting, you should expect a rapid decrease in battery life.

So there is my Canon EOS 80D price and review article. Which of these features attracts you to the EOS 80D camera? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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