Candynews Login Review – Is Candynews Legit? – My Honest Take on Nigeria’s New Online Money Making Program

So, here’s my Candynews review. Is Candynews Legit or is it a scam? Candynews login. Well, I’d be sharing my honest Candynews review and help you see if it’s a scam or if it’s legit.

Before we start talking about whether Candynews is a scam or not, let’s try to take a brief look back in time, a year ago when NNU was popular. We can’t deny the fact that Candynews as a program has a lot of similarities to NNU.

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The program back then also required that you bring people, so, as an affiliate, you recommend people and earn some commission. You also could make money if you posted articles on the website. The website derived most of its traffic from referrals. It doesn’t seem like NNU is still really running that scheme, but from the look of things, the traffic has started to die down. Which is expected, I mean, that growth wasn’t sustainable.

But here are some takeaways from that program:

  • People actually made money
  • The program looks legit (
  • No one seems to have lost money

A lot of the friends have also mentioned this with Candynews, that it’s safe, you don’t lose anything, and that you make money based on the effort you put in. I have seen all three to be true, but before you go ahead and login, and then pay and gain access to your Candynews dashboard, you should take note of these facts.

Is Candynews a scam? My Candynews Review

Well, there is no indication yet that Candynews Login is a scam, people don’t seem to be losing money – at least none that I have heard of. But the plain truth is that the company has all the traits of what could later turn out to be a scam.

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  • The website has zero authority. It doesn’t even show in the search engines when you do a name search. So you should know, that while people are getting results, this website or business isn’t tried and trusted.
  • The second reason why you shouldn’t trust this business is that its contact details are as shady as the business it runs. Try checking the contact details. You see only an email and a WhatsApp contact, no business address, nothing.
  • Candynews isn’t regulated by any regulatory body, neither does it look like it is registered. So you can’t hold the owner of this scheme accountable if anything goes wrong. Yes, you could say that you are not losing much, “just 500 Naira” but can you imagine how much that becomes when over 10 thousand, 20 thousand, or 30 thousand Nigerians join the program? It becomes a crazily huge sum of money. The fact that you have no identity of the person behind the scheme is enough reason to question everything.
  • Have you also ever thought about where the money you’re given comes from? While it doesn’t have all the traits of a pyramid scheme, it sure looks and operates like one. The allure of sweet money is there, but you’d need to learn – and very quickly — that there is no profitable, legal, and true means of making money online that is easy.

Let’s take another look at the program itself, and see what the process of joining looks like.

After registering, either directly or through someone who is already on the program, you’d need to pay 1500. 1000 out of that money will be refunded to you after registering, so you are technically paying 500 to join. The person who has recommended you gets 1000 per referral. For your registration to be complete and your payout approved, you’d need to perform some tasks, one is joining their Facebook group. Did I tell you their website and Facebook group look out of place? That is a red flag for me.

Afterward, you’d need to write and post articles, which will earn you around 50 Naira or so, while posting comments also earn you revenue. All of that looks like what’s painless and harmless. But, it’s important to be courteous, and do your due diligence.

Is Candynews a scam now? No. Could it later turn into on? Probably.

This Candynews review article is in no way meant to discourage you. You are entitled to your money and the decision you make with it. It’s just calling your attention to some things you need to consider before you jump on this bandwagon.

No one will give you free money, so always question where the money is coming from. Just about anyone can create a website these days and have something up there. A complete novice to the world of website creation can create a scheme like that and start collecting money. So you should also question where the money is going? What is it being used for?

You ultimately have to make your decision. But you can make the very best decision, and that is creating a viable business, a business that will bring you legit passive income.

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  1. One thing I have learned in this lockdown is that the only people finding it easy to make money are those who make money online


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