Can You Unlock Patreon Posts Without Paying?

Let’s say you have been loving this creator’s work and you’ve been dying to see certain types of content they produce, say videos, research pieces, or some insider information on something you’re passionate about. They tell you that you can get this information by going on their Patreon page, you did find your way to the page and then are hit by a paywall, and you’re unable to view this content unless you pay something to the creator to gain access to that information. Can you unlock Patreon posts without paying? Can you view content behind paywalls without having to give off your credit card?

Can You Unlock Patreon Posts Without Paying?

Yes, we have seen a few software and websites that unlock Patreon posts without paying. But should you use them? Well, for one, it’s against the Patreon TOS to try accessing content on their website that is behind a paywall with third-party tools, hence it will be illegal to try to unlock Patreon posts without paying.

While this might not be a legal question for some of us, it’s more an ethical question. If a creator has put in enormous work into creating a piece of content, and they request a few dollars from their supporters as a way of supporting their craft, it just might not be in the best interest of these creators to use some third-party software to try unlocking the posts without paying.

Your best bet of viewing Patreon posts without paying might be to use the account of someone who already has it paid for. Just like with your Netflix subscription, when a person subscribes, a few others might be able to view the content using the person’s account. Hence, you’re not having to short-change the creator and you don’t have to commit, especially if it’s content that you don’t plan to consume for long.

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What To Do If You Joined a Creator’s Page but Can’t Unlock Posts?

What if you’ve paid to join a creator’s Patreon and you are legally supposed to be able to access content but you can’t unlock posts? What are some things you can do to have this cleared?

Check that you are logged in

The first thing you should do if you’re unable to unlock Patreon posts is to confirm that you are logged into the website with the correct login details. After accessing your account successfully, click the Check it out button on posts, and you should be able to view them.

Are you on the right tier?

If you are unable to unlock or view posts on Patreon, maybe you’ll need to confirm what tier you’re in, as many Patreon creators have different tiers, which is a fancy term to say some Patreon page members can’t view certain content, especially if their membership fee doesn’t cover it. So check what tier you are on, and confirm if the content you’re trying to unlock is allowed on your tier.

Often, when you’re on the correct membership tier, you should be able to unlock Patreon posts seamlessly.

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Ask the creator for access

Whether you’ve paid, or you want to unlock Patreon posts without paying, depending on your relationship with the creator or the purpose for which you’d like to see the content, you can simply ask the creator to give you access to view the desired content.

If you paid, then chances are that the creator might not have granted your membership tier access to that post. They will probably have to unlock the post to certain tiers from the creator’s dashboard. There are cases where people on lower tiers have access to content you don’t, in which case you just need to reach the creator, and they’ll unlock those posts for you without you paying anything more. Here is a way to send a message to creators if you’d like to request access.

Was your plan canceled recently?

If you have canceled your membership recently, say you already paid for the month but canceled the membership to stop Patreon from billing you in the next month, chances are that the creator set their post to patron-only, and you would need an active membership to continue to view them. If this is the case, you might need to reach the creator directly to have this rectified so that you can continue viewing said content.

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