Can You Get Someone’s IP from Discord? Can you use a Discord IP Grabber?

You probably had issues with someone on a Discord server, and let’s say the person threatened you with the information that they have access to your IP and would probably try to shut you offline. Well, that got a lot of our readers and fellow gamers wondering; can you get someone’s IP from Discord? Our discussion today will go into detail to discuss not just the answer to this, but options attackers could explore if they want to get your IP address.

Can You Get Someone’s IP from Discord?

No, you cannot get someone’s IP from Discord, because Discord hosts all of their servers, and they use TLS to ensure that there is more security. The only situation where a person can get your IP is if you both are having P2P communication, but according to this tweet by the company, all of the communications you have on Discord servers are hosted and managed by Discord.

To make it even simpler, we’d like to use an analogy to explain this. There are two different types of IPs, there are more public ones, while there are private ones. When someone has a public IP, they can guess what country or state you live in, and in most cases that’s as far as it goes because these IPs are often owned by the internet service provider and are loaned to you, hence it constantly changes. So when a person digs further, they will get to the service provider who loaned you the IP, say Verizon, AT&T, Cox, or Windstream.

Private IP’s on the other hand can provide more specific information, including the area you live in and in some cases the building you live in, but in the case of Discord, for someone to have that information, they will have to get you to click on some link they shared with you. Let’s say you shared a torrent file with a few peers, an attacker could guess your IP based on the country; so try to use a proxy or VPN always. Another option that is available to an attacker is that they compromise the Discord server to get your IP, or they compromise the many routers and intermediate devices that are between you and your internet service provider, which is close to impossible unless a person has a huge budget.

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Can you use a Discord IP Grabber to get user IPs?

While we officially won’t agree that there is any way to get a person’s IP on Discord because the platform isn’t a P2P connection type, hence all forms of communication go through their server, and secondly, there is no public Discord API for a Discord IP grabber. But then, we have learned never to say never, and as you will shortly see, it might be possible to get a person’s IP using a Discord IP Grabber or any similar services and processes.

Wireshark is one of such tools that some have reportedly used to get a person’s IP on Discord. Discord IP Grabber is another one that many have reported being able to use. The Discord IP logger website is essentially another tool that could be used to get your IP if you are made to click a link in Discord. As you can tell, some of the options are clearly link grabbers that are similar to grabify which are purely Discord IP grabber bots.

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Many of the tools out there with any hope of ever being able to get your IP with a Discord IP grabber heavily rely on actions from the other person (the victim). It could be the clicking of a link or the downloading of either a picture, video, or file.

So to protect yourself from attack, try as much as possible to use a VPN on Discord. This is especially true if you are sharing Torrent files with a small group of peers, as it makes it impossible to guess where you live. The other is to only add close friends to your Discord servers, and not click on links from individuals you don’t trust. Lastly, try as much as you possibly can to keep the conversation on the Discord server.

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