Can You Get Someone’s IP from Discord? – Can you use a Discord IP Grabber?

You probably had issues with someone on a Discord server, and let’s say the person threatened you with the information that they have access to your IP and would probably try to shut you offline.

Well, that got a lot of our readers and fellow gamers wondering; can you get someone’s IP from Discord? Our discussion today will go into detail to discuss not just the answer to this, but options attackers could explore if they want to get your IP address.

Can You Get Someone’s IP from Discord?

No, you cannot get someone’s IP from Discord, because Discord hosts all of their servers, and they use TLS to ensure that there is more security. The only situation where a person can get your IP is if you both are having P2P communication, but according to this tweet by the company, all of the communications you have on Discord servers are hosted and managed by Discord.

To make it even simpler, we’d like to use an analogy to explain this. There are two different types of IPs, there are more public ones, while there are private ones.

When someone has a public IP, they can guess what country or state you live in, and in most cases that’s as far as it goes because these IPs are often owned by the internet service provider and are loaned to you, hence it constantly changes. So when a person digs further, they will get to the service provider who loaned you the IP, say Verizon, AT&T, Cox, or Windstream.

Private IP’s on the other hand can provide more specific information, including the area you live in and in some cases the building you live in, but in the case of Discord, for someone to have that information, they will have to get you to click on some link they shared with you.

Let’s say you shared a torrent file with a few peers, an attacker could guess your IP based on the country; so try to use a proxy or VPN always. Another option that is available to an attacker is that they compromise the Discord server to get your IP, or they compromise the many routers and intermediate devices that are between you and your internet service provider, which is close to impossible unless a person has a huge budget.

Can you use a Discord IP Grabber to get user IPs?

While we officially won’t agree that there is any way to get a person’s IP on Discord because the platform isn’t a P2P connection type, hence all forms of communication go through their server, and secondly, there is no public Discord API for a Discord IP grabber.

But then, we have learned never to say never, and as you will shortly see, it might be possible to get a person’s IP using a Discord IP Grabber or any similar services and processes.

Wireshark is one of such tools that some have reportedly used to get a person’s IP on Discord. Discord IP Grabber is another one that many have reported being able to use.

The Discord IP logger website is essentially another tool that could be used to get your IP if you are made to click a link in Discord. As you can tell, some of the options are clearly link grabbers that are similar to grabify which are purely Discord IP grabber bots.

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Many of the tools out there with any hope of ever being able to get your IP with a Discord IP grabber heavily rely on actions from the other person (the victim). It could be the clicking of a link or the downloading of either a picture, video, or file.

So to protect yourself from attack, try as much as possible to use a VPN on Discord. This is especially true if you are sharing Torrent files with a small group of peers, as it makes it impossible to guess where you live. The other is to only add close friends to your Discord servers, and not click on links from individuals you don’t trust. Lastly, try as much as you possibly can to keep the conversation on the Discord server.

Is IP-grabbing against Discord ToS?

IP-grabbing isn’t against Discord’s ToS, although it’s not officially possible to get someone’s IP on the app. But if you intend to use the IP address to target the owner or blackmail them, it is against Discord’s ToS and the law. 

How to Get Someone’s IP from Discord – the Different Options You Have

Unlike Teamspeak, with Discord, even an administrator or the creator of the server cannot find out which IP address someone is logged on to the server. But I’ll show you two methods to grab someone’s IP on Discord. 

Method 1: Use a Discord IP Grabber

Using IP-grabbing software is the best way to grab someone’s IP on Discord. In this case, I’ll be using Grabify. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Go to the Grabify IP Logger site using this link 
Can You Get Someone’s IP from Discord? Can you use a Discord IP Grabber?

The above is what the site looks like. Use another browser if you see an error 404. 

  • Prepare the IP Grabbing URL by pasting any valid link in the Grabify box for the URL. Then click Create URL. 
Can You Get Someone’s IP from Discord? Can you use a Discord IP Grabber?

Next,agree to create a URL and do the captcha verification. 

Note: The URL to add should not be more than 255 characters. 

  • Your link information will be seen on the next page. The New URL is what you have to send out to those whose IP you want.  Toggle ON the Smart Logger option so you can get more information.
Can You Get Someone’s IP from Discord? Can you use a Discord IP Grabber?
  • Change the New URL to hide the Grabify link name and not reveal the purpose of the link. Then click View Other Link Shorteners and select one from the list. 
  • You will need to do a test run to see if it really grabs the IP of anyone who clicks the link. 
  • Copy the New URL which you’re supposed to send out. 
  • Send it to another device, maybe through WhatsApp, then click the link 
  • Go back to your Grabify tracking page and reload
  • Scroll down to RESULTS, and you should be able to see the device’s IP address on which you just clicked the link. That’s what happens when someone clicks your link. 
Can You Get Someone’s IP from Discord? Can you use a Discord IP Grabber?

Note: The above is a VPN address. 

  • It’s hard to get users’ real IPs on VPN or proxy addresses, but the best part about using Grabify is that it will tell you when a user is using a VPN. You can know their real IP and other information by clicking More Info at the right part at the bottom of the Results section.

For example, as you can see below, it can tell I’m using a VPN, revealing my actual timezone, location, local IP, and other vital details. 

Can You Get Someone’s IP from Discord? Can you use a Discord IP Grabber?

Method 2: Use the Discord IP Resolver

The Discord IP Resolver is also a tool and method used to grab Discord IP from someone. 

  1. Get the User ID by joining a Discord server and typing @ followed by the username.
  2. Then, copy the ID for additional necessary steps.
  3. Go to Discord and then Settings. Tap on Appearance and toggle on the Developer Mode checklist box.
  4. Go to the user’s Discord profile and tap on Copy ID. 
  5. Go to the Discord IP Resolver website and paste the copied user ID into the Discord User ID tab. Then, click on the Resolve option, and the user’s IP will be displayed on the site.

What Is the Discord IP Resolver?

The Discord IP Resolver is also known as a Discord IP Grabber or Discord IP finder. It is an online tool for finding the IP addresses of online users by using packet intercepting scan methods.

The tool works by sending specially modified spoofed packets. The app has an AI algorithm technology that adapts easily to user location. The IP of the target user will then send back encrypted packets, thus, revealing their IP information. 

How to Use Wireshark to Get IP on Discord

  1. Download the latest version of Wireshark for your system if it’s not already installed 
  2. If you already have it installed, check for updates on the app by clicking on Help at the top of the windows, then check for updates. 
  3. Once it’s installed, open the app and double click on Detect a Network Interface 
  4. To start monitoring, Wireshark will start displaying captured data packets in real-time with source and destination IP addresses. This includes Discord which means you can grab data packets from here and see all the data about the owner, including the IP address, device, protocol, etc.   
Can You Get Someone’s IP from Discord? Can you use a Discord IP Grabber?

Image source: Free PC Tech 

  • Narrow down the sources using Wireshark functionalities such as UTP and TCP protocols. 
  • Also, if you are talking to a specific Discord user via chat and want to capture their IP, keep your Discord active, and Wireshark will also grab that. 
  • To see if there’s any traffic from a specific IP address on Wireshark, click on the filter bar near the top of the window.  
  • Then type ip.adr = = followed by the IP address you’re looking for. Next, click Enter. Wireshark will then display any traffic detected from your specified IP address. 
  • If you need to view all tracked IP addresses so far, click on the statistics menu at the top. Then mouse over ipv4 or ipv6 statistics depending on what you need to see. Next, select All Addresses. A window will appear on the screen with a list of all the detected IP addresses communicating over your selected network.

How to Find Someone’s Real Name on Discord

While you can’t do this on Discord, you can find the real name by running a reverse username lookup in Spokeo. Go to, enter the username, then press the “Search” button. Results for that username will display as a link in the left column of the results page. Click on a link for more information and research if a real name is linked to that username.

Note: You’ll have to pay $0.95 for this. Alternatively, you can use the 7-Day Spokeo Free Trial option. 

How to Find Someone on Discord Without a Username

One of the options you have is the Nearby Scan, provided the person is within a 100 feet radius. 

  1. Go to Discord 
  2. Tap the three lines or More option on the left side on the top of the screen 
  3. Select Add Friends and then Nearby Scan at the second tab 
  4. Allow the permissions, and Discord will show you a list of Discord users within range. 

How to IP Ban Someone in Discord?

  1. Launch Discord and sign in with your credentials to your server 
  2. Click on the channel the user you want to IP-ban from your server is in. Check the main panel to see members that are in the VoIP channel. As for those in the text chats, click on them. 
  3. By now, you’ll see members that are online and offline at the right part 
  4. Right-click on the name of the user in the text or VoIP channel until a menu comes up 
  5. Check the bottom of the menu and select Ban (username)
  6. Confirm your decision in the pop up that comes next, and the IP address of that user will be banned permanently 
  7. Contact Discord Support to report them if the member keeps having access 

Is Discord Safe from Hackers?

I’d say NO, as Discord has no control of the conversations and media going through the service. However, according to Discord, the platform has a spam filter and the Transport Layer Security (TLS), among other security technologies that protect users from hackers and spammers.

Although it’s hard for your account to be hacked or your IP to be pulled these days on Discord, the platform itself admits it’s possible to be a victim of “hacking incidents” and “DDoS attacks.” It, therefore, urges affected users to contact their internet service provider, file a Trust and Safety report, reset their passwords, and set a two-factor authentication. 

What to Do If Someone Pulls Your IP From Discord?

If you are convinced that someone pulled your IP from Discord, you can report them to Discord Support. The preventive measure is not to click any link, and/or use a VPN.