Can I Switch SIM Cards between Phones on Verizon? [Factory Unlocked Meaning]

Can I switch SIM cards between phones on Verizon? That is the million-dollar question we will be talking about in this article as it has become a thing for many people to have sudden needs to swap SIM cards between phones. In many parts of the world, the answer to this question would be a simple “Yes” as mobile devices are not locked to certain carriers like internet modems are.

But for Verizon wireless in the United States, things could get pretty tricky and the answer to the question would surely now be based on a few factors. But let’s see if it’s possible to do this and if there are any workarounds for anyone looking to switch Verizon SIM cards between phones seamlessly.

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Can I Switch SIM Cards Between Phones on Verizon?

Yes, you can switch SIM cards between phones on Verizon as long as both phones are Verizon smartphones and you have an active Verizon plan. But if the new device is locked to another carrier, no, you won’t be able to switch SIM cards between phones.

That’s the short answer to the question, “can I switch SIM cards between phones on Verizon?”, let’s try to share something even more detailed as that will be helping you decide what your next actions will.

Mobile carriers in the United States have a system where the smartphones you buy on the market are locked to their networks, at least for some time. Like SIM cards are locked to each network’s internet router, your phones are locked to your carrier, and SIM cards from other carriers won’t be working on them. So you would want to confirm that the phone you’re switching the SIM to can find and serve Verizon network services; if not, then you would have to buy a SIM card and get a plan with the company that that phone’s network is locked to.

If you are yet to buy the phone you’d like to swap to and you’re wondering if it’s possible to switch your SIM card between phones without having to register with a new carrier, then there is one way to go around this. You’d need to get an unlocked phone. With a quick Amazon search, I was able to find these unlocked smartphones, and that’s what you’ll need if you want to be able to switch your SIM card to a phone not locked to the Verizon network and be able to continue using your Verizon plan.

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What Does a Factory Unlocked Cell Phone or iPhone Mean?

A factory unlocked cell phone or iPhone is a phone that isn’t tied to any specific carrier and will work with just about any SIM card you insert. When you hear that an android phone or iPhone is locked, it’s often a fancy term to refer to some built-in modems in these phones.

In some cases, these carriers lock the CDMA and leave the GSMs unlocked, in which case you might be able to do basic things like call and receive texts on the phone with a foreign SIM, but won’t be able to use the internet. Unlocking the phone makes it that you’d be able to do absolutely everything you want with the phone in question.

Most locked android and iPhones are in the United States.

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Can You Put Any SIM Card Into An Unlocked Phone?

Can you put any SIM card into an unlocked phone? Yes, you can put pretty much any SIM you like into an unlocked phone. When a phone is locked to a carrier, it often means you can’t either use any other carrier SIM in it or can’t use the internet with any other carrier SIM.

To factory unlock means it can now be used with any SIM anywhere in the world. Verizon, for example, has a policy where they unlock devices around 60 days after purchase, and for military personnel who serve outside the United States, locks are removed almost immediately it’s requested.

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Disadvantages of Unlocked Phones

On the technical side of things, there are pretty much no disadvantages to unlocking your phone, but then, in general, there are a few things to remember before you decide to buy a GSM or CDMA unlocked phone or buy a factory unlocked phone, here are the disadvantages of unlocked phones:

1.      You get no carrier support

If your phone is locked to a carrier, you get some tech support if you have issues, but when unlocked, you can’t necessarily get tech support from your network carrier as your phone is yours 100%. You’d need to reach the phone manufacturer directly if you have any issues.

2.      No insurance and warranty coverage

There are insurance companies that won’t insure a manually unlocked phone, and the same can be for warranty coverage. Unlocking your phones can void your warranty with some companies, so you want to check with the company before you decide to unlock your phone. If you want to buy an unlocked phone, you really would need to get one brand new to get any warranty coverage.

3.      Payment is upfront

Because of the cost of mobile phones, these carriers make it possible to pay in installments and swap in the phone whenever you like. But with unlocked phones, you don’t get that. You have to handle all the costs of purchasing the device upfront.

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Do I need a new SIM card for 5G Verizon?

No, you do not need a new SIM card for 5G Verizon. According to a Verizon rep we spoke to about this, the company will be sending a software update nationwide that will allow phones to access the 5G network regardless of the SIM card. The only problem you would have with accessing 5G could be your phone. If your phone doesn’t come with support for 5G, then you would need an upgrade.