Blocking Ads: The dark side of ad blocking and its consequences

Blocking Ads has now becomes a thing. The Internet continues to evolve from just a concept more than a decade ago to it being called a network of networks, it has come a long way. Many years ago, companies used to be confined to a small geographical area for selling their products and when the Internet came into the picture, companies found that just by having a website, they could start selling their products on a global basis, but that’s a different story.

As of today, there are over 60 million (or many more) domains registered on the Internet that are involved with plenty and a variety of things. Some sell software, some offer services. Then some offer free software and services and are quite popular because of what they offer. But everything cannot be free on the Internet and that’s where advertisement comes into the picture. Many companies want to reach audience around the world and for them, advertisement on the Internet is the cheapest, fastest and the best way to accomplish this.

But what if you start blocking all the ads from showing up by using either some sort of ad blocking software or by other means? This will disturb the way the Internet works today.

Example – If Google offers you free search service, that’s because there are hundreds of companies using their AdWords program, spending an enormous amount of money towards the advertisement. Google indirectly makes money from various other services they offer and that powers the infrastructure and manpower to keep their search engine running. Would you otherwise like to pay $1 or $0.1 for every search query? I don’t think so! I search ~300 to 1000 times a month on Google and if I were to pay for every time I search, I won’t even think I can pay for it. Do you?

Let me now draw your attention to the real problem, which is the main objective of writing this post. The Adblocking plugins that many of us have been using in our browsers to block advertisements from showing up are directly contributing towards negatively impacting the advertisement model on the Internet.

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If you are a publisher who will not like it if people block all the ads on your site when they visit it, you must also not block ads when you visit their websites.

Some websites have started to block the Firefox browser and Chrome because of the Adblock Plus plugin they support.

Would you still consider blocking ads in your browser? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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