Best Sound Boosters for Windows 10 Laptops (Improve Speaker Volume)

We believe you deserve to stream that movie, song, or video game at your desired volume even with a Windows 10 laptop. To enjoy that without having to connect to external speakers, you need reliable sound boosters for Windows 10 laptops. These sound boosters guarantee optimum sound. Also known as “volume boosters for Windows 10 computers”, they can turn your home into an arena within seconds. Some are entirely free while others are paid but offer a 30-day free trial period.

We understand how difficult it can be to choose the right sound boosters for your laptops, so here you find the best you can get on the market. They have all been tried, tested, and we can gladly recommend them. Thinking of buying a working volume booster? Feel free to choose one from this list.

Best Sound Boosters for Windows 10 Laptops

  • DeskFX Audio Enhancer Software
  • Boom 3D
  • Sound Booster
  • LETASOFT Sound Booster
  • Fidelizer
  • Volume Booster
  • VoiceMeeter
  • FX Sound

DeskFX Audio Enhancer Software

With 3 system-wide equalizers (graphic, visual, and parametric equalizers), this software helps you enhance the audio quality of whatever you are playing from your laptop’s speaker or your headphones. You can apply each effect (chorus, amplify, tremolo, vibrato, and so on) based on the quality of sound produced and the listening environment, to make your overall experience even better.

Although it is a paid software for commercial uses, non-commercial users can download and enjoy the free versions. However, the paid version has more features, and these are best suited for commercial use of a volume booster for Windows 10 laptops.

Boom 3D

With world-class volume enhancement for your movies, songs, and games, you are set for a truly immersive 3D experience just as the name suggests. This software will breathe life into your music as it guarantees enough bass for everyone.

It comes loaded with lots of easy-to-use features. For example, you can choose from its 5 different audio effects (Ambience, Fidelity, Night mode, Spatial, and Pitch). Another beautiful feature is its advanced equalizer with 27 different presets which are all customizable. According to many users, its most important feature is the ability to connect and import your playlists from Tidal or Spotify. Although it isn’t free, you can enjoy using this amazing volume booster for windows 10 laptops for 30 days (free trial period) before you will be charged.

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Sound Booster

This volume booster lets you increase your music above your computer’s normal maximum level, making your media as loud as you want. This process starts with the booster processing your audio and boosting it before it gets to the sound card. This eliminates any need for external speakers.

It boosts sound using two basic methods: code injection and APO effects. This allows you to choose which studio effect best suits your mood and listening environment. Its user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use even for a beginner. If you are keen on getting one of the best sound boosters for laptops, there you have it.

LETASOFT Sound Booster

Although its trial version is only 14 days as opposed to the 30 days offered by other sound boosters for Windows 10 laptops, there are other features to compensate for that deficiency. For instance, it can boost your audio up to 500% of your original Windows 10 laptop volume while it minimizes distortions at the same time.

The software is compatible with all other installed apps on your laptop like Twitter, WhatsApp, or Facebook. This means any media you play on these platforms and apps will be sounded through this volume booster.

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Designed to optimize your laptop’s audio quality (diverts all CPU’s resources to improve Windows audio quality) to the maximum level, this sound booster software supports audio streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, VLC, and Tidal.

It is easy to use, and for users who may not understand how to navigate the installation and customization processes, a detailed guide is made available for free download on Fidelizer’s website. According to users, it delivers crystal-clear and loud sounds. It offers customers 3 different versions, of which one is a free version with fewer features.

Volume Booster

With over 500,000 active users, this sound booster for laptops will amplify your laptop’s audio up to 1000% (if you like your speakers, don’t use the maximum volume). Although it was designed to work on one tab or app at a time as it’s a chrome extension, be sure to turn it OFF on one app before turning it ON from another app.

Like otherSound boosters for laptops on this list, you can choose from the multiple pre-set effects and adjust the audio quality using the customizable equalizer that has a powerful bass booster.

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Of all sound boosters for windows 10 laptops that we have discussed so far, this is the first software that is not just offering users some days of a free trial. It is 100% free! However, that does not mean it is deficient in any way. For instance, it will still fine-tune audio streams coming from your laptop individually.

It automatically allots personalized equalizers to each installed app that plays media on your computer. You can also do a clean recording by making use of its noise-canceling feature. And what about its main aim? It increases the volume of your laptop beyond its original maximum limit.

FX Sound

The good news is that it has a free version with great sound-boosting user-friendly features. Of its several features, one stands out: customizable effects. Based on your environment, mood, and desire, you can choose an audio effect that best compliments your music, movies, games, or any other sound coming out of your Windows 10 laptop.

On this sound booster for laptops, each genre of music has its personalized effect from which you can freely choose.  With a powerful equalizer and several frequency bands, you can do more than increase the overall volume. You can adjust the bass and every other feature of the equalizer to fit your current needs.

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