Best Snapchat Tricks & Tips in 2021

Have you ever tried to sneak into someone’s Snapchat to check their snaps and conversations? Well, you are not alone. Everyone wants to get into the Snapchat account of their loved ones and check their photos. However, Snapchat is an established platform that invests millions of dollars in keeping its platform secure.

Hence, it is a big challenge to get into someone’s Snapchat account remotely. Today you will learn about a Snapchat trick that helps you monitor someone’s account conveniently.

What is Snapchat Monitoring?

Snapchat monitoring is a process in which you track someone’s Snapchat activities without access to their phone or password. It does not require you to jailbreak their phone either. It is done by using different phone monitoring applications that you will learn in this article.

This process does not require you to learn any coding or technical skills. It is quite simple and takes a few minutes to complete the monitoring setup.

So, let’s start and discuss the platform that provides the technology to monitor someone’s activities. 


Minspy is a phone monitoring platform that allows you to get into someone’s smartphone remotely. Millions of people use it all around the world for its easy and convenient features. You can track someone’s location, messages, browsing history, and many other applications on this platform.

Most of the monitoring experts suggest this application for secure phone monitoring. Additionally, it was featured in Forbes, Android Authority, PCMag, and other publishings to increase popularity. 

We will use the same application to help you monitor someone’s Snapchat account without letting them. The fact that it works without rooting or jailbreaking the targeted device makes it one of the best phone monitoring applications. 

If you wonder how this application can achieve all these things without any device access, then click on this page to spy on Snapchat easily.

How does it work?

Phone monitoring by Minspy is an excellent way to get into someone’s phone without breaking their security. It performs all these tasks by installing a secret application on the targeted device. However, you do not even need to install an application on iPhone devices. It gets the app’s app permissions and gives you the data of their activities on your online account.

 After that, it syncs that data to your online account and shows you all the messages you want to check. Many other processes take place to help you monitor any device with this application. Hence, you do not need to worry about the privacy of your data while using this application.

How to Monitor Someone’s Snapchat With Minspy

Are you ready to learn the most effective way to monitor someone’s Snapchat remotely? 

Let’s start and discuss it in 3 simple steps that work for every smartphone.

Step1: Register For A Free Account On Minspy

To start with the Minspy solution, you need to visit the official website of Minspy and create a free account. You can do it by clicking in the ‘Sign Up Free’ button on the top-right corner of their homepage. It will redirect you to a new page where you need to enter your email address and create a separate password for your Minspy account. 

Click on Register Now and verify your email address through the mail you received on your email. 

Your account is ready, but you cannot use its services as it requires a premium membership to use it. Hence, you will be asked to subscribe to membership by choosing one of the three options. All these options have different features, and you can start with the basic plan, in case you want to monitor a single smartphone.

Tip: Subscribe to corporate membership to monitor the activities of multiple employees at the same time.

Step2: Verify The Device

This step involves verifying the targeted device to sync its data to your online account. For this, there are two different methods offered for iPhone and Android devices. Hence, you can check the operating system of the targeted device and follow the instructions accordingly.

For Android- Most people use android devices, and you can easily monitor them with a secret application. You need to download and install the minspy setup from your online account’s setup wizard on the targeted device. After installing the application, click on it, and follow the instructions to allow all the permissions.

After that, you can hide the application from their menu.

For iPhone- If the targeted device is the iPhone, then the process is slightly different and does not include any application. Just click on the iPhone logo, and it will redirect you to a new window. Enter the iCloud credentials of the targeted device and hit enter. 

In both methods, it may take some time to sync their data to your online account. Hence, please, for a few minutes before you move to the next step.

Step3: Monitor Their Snapchat Account

After completing the sync process, you can click on the dashboard of your account. There, you will have different tools, as shown in the above picture. Click on Snapchat under the Social Apps Column, and it will show all their Snapchat conversations on your browser window.

You can browse different chats without letting the person know about it. Similarly, you can check their WhatsApp messages and location by clicking on the respective options.

Most of the users find it easier to set up their Minspy account for the targeted device. However, you can check the demo version by clicking on the “Demo” on their homepage. It will show you to monitor different activities of the targeted device.

Final Words

The method that we have covered in this article is undoubtedly one of the best ways to monitor someone’s Snapchat messages. Additionally, you get to read all those conversations without leaving any trace of your presence in their account. To ensure your privacy, you can turn on the stealth mode of your online portal.

If you are concerned about this application’s price and working, you can visit their official websites and their FAQs section to get your answers. Additionally, there are some reasonable plans that you can choose to get started with this application.