5 Best Gaming Mouse Pads with Wrist Rest Support

If you’re looking for the best gaming mouse pads with wrist rest support, I have compiled a list of 5 of the best out there. Wrist pain is something you’ll probably have to deal with if you use the mouse for a long period.

If you’re gaming, and you have to swipe and move your gaming mouse to and fro the surface of a mouse pad for hours unending, the chances of having wrist pain are even heightened.

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So this list will only include the gaming mouse pads that come with support for wrist rest, those that are smooth on the surface, non-slippery, and those that are of the best quality.

My Best Gaming Mouse Pads with Wrist Rest Support

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A stripdown of each gaming mouse pad

Let’s examine each of our gaming pads. See just what you can expect to get out of each one. As you will later notice, these gaming mouse pads with wrist rest support aren’t as big as some other gaming pads you might have. The idea with these gaming mouse pads is to either reduce or eliminate write pains that are caused by long periods of gaming. Let’s go straight into our reviews.

TeckNet – Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad

This mouse pad with wrist support sticks to the gaming desk top without issues. I loved how the mouse has a considerably large surface area and a comfortable gel wrist pad. I didn’t think the wrist support is either too soft, too hard, or too slippery, it’s just perfect.

The only surface that this gaming mouse pad didn’t work well on is glass tops or colored surfaces. I traveled with it, used it for office and home computer, browsing, and gaming, and I think it works great for all the aforementioned.

After some time, though, I felt the memory foam flattens, so if you need support for a very extensive period, I don’t think this gaming mouse pad is a great fit for your needs. Overall, I think this is a great gaming mouse pad, and it’s worth every penny spent on it.

Gimars – Cheap Gaming Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

A great solution to sore wrists and wrist pain. If you have ever had issues with your wrist due to the heavy use of the gaming mouse, then this mouse pad is a great buy.

If you need a gaming mouse pad that doesn’t take up a lot of desk space, the Gimars mouse pad is just that. It is comfortable on the wrists, it’s not too thick, it’s very soft, yet firm. Unlike some gaming mouse pads, this pad does come with squishy liquid gel, so there is no leaking, resulting in a flattened gaming mouse pad.

I loved that the texture of the mouse pad was smooth enough for some games, but not smooth enough for some other games. It doesn’t wrinkle when moving it forward, and the wrist support you get gives you as many hours of gaming as possible.

VicTsing best gaming mouse pad rgb

Apart from offering you the prospect of a healthier wrist, this gaming mouse feels and looks premium even though it is pretty cheap. It’s one of the smallest gaming mouse pads we have on this list, so if you are someone who loves a minimalistic gaming setup, that shouldn’t be a problem.

The rubber bottom helps the mouse pad stick to any surface and grip it strongly. Its grip is so firm that you would have to lift the pad before you can move it around.

On the downside, the rubber traps dust and dirt after some time. Depending on the state of your health, I noticed that this gaming mouse pad has this very strong chemical smell. I left it in the garage for like 48 hours to reduce the chemical smell to a level that is safe enough for me.

Redragon P020 Gaming Mouse Pad

The Redragon Gaming Mouse Pad is a great mouse pad for gamers of all ages and skill levels. I loved the size of the gaming mouse, which gave more room when playing games like PUBG, Fortnite, and COD.

The surface of this mouse pad is waterproof from what I noticed, and that made it very easy to clean it when I spill drinks on it. If you are traveling frequently, this is a great accessory to take with you. It looks minimalistic and sleek.

Because it came in a tube, I noticed that some edges of the mouse pad raised from the table for the first couple of days. I loved that the response of the mouse on the pad on virtually all our games was as smooth and quick as possible.

Overall, after using this gaming mouse for around two weeks, I think its one great addition to your gaming setup.

Oppai “Deadpool” – Anime Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

If you are a Deadpool fan, then this gaming mouse will surely give you a good giggle when gaming.  Apart from being a novelty product and a good gift for a Deadpool fan, this gaming mouse is pretty comfortable on the wrist. The rubber under the mouse ensures that it remains stuck to the desk top for as long as you game.


The idea behind having one of these best gaming mouse pads with wrist rest support is to be able to play games for as long as you want without the wrist pains associated with using a mouse for a long time. You will need it as part of your gaming setup.

If your wrist pain goes away after using the mouse pad for some time, you might decide to store it away until you need it again. This isn’t a rule set in stone, though, so you can use it as your daily mouse pad if you feel it gives you what you want.

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