9 Best Free 4K Video Editing Apps for Android & iPhones [Apk & iOS Download]

Making videos for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok on the go is now possible and very easy. In fact, pretty much anyone with a mobile phone can now start making videos for an online audience and hopefully make something out of sharing valuable information with people that follow them.

While it’s possible to make videos for an audience online, most useful video editing software and apps like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are paid, and these can be quite pricey for someone who wants to start making and uploading videos but who is on a budget. I tested and have compiled around five of the best free video editing apps for android that you can download and start using for free immediately.

Best Free 4K Video Editing Apps for Android & iPhone[APK & iOS Download]

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush – Best Free Video Editing App For Android Without Watermark
  2. FilmoraGo – Best Video Editing App For YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok
  3. VivaVideo – Best 60fps Video Editor Android
  4. InShot – Free Video Editor App Download For Android
  5. Movie Maker Filmmaker – Best Open Source Video Editor Android    
  6. VN Video Editor (For Windows, Macs, iPhone, And Android Devices) 
  7. Quik (For iPhone And Android Devices)
  8. Action Director (For Android Devices)
  9. You Cut Video Editor (For Android Devices)

Adobe Premiere Rush – Best Free Video Editing App For Android Without Watermark

While also available for free, Adobe Premiere Rush remains one of the best video editing apps you can download for your mobile device. Adobe Premiere Pro is quite pricey for a beginner or someone who doesn’t have extra funds to throw at a full Adobe subscription.

The one thing I didn’t seem to like about this APK is the fact that it only has around 10 minutes of video that you can produce on the free plan, and this is free of watermarks. So if you are making YouTube and Instagram skits that are under 10 minutes, I will really recommend that you add this app to your list of tools to use.

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FilmoraGo – Best Video Editing App for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

FilmoraGo is another top-quality video editing app we will recommend for android users. It’s free, and like Adobe Premiere Rush, comes with some of the best features you would expect from a video editing app. If you’re planning to make videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, IGTV, and WhatsApp, here is one video editing app you should try, for free.

FilmoraGo comes with a full-featured video editor, and you’d be able to create videos with pictures, music stickers, and sound effects easily. It’s also beginner-friendly, which is something I can’t confirm about the first app on this list.

Some other features we would expect, with FilmoraGo checking the boxes is video cutting and trimming, video export in HD quality at pretty much any aspect ratio, being able to add different color filters to a video, and being able to share on all our video sharing platforms straight from inside the app.

You’d also be able to add stickers and texts to videos using different fonts, animations, and emojis, you’d be able to blur backgrounds in your videos, reduce or increase the audio speed and even add certain voice enhancements to improve the quality of your audios.

I noticed that while the free plan has pretty much all the features you need, you will need to subscribe to the VIP plan to be able to export the videos without watermarks. So you’d have to decide if your jobs are important enough to not have the watermarks. But for all the features you need from a video editor, the FilmoraGo easily passes as one of the best free video editing apps for android phones.

VivaVideo – Best 60fps Video Editor Android

When it comes to free video editing apps for android and iPhones, VivaVideo is one we will always recommend as we have been using it on personal projects since it was first released on the market. While this app also comes with a pro plan as we have on others, it comes with a ton of amazing features that you can enjoy for free, especially when you are running on a budget.

You’d be able to edit, trim and cut videos with this video editor, while also being able to merge videos, edit and include music in videos, add stickers, add texts, and upload straight to your online video sharing platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok straight from inside the app.

In case you are bordered about songs when making videos, VivaVideo comes with photos and up-to-date music that you can add to your videos without having to go search for and download them first.

You also get songs with lyrics in the video maker, while also having access to professional music video tools like effects and transitions. We couldn’t help picking VivaVideo as one of our best video editing apps for android after we noticed that it comes with more audio features compared to other apps.

You’d be able to enjoy using virtually all the tools you’d need in a video editor with VivaVideo. You’d be able to cut, trim and merge videos, including videos, pictures, and stickers, crop the videos to fit the specific platforms you want to share them with, blur parts of the video to make it easy for viewers to concentrate on the video itself, adjust volume and speed of videos and audios while being able to export in 720p, 1080p and 4K, and still being able to share to your video sharing websites straight from your android devices or iPhones.

InShot – Free Video Editor App Download For Android

InShot prides itself on being more than a video editor, but also a video maker. So if you’re looking for an app for recording your videos and editing them, you have an all-in-one tool at your disposal.

With InShot, you’d be able to trim and cut videos, merge multiple clips without losing video quality, and you’d be able to upload these videos to social media in whatever quality and aspect ratio you’d like. With InShot, you’re also able to add featured music from InShot to your videos for free, or you could decide to add your own music. You’d be able to add your own voice-over, adjust the speed and volume of music, and include special effects with ease.

While InShot comes with many amazing features, we noticed that you would be having watermarks on the videos you make using the free plan, and might have to pay a little fee to be able to make amazing videos free of watermarks. But if you don’t care much about some free InShot promotion and you’d like to use the powerful features, then try InShot.

Movie Maker Filmmaker – Best Open Source Video Editor Android

If a truly free video editor app is one of the reasons why you’re here, then you surely need to give the Movie Maker Filmmaker a try. This app was recently redesigned, and we have noticed a lot of users complaining about bugs in the app, but that doesn’t matter enough to take it off our list of the best free video editing apps for android for beginners and pro video editors.

You’d be able to use many different video effects, you can add custom filters, add music, trim and merge video clips and audio files. One of the reasons why we have added the Movie Maker Filmmaker to this list of the best free video editing apps for android is because it’s 100% free, no ads, no premium plans.

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VN Video Editor – Best free video editing app for iPhone

This free video editing app has many unique features, but its compatibility across different devices is a major one. You can use it on your PC as well as your mobile phone. This makes it easy for you to complete several video projects from the comfort of your home and while on the go.

This video editor allows you to import your favorite music, design and customize your subtitles, apply movie-style filters, and support saving your videos in 60 fps and 4K resolution. You can also share your saved video creations on your social media channels.

The application offers a lot of value for any beginner who wants to take up video editing and professionals looking for an additional video editing app. You can download it on Google Playstore, Appstore, and for your Windows and MacBooks here.  

Quik – Best 4K video editing app for android

Although the Quik app has been a staple on the list of free video editing apps for Android devices, it was recently relaunched in 2021 with added features. Quik works on both Android and iOS devices. However, the new update came with many attractive benefits that are only available for paid subscribers of the App. But not to fret, you can use the free version for your basic edits, such as adding filters and merging video clips.

The additional package comes with unlimited cloud backup, i.e., You would be able to save all your projects on extended storage. You would also get a private feed where you can line up your favorite creations without searching for them.

Besides this, more original songs are made available, and automatic video creation and premium filters are just a few of the major perks of the paid subscription.

Also noteworthy is that there have been some drawbacks associated with this App. For example, some user reviews have complained about the lack of export options for the file you create, even when it is on the paid version. In addition, there have been glitches with finding saved videos.

Fortunately, the application developers have promised to resolve this buggy behavior and restore Quik App to become the fan-favorite it was before. You can download the App on the Google play store and App store.  Unfortunately, development has been put on hold for the desktop version, but the old legacy software is the only version available for download.

Action Director – Best video editing app for YouTube

Action director is another option from the free video editing apps for Android that you should take notice of. It offers interesting features like slow motion and high-speed edits. It also allows you to rewind and repeat the scenes you want in your video.

These regular features give you the room to add transitions, animated stickers, and some filters. In the end, you can save your creations and share them on social media. But there’s a limit to the free package.

You will not be able to export videos in HD and Ultra HD unless you subscribe to the paid option. Still interested, download the App here.

You Cut

Tagged #9 in the top free video players and editors on Google Play. You cut is one App you should add to your tools if you’re interested in video editing. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and many great features. You can cut and trim your video clips as often as possible, adding music, special effects, filters, and engaging transitions.

Additionally, you can adjust the video’s speed from 0.2-100x and save your videos without watermarks in the free version. When you are done editing, saving, and exporting, your videos are available in HD quality.

In conclusion, You Cut offers top-notch value while still being a free app. Unfortunately, it is only available for download on Android devices.

How to Trim Video On iPhone

Aside from getting fancy video editing apps to help add some glitz to your videos. There are some things your iPhone can do regardless. Here are some steps used to trim a video on your iPhone.

  • Click on your Photos app and choose the video you want to trim.
  • Select edit.
  • Adjust the sliders of the video to the positions of your choice.
  • Tap on the play button to preview the edited video.
  • If it’s satisfactory, select ‘save video’ or ‘save as new clip.’

NB: Save video would save only the trimmed video, while Save as New Clip would save both the trimmed video and the original one. 

How to Reverse Video On iPhone

When you want to reverse a video on your iPhone, using a third-party app is the first option. The popular ones that offer great value for free include:

  • Inshot
  • Filmora Go
  • Reverse Vid (For iOS 12.0 and later)

If you don’t wish to download any new applications. You can also use websites like ClideoMedia.io, or EZgif to reverse videos.

How to Make A Video with Pictures On iPhone

Using the iMovie app, you can make a video with pictures on your iPhone. After you have downloaded it from the App Store, follow these steps

  • Click on ‘Movie” and then on ‘Start New Project.’
  • Hold down the thumbnails to preview your pictures or the video clips before compiling them.
  • Tap on the ones you want. A blue checkmark would appear to indicate that they have been selected.
  • Add music and other effects that you want. 
  • Choose the option ‘Create Movie.’

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How to Make A Clearer Video On iPhone

To make a clearer video on your iPhone. You must first clean your camera lens to remove dirt, fingerprints, and any residue from it. Then do the following.

  • Go to the settings of your phone.
  • Select ‘Camera.’
  • Go to ‘Record Video’ and then choose 4k at 30 fps or a higher specification (this depends on your iPhone’s model).
  • Start recording. The resolution would be increased at this point, which would make your videos clearer. Other ways to get clearer videos on your iPhone is by getting a better light source and using third-party Apps.

How to Add Text to Video On iPhone

These are the steps to follow to add text to video on iPhone:

  • Download the Clips App from the Appstore.
  • Tap on a video to open it.
  • Then, select the star symbol 
  • Click on ‘Aa’ Pick your choice of font, and then input the text you want.
  • Finally, rotate and resize it to your specifications. Tap on ‘x’ when you’re done.


Finding free video editing apps for Android and your other devices requires time. Starting with this list would make the process easier for you. Make your pick out of the ones listed, and then settle on the one that is the best fit for the videos that you create. Have fun editing!