Best Free Multiplayer Horror Games Online and Offline

A true horror lover knows that horror games are best enjoyed in the dark and with friends. In as much as it might be quite thrilling to be alone and screaming as the zombies eat your brains, it’s a lot better to have someone to share your paranoia with and have them scream with you – maybe even louder.

Multiplayer horror games have always been more fun, especially when they’re free. You get to play as a team, win games with your friends and teammates who have your back when the monsters come out, all at no cost. There’s a wide range of free multiplayer horror games you can play with your friends.

As a horror lover myself, I know how hard it can be to find good horror games out of the multitude. So I have picked out some of the best free multiplayer horror games you can play. These games combine horror, mystery, and the need for survival to keep you and your friends in sweatpants playing for days.

Best Free Multiplayer Horror Games Online and Offline

  1. Deceit
  2. No More Room in Hell
  3. SCP: Secret Laboratory
  4. Beached
  5. Dead Frontier 2
  6. Horrorfield
  7. Phantasmal: Survival Horror Roguelike
  8. Cry of Fear
  9. Infestation: The New Z

#1. Deceit

You wake up in a strange place, in a group of six. A few of you are infected with a virus and may turn into creatures from your wildest nightmares. You are now faced with the decision of who to trust and how to make it out alive. The end goal of the game is to use your instincts and strategic skills to fish out the infected and find your way to survival. This game is one of the best free multiplayer horror games you can play. It forces its players to think on their feet and act fast when faced with terrifying situations. It also tests your shooting skills, throws intense mind games at you, and pumps you full of adrenalin.

#2. No More Room in Hell

There are several undead shuffling about, hungry, and looking for the next meal. You have to work with your teammates to stay alive, developing your shelter long enough to be taken to the safe zone. You will need to fight as hard as you can to be among the survivors. Only one bite will infect you. Once bitten, you may decide to tell your teammates or hope for a cure along the way. Good luck!

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#3. SCP: Secret Laboratory

Fear ensues during a confinement breach as odd creatures break out of their chambers within the SCP foundation, moving around with murderous intent. Be a re-confinement personnel, a site agent or horrific entity, and battle to escape or take over the foundation. As one of the best free multiplayer horror games, SCP: Secret Laboratory forces you to hunt or be hunted. What role will you play?

#4. Beached

Beached is extremely thrilling and it puts you in a hostile environment to fight for your survival. You will be provided with resources as you scavenge different areas on the map. However, you need to be careful with the choices you make as the wrong choice might cause you to lose all your resources or put you in danger very fast. In this game, you will be battling against other players, the environment, and wildlife. You will be faced with challenges that you can overcome by developing a strong shelter with the resources you find and gathering your weapons. Your choices will literally save your life!

#5. Dead Frontier 2

Make every shot count in this survival horror game, one of the best free multiplayer horror games out there. Gather resources and weapons in the creepy corners of abandoned buildings and battle with the infected creatures. Play with your friends or play alone and trade with other players for the resources you need. Your only goal is to SURVIVE!

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#6. Horrorfield

In this game, the goal is to develop a strategic team and work together to escape the nightmarish creatures lurking around. No time to develop a shelter or improve your skills, you must fight together as a team, combining your skills and wit to unlock the exit and escape the base.

#7. Phantasmal: Survival Horror Roguelike

One of the major reasons why Phantasmal is on this list of the best free multiplayer horror games is because every game is entirely different. You cannot rely on your previous experience, hence, the odds are not in your favor. The horrific monsters in this game will test your sanity and you cannot afford to lose your mind. Gather your resources, be sneaky and fool the creatures. Fight back if you are caught. ANYTHING TO SURVIVE!

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#8. Cry of Fear

This game satisfies your need for horror, it catches you off guard with horrific scares all over the place and keeps you locked in with multiple ending scenarios. Horror takes over the city of Scandinavia forcing you to battle for survival with limited resources and an intense rush. A deadly wave of supernatural creatures and creepy delusions hunt you down from every corner, will you survive?

#9. Infestation: The New Z

This game is one of the best free multiplayer horror games that offer different modes for you to explore with friends. Team up, loot, and battle with other clans to take over territories. Use your skills to tackle missions with your friends. Discover a wide range of weapons, trade resources, and fight other players and zombies in this action-filled game.

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