10 Best Free Gaming Clan Logo Makers [eSports & PUBG]

If you don’t have a design background, creating a high-quality gaming logo can be quite tasking, and even if you do, creating a concept of what you should use in your games is another headache. That is where gaming logo makers come in. These services help you create gaming logos, some for free while others charge a fee.

In this article, I put together 4 of the best free gaming clan logo makers, which can also design gaming logos and avatars for PUBG and eSports. I also looked at some that allow you to create and download gaming logos completely free. You can tweak the logos to your heart’s content and download the gaming logo with no watermark, 100% free.

Best Free Gaming Clan Logo Makers with No Watermark

  • logodesign.net
  • Gaming Logo Maker
  • Logo Esport Maker
  • Gaming ESports Logo Design Maker
  • freelogodesign.org
  • Canva
  • Looka
  • Design Evo
  • Postermywall
  • Placeit

logodesign.net – Free Gaming Logo Maker with No Watermark Download

The logodesign.net team seems to be the only team online that has allowed the public to design and download their gaming logos completely free. There is not even a single website that I could find online that’s willing to allow users to design and download logos at this quality for free, and that is why this online tool is the first on my list.

I designed the logo and was able to download it with no watermark. There are a wide variety of gaming clan logo templates to choose from. You’re also going to be able to download high-resolution vector files in PDFs and PNGs. The website allows you to use the logos everywhere, from your gaming channel on YouTube to your groups and even as an avatar on your online gaming communities.

logodesign.net - 10 Best Free Gaming Clan Logo Makers [eSports & PUBG]

You get avatars like Spartan mascot, bull icon, gorilla symbol, boy mascot, and reaper, all for free. There are also several eSports logo PNGs, from eSports mascots to symbols, letter logos, and many others. This should be your first stop if you’re looking for high-quality gaming clan logo makers.

Gaming Logo Maker – Best Free Gaming Avatar Maker App

While this isn’t a website, it does allow you to create a gaming logo and avatar on your mobile phone for free.

There are dozens of customizable gaming team logo designs on the app, and all of them work well for creating gaming logos for eSports teams, online gaming companies, video games, professional video game players, and gaming clans.

The app also allows you to play around with smaller details of the logo, like tweaking the graphics, text, and colors.

Gaming Logo Maker  - 10 Best Free Gaming Clan Logo Makers [eSports & PUBG]

To design a gaming logo, pick a sticker, give it a frame, choose a theme or color for the background, including any text you want, and download it when you’re done. If you don’t like using the stickers, you just have to draw your symbols or add a picture from your phone, enter text details, give it a frame if you want, and have it downloaded for free.

This Gaming Logo Maker app has over 50 logo stickers that you can download, from stickers of eagles to Vikings, witches, bears, wolves, skulls, and even hooded assassins. There are many background colors and patterns to choose from, including many styles and fonts for your text. The app also allows you to share your stunning (and sometimes awful) designs with your friends on social media without even downloading it.

Logo Esport Maker – Free RPG, PUBG & Twitch Gaming Logo Maker [APK]

If you are looking for a gaming logo maker apk app for Android, then you should try the Logo Esport Maker. This gaming logo creator allows you to create logos and avatars for your games straight from your phone.

You can start creating logos for your team as soon as you download the app. You can adjust the texture and overlay seamlessly, with over 30 different textures available to be personalized.

You can easily set and edit the colors as you see fit, change text style and fonts, and set different background options, including a transparent background. The app also allows you to edit the brightness of the logos, saturation, and contrast. You can easily flip, rotate, resize, and curve the logos.

Logo Esport Maker

The app also comes with a brand name, company slogan, and even a symbol generator. So whenever you’re stuck, or your creativity is limited, see the ideas that the app throws at you and see if you can work with any of them. Overall, this is one of my best options when it comes to game logo makers.

Gaming ESports Logo Design Maker – Free ESports Logo and Avatar Maker

The last free eSports logo maker on our list is the Gaming ESports Logo Design Maker. This app promises to make it possible for you to create your own team logos in minutes. You just have to take a photo, select one from your phone gallery, or pick a logo from the library in the app and start designing.

You can easily remove image and logo backgrounds inside the app, you can have a custom image, pattern, or theme in the background, you can add logos, frames, stickers, and texts on any logo, and you can download the logo you create to your phone or share it on social media for free.

This app comes with a lot of stickers, effects, frames, and background designs to choose from. There are lots of stickers to choose from; you have warriors, skulls, animals, wizards, and many others at your disposal. You also have options to undo and redo your changes, plenty of styles are available, including many fonts and designs for your text.

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Canva offers free gaming logo designs with over 100 million design elements built to help you make the best gaming logo designs for you and your clan. On Canva, you can design a template of the correct size for whatever content you want to feature, whether PC, mobile, console, VR, game streaming, or even arcade.

When you’ve finished your designs, you can download them in different formats like high-resolution JPEGs or PNGs. Additionally, you can download your designs in MP4 video formats or GIFs if your designs are animated. Being simple and user-friendly, Canva provides a stock photography base to give your designs a professional look and team access for your clan.

Canva’s templates can be limiting; however, of a focus they are. For example, multiple brands might start to look generic when they use the same content, or their content follows Canva’s brand and style. Even stock photographs and export options are limiting too.


Looka’s AI-powered logo generator always gives you the right designs that fit more than half the time. With over 300+ templates, you can design the best gaming clan logo for your PC, mobile, console, TV, or game streaming platform you use.

Looka also has accent marks for its texts, so you aren’t limited to an English-looking company name. Once you’ve chosen the primary logo to edit, you customize everything; typeface, icon, colors, gradient colors, etc.
Looka is limited in sizing and positioning.

You can change the font and icon size on your base layout. Sliders manage the size and positioning for your chosen layout, and these constraints are restricting if you have particular layout ideas. Looka is a great free gaming clan logo maker with no watermarks.

Design Evo

DesignEvo is a free designing tool with up to 5000+ unique design templates that let users quickly customize a logo for whatever purpose they want. This is a perfect tool for gamers with which they can design a gaming clan logo with no watermark at all.

Aside from owning a huge database of templates, Design Evo gives you a tool with which you can design your logos from scratch. DesignEvo is supported on cloud, SaaS, and web-based platforms, as well as Mac desktop, Android, and iOS devices. This makes it a perfect free gaming clan logo maker with no watermark.

Using DesignEvo for free lets you save high-resolution logos in 300px, while the Basic and Plus plans allow you an export quality of 5000px. Whether you choose the Basic or Plus plan, these premium plans cost only $24.99 or $49.99. Using the free version, you only have limited edits and redownloads.


Postermywall provides you with eye-catching videos, posters, and logos for your profiles on whatever gaming platforms you use. It is straightforward to use, with tons of templates covering many themes. It also allows you cross-platform collaboration where you can share your work with others.

In addition, Postermywall includes the option of free bulk email messaging to 100 of your customers daily. There are also high-quality stock images and videos. You can download images for $2.99 and $7.99 and videos for $14.95, with free design resizing options without a limit on the number of resizes you can make.

Postermywall also allows scheduling content, letting you automatically publish your designs to the social media platforms and web pages you’ve selected at the chosen time. This makes it one of the best free gaming clan logo makers with no watermark on the internet.

However, searching for templates under a specific category or name can be quite a handful due to the many template options available. It can also be challenging to see user experience and feedback about glitches or their experiences on the website. Postermywall’s Premium subscription costs $99.96 annually, about $8.33 monthly.


Gaming logos are essential for representation and give the audience a strong impression of the brand or clan that owns it. Placeit is an excellent tool for creating a good gaming logo for your clan. It is easy to use, with a collection of 87,000 templates made by professional creatives, making it easy to have your unique logo in just a few clicks for free.

In addition, you can make an animated logo with no download limit on designs. You can also generate mockups for your gaming merchandise and design stream overlays, thumbnails, banners for Twitch, Discord, and streaming overlays to make your gaming profile look even more fantastic. There are also video template options for your YouTube intros and outros.

Placeit allows unlimited edits on your designs; downloads are only in PNG format. In addition, videos can be resized, cropped, and uploaded in MP4, GIF, or MOV formats.

With its fully licensed designs, Placeit offers unlimited downloads on its premium plan, which costs $14.95 per month, with good discounts on its annual plans.
Placeit is only available as a web app, not for desktop or mobile use. Its video-audio sync needs improving, but it is an excellent free gaming clan logo maker with no watermark.