8 Best Brain Games for Adults to Improve Memory and Concentration [Free Download]

Most brain training games offer you a rich list of strategies, puzzles, problems, and options you can play with, and many of them are known for being complex and challenging. Brain games for adults are designed to help people get improved memory and concentration, and as you grow older, these games come handy at preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s and other memory-related issues.

I have compiled this list of the best brain games for adults and seniors alike, so you can select which of them suits your learning style, age, and skillset most. Play these fun brain games for adults long enough and you will see a noticeable improvement in your focus, concentration, brain strength, calculation and analytical skills. Let’s do a stripdown of our top eight memory games for adults that help with brain training.

10 Best Brain Games for Adults to Improve Memory and Concentration

  1. Lumosity – Brain Training App for Adults
  2. Elevate – Fun Brain Game Apps for Adults
  3. Left Vs Right – Offline Educational Puzzle Games
  4. Peak – Free Offline Brain Training Memory Games
  5. Mind Games – Best Brain Games For Android, iOS, and PC
  6. Brain Games – Multiplayer Mind-Stimulating Games For Seniors
  7. Brain Training – Cognitive Games For Adults
  8. Braingle – Hard and Funny Brain Teasers with Answers

Lumosity App Review – Best Brain Training App for Adults

Lumosity is one of the biggest apps for brain training. The Lumosity app has different brain training and mental fitness programs. The free plan of the Lumosity app allows you to play up to three games every day, while the paid plan offers a lot more features. Both plans allow you to play games and keep track of the progress you’re making. The Lumosity app is available on Android and iOS, and you can play the games straight on the website.

This brain training app is available in 7 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean). All you need to do to have the desired language is to change it in your smartphone device settings. The Lumosity app is being used by over 100 million people worldwide, and the games are designed to exercise the Memory, Attention Span, Speed, Problem-Solving Skills, Math, Language, Logic, and Flexibility. You will be required to take one 10-minute Fit Test to know your level and see how you compare with other people who are in the same age range.

The Lumosity app is popular because the training habits and preferences are tracked on a personal level, while the game sets are especially curated for every individual, so you go at your own pace.

Elevate Fun – Brain Game Apps for Adults

Elevate has been touted as one of the leaders in brain training apps by big publications like CNET, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. But does this brain training games app deliver on what it promises? Well, over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store with 4.6/5 in star rating is proof that this app works. In fact, the company said that users who train at least 3 times every week have reported gains and increased confidence.

Elevate has published over 35 different brain training games, and all you need is to download one app and have access to a whole lot of these games. The app is free, although we noticed it comes with in-app purchases. You’ll be able to download the app on both iOS and Android, so you should be able to stay gaming on whatever device you’re using.

The app includes 35 Reading, Writing, Math, Speaking, Focus, Memory, Processing, Comprehension, and Precision Games. You also get a very detailed process of checking and tracking your performance. Several daily tasks, like an exercise that is designed to improve on areas you’re lacking the most, and an auto-updated difficulty level that’s determined by your progress.

Left vs Right – Offline Educational Puzzle Games

Left vs Right brain games are designed to test and Improve Your Patience, Adaptability, Reflex, Awareness, and Precision. The app comes with over 51 games, and these are designed to test and train your brain in one or more of the categories we just mentioned. Left vs Right has one of the best brain games for adults I have tried my hands on.

The Left vs Right app is available for both Android and iOS users, it comes in two main plans, the VIP and the Regular. In the VIP, you can take part in all 6 training categories every day with access to the complete list of games in each category. You are also allowed to replay individual games as many times as you want, with access to additional categories like Brain Quotients and Percentiles, and a score history for each game.

Regulars can only play and train in 3 categories each day for free and can gain access to the other three categories after watching a short video ad. You can play individual games with tokens that are either purchased in-app or earned from watching video ads.

The Left vs Right app comes with a 7-day free VIP trial, so you should be able to test the waters and see if it’s worth it for you.

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Peak Brain – Training Memory Games

The Peak games are designed to challenge your Memory, Language Skills, Math, Problem-Solving, Emotional Control, Creativity, Coordination, and Critical Thinking, all in the hopes of keeping your mind active. The Peak app has games that were built in partnership with academics from some of the world’s leading universities, including NYU and Cambridge.

Rather than being just an app that has a bunch of brain games, the app’s biggest selling point is its brain workout system. There are over 45 games for adults and seniors and you get access to a new brain training workout challenge every day. So the challenge and fun of the app is maintained.

You have access to the Peak Pro, a paid plan that allows you to get personalized brain training, workouts, and insights. You’ll also be getting intensive training programs designed to test and train a specific skill. A new Wizard memory game that was created by Tom Piercy and Professor Barbara Sahakian from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge comes included in the Pro plan.

I should also add that the Peak free offline brain training games app is available on Android and iOS.

Mind Games – Best Brain Games for Android, iOS and PC Free Download

If you’re looking to download brain training games for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), PC, and even Windows phone, Mind Games is one of the few free options that are available on more platforms for free. Mind Games comes with over 30 different brain training games.

You have complete access to your score history and a graph of your in-game progress. The app uses principles from standardized testing to convert your in-game scores into a comparison scale, like a bar or pie chart, to give you an idea of where you’re doing well and where you need to put in more work.

The Mind Games app is available in 8 different languages (Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French, German, and Arabic). You have games that are designed to train you in categories such as Abstraction, Attention, Anticipation, Face Memory, Math, Memory Speed, Concentration, Memory Span, Mental, Path Memory, Scrabble, Speed Trivia, Verbal Concepts, Word Memory and Vocabulary.

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Brain Games – Multiplayer Mind-Stimulating Games for Seniors

Brain Games is one of the newest entrants into the brain training app scene that is making waves. The app has over 5 million downloads on Android alone, and one of the best features is its online multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other people around the world.

If you feel like the challenge of playing against computers isn’t what you want and you want to play against real, and sometimes more intelligent people, then try these free mind-stimulating games for seniors.

The app is sold on the premise that it helps you improve your Reasoning, Calculation, Speed, Visual Memory, Concentration, Short-Term and Long-Term Memory. One difference between the Brain Games app and the others on this list is that your skills and test results are compared with other users on the leaderboard and with your friends. It’s perfect for seniors, and can be played in 8 languages (Spanish, Korean, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and French).

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Brain Training – Cognitive Games for Adults

The Brain Training app is available on Android, with over 10 million downloads. It comes with around 15 different categories of games, you’d be able to get yourself tested on Multitasking, Quick Search, Math, Focus, Colors, Memory Power, Remembering Faces, Left vs Right Brain, Concentration, Quick Decision Making, Grip Memory, Listening, and Work Memory.

Users have found better results playing these daily for between 10 and 15 minutes. Your scores are taken, while the games you’re recommended are designed to help improve on the areas of the brain that the game sees you’re lacking.

Braingle – Hard and Funny Brain Teasers with Answers

If hard and funny brain teasers are your thing, then you need to check Briangle. Nothing beats the thrill of solving puzzles a larger audience of users have created and being part of that community for free. You’d be able to take a memory and IQ test on the website, so you’re able to know what level you’re presently at, and be better equipped to track your progress.

You’d be able to play Puzzle games (Soduku, Wordsearch), Brain Teasers (riddles, logic problems, and puzzles), Optical Illusions, Puzzle Experiences, Codes and Ciphers, Strategy Games, and You’d Be Getting Access to a Complete Encyclopedia of Written, Mechanical and Spoken Puzzles, the Puzzlepedia.

According to the company, Briangle has over 15,000 puzzles, games, and brain teasers. You can also create your own puzzles and share them with an online community of enthusiasts. The biggest selling points of Briangle remains its completely free platform, its large range of free human-made brain teasers, its free testing system, and it’s very challenging level of puzzles to keep your brain active.

So, there you have it, my 8 best brain games for adults and seniors, games designed to improve memory and concentration fast. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and if you have seen a remarkable difference after using the app for some time.

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