Base Plugin WordPress Tutorial {Best Plugins for Sites}

In our last Tutorial we covered SSL & Accessing WordPress, in our Base Plugin WordPress Tutorial we will cover plugin configuration. By base plugin, we are talking about the most important plugins that you need as soon as your website goes live.

This tutorial assumes that you have registered for a web hosting or WordPress hosting provider, installed WordPress on your cPanel or any others your web hosting provider might offer.

Getting Started with Base Plugins

So we want to be logged into the back-end of WordPress as we showed in the last Tutorial. This is where we access all of our settings. On the left-hand side, you will see a list of different options. What we are looking for is the “Plugins” section, as shown below.

Base Plugin WordPress Tutorial

Once you have clicked on Plugins you will be presented will a small list of Plugins already installed by default on your site.

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What we want to do is remove some and deactivate some. With SiteGround and some other hosting companies, your new WordPress installation will come with plugins already installed.

Configuring Plugins

The very first plugin we want to remove is “Hello Dolly” this comes with every copy of WordPress and is not needed. So go ahead and deactivate it and click Apply, then select it again and select remove and click Apply.

The next plugin is SG Optimizer, which is a plugin that comes from SiteGround. It will be on the list if you have previously been following our Tutorials & signed up for Hosting with SiteGround. If it is not on the list then you don’t need to worry about this.

If it is there I would recommend to deactivate it for the moment. This Plugin is used for Caching purposes and would not be needed at the beginning of a website design project.

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The next plugin is JetPack which is used for a variety of things including Site Stats, Social Media, Post Commenting & other things which we can discuss later. You can leave this Activated.

The Last Plugin is Akismet Anti-Spam which I would recommend activating, this will help fight spam from people leaving spam comments on your website.

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There are plenty of Plugins I could recommend but as I don’t know the type of site you are planning on designing, these would be my recommended options for anyone starting out.

That covers our Base Plugin WordPress Tutorial.

Our next Tutorial will be, How to install a WordPress Theme Tutorial.

We will show you how to install a Commercial Theme and the basics to get you started. I hope you enjoyed our Base Plugin WordPress Tutorial and found it useful in some way.

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