Asus VG245H 24-Inch Console Gaming Monitor Specs and Review

One of the best console gaming monitors on the market is the Asus VG245H, it is the gaming monitor of choice for some of the best video gamers in the industry. The Asus VG245H 24-inch console gaming monitor is one sturdily built gaming monitor. It has a healthy refresh rate and response time, making it an amazing option if you’re looking for a quality gaming monitor. First, let’s talk about some of the key features of the Asus VG245H 24-inch console gaming monitor.

Asus VG245H 24-Inch Console Gaming Monitor Specs

Refresh Rate75 Hz
Response time1ms
GameVisual6 Modes(Scenery/Racing/Cinema/RTS/RPG/FPS/sRGB Modes)
Low Blue LightYes
GamePlus(modes)Yes (Crosshair/Timer/FPS Counter/Display Alignment)
Brightness(Max)250 cd/㎡
True Resolution1920×1080
Panel TypeTN
Color Saturation72%(NTSC)
Ports2X Audio Jack, VGA, 2 X HDMI Ports
Ergonomicsheight/tilt/swivel/pivot adjustments
Screen techFree Sync/Adaptive Sync
Screen size24, 27 inches
Stereo Speakers2W x 2 Stereo RMS
PriceThe Asus VG245H Price is $166.99

Asus VG245H Response time

The Asus VG245H comes with 1ms response time, which is presently the top-of-the-range standard for most gaming monitors. The 1ms response time also contributed to the improvement I noticed when it comes to ghosting. After enabling anti-trace in some games, I noticed that the ghosting was close to nonexistent. Overall, when it comes to its response time, the Asus VG245H sure does a good job.

Asus VG245H Response time

The Asus VG245H has one the best refresh rates if you plan to play games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and Battlefield 1 on PS4 or any other gaming console. Most of these games have a recommended 60fps, so having a gaming monitor that delivers 75Hz is just perfect for you. I played some FPSs on the gaming monitor and they ran super smoothly, so I will recommend the Asus VG245H.

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Asus VG245H Screen size

The Asus VG245H comes in two variants of 24 inches and 27 inches screen sizes. Which is just perfect if you’re looking for a gaming monitor that’s large enough to provide great views. The Asus VG245H also comes with Full 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution which is also great. The Asus VG245H remains one of the best console gaming monitors if screen size and resolution are your concern.

Screen tech

The Asus VG245H comes with FreeSync Adaptive Sync. The Asus VG245H also comes with Exclusive Game Visual and Game Plus functions which help to improve the performance of the in-game controls and colors. This coupled with the 75Hz refresh rate gives you amazing gaming experiences. No screen tearing with the AMD Radeon GPU.

The screen brightness is clocked at 250 cd/㎡, and it’s also FlickerFree, coming with blue light filter, which helps to reduce eye fatigue that’s often caused by lengthy gaming sessions. The colors on the screen can be adjusted, and having a 1080 pixel resolution, the display is just crisp. The picture quality was awesome, and there was close to zero input lag.


The Asus VG245H is one of the most ergonomic gaming monitors as it comes with support for height adjustment; you can tilt, swivel, and pivot with ease. All of these make the gaming monitor a great addition to any gaming setup. If you remembered, we pointed out that the monitor comes with settings to adjust virtually every part of the monitor to suit your gaming setup, from colors, to picture, to the fps, and now the positioning of the gaming monitor.

Overall, the Asus VG245H comes packaged neatly and safely, which I loved. Out of the box, the Asus VG245H comes with a power cord, which was very long, so you should be able to set up your monitor without having to buy different power adapters. The buttons are also sturdily built, and it comes with a little joystick, so you should be able to navigate through the monitor settings with ease even if you’re not so techy.

I love that I could adjust the height of the monitor, rotate it either left or right, or even have it in a vertical position.

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