Are All Gaming Chairs The Same? The 3 Main Types Gaming Chair

Are all gaming chairs the same? The short answer to that question is NO. Gaming chairs come in different sizes, they have different weight allowances, and they are sometimes produced with different materials.

In short, you wouldn’t be able to compare a gaming chair that sells for over $500 with a gaming chair under $50. You can only get different things from each. So I have written this article to provide an answer to that and help you see the different types of gaming chairs around, and what to look out for when deciding to buy a gaming chair.

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Are all gaming chairs the same? – The three main types

  1. PC Gaming chairs
  2. Platform Gaming Chairs
  3. Hybrid Gaming Chairs

PC Gaming chairs

PC gaming chairs are those that look just like the office chairs you use, the only difference is that they are built with more comfort and ergonomics in mind. Generally, most PC gaming chairs have wheels, which make them easy to move them around, better swivel, massage features and some times, in-built speakers. If you are into computer /laptop/ PC gaming, then these chairs are perfect as they give you enough seating height to match your gaming desk.

Platform Gaming Chairs

Platform chairs are perfect for console gaming. Some rocker chairs come with enough height to use them for PC gaming, they would most likely come with massage features, inbuilt speakers and vibrations. These chairs don’t come with as much flexibility as we find on PC gaming chairs, but they are generally known for providing comfort and a relaxed gaming posture.

Hybrid gaming chairs

These are much more advanced, coming with a lot more features than your normal gaming chairs. These types of gaming chairs allow for hanging your monitors on the chair setup as opposed to other options that would need a gaming desk. These options are used by diehard gamers, and they come with more advanced features like vibrations, massage chairs, different control mechanisms, surround sound, and many others.

What to look for a gaming chair

Whether you have a hefty budget or not, the best quality gaming chairs are generally not cheap. But whichever options you decide to pursue, these are just a few things that should be considered before you make a decision on which gaming chair to settle for.

  1. How many hours do you spend gaming per session?
  2. Are you a console gamer or a computer gamer?
  3. Would you be needing or already have a gaming desk?
  4. Are you health-conscious? (Posture, lower and upper back pain)

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then here are a few things to look for in a gaming chair.

  1. Space
  2. Ergonomics
  3. System compatibility
  4. Materials
  5. Armrest and cup holder support
  6. Technology


If you are conscious of the space you have and don’t have a lot of allowances when it comes to the size of a gaming chair, then PC gaming chairs are your best options. These gaming chairs are smaller, take up less space, and can be moved around with ease.


This is important because you’d easily have a sore back, which could become lower back and upper back pains in no time if you seat on a clunky chair for long. Ergonomics also reduces the time in which you’d have to stand up to stretch your back, and chairs with this feature are especially designed for people who spend considerable time gaming or sitting in a position.

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System compatibility

While most gaming chairs work well with systems like PC, Xbox One, PS4, and now PS5, some gaming chairs are designed for a specific type of gaming. If you have a TV stand in the living room that’s pretty low, the best chairs would be platform gaming chairs or rockers. Some swivel, some don’t, but you catch the drift, you don’t need something higher than the position of your gaming setup or the specific type of gaming you’re into.


We have fabric gaming chairs, we have leather gaming chairs. There are just too many materials from which gaming chairs are made. So knowing which is ideal for you is a great place to start. One of the biggest differences in gaming chairs is the materials, so you would want to take note.

Armrest and cup holder

If you are looking for a video gaming chair with armrest and cup holder, you should know that some chairs don’t give you a lot of flexibility in this area. Most gaming chairs with these features are pc gaming chairs. We have noticed that a couple of rockers that have armrest don’t even allow you to adjust the armrests.

So if you need something that will give you good arm support, then you’d be better off with a good quality pc gaming chair. But if you’re looking for a video gaming chair with a cup holder, then you’d only find rockers.

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Gaming chairs come with massage features, neck rests, headrests, inbuilt speakers, rumble vibration features, and even Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headsets. If you are looking for a gaming chair specifically with these features you’d need to specifically search for those types of gaming chairs. Most gaming chairs don’t have them.

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So to recap, are all gaming chairs the same? No. Are gaming chairs comfortable? Some are, some are not. Do gaming chairs have good back support? Some do, some don’t. Is there a difference between a gaming chair and an ergonomic chair? Yes. Some gaming chairs are not ergonomic, while most ergonomic chairs can also work for some type of gaming setup.

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