Aliexpress Dropshipping Center {Find Winning Products}

Aliexpress dropshipping center is the latest from Aliexpress to help dropshippers get more winning products, make more money dropshipping while reducing the time they spend researching and trying to find winning products.

This article will be discussing some of the best things about this tool, how you can register and start taking advantage of this new dropshipping tool from Aliexpress.

What are the key features of the Aliexpress dropshipping center?

The app works as a tool for finding:

  1. Hot products
  2. Dropshipping Suppliers
  3. Product Analysis

For most of us drop shippers, we find it hard to make use of the many tools and go through the many processes of trying to validate the possibility of a product coming out a winner. This dropshipping center is designed to pack all the metrics we’d look for in a hot product in one central location. If you’re a dropshipper, this tool is mainly for you. Also, if you’re into mini-importation, this dropshipping center will be a great option for looking for hot products to sell.

How to sign up for Aliexpress dropshipping center?

To access the Aliexpress dropshipping center, you’d need to have an Aliexpress account. You could just go on dropshipping with Aliexpress, and when Aliexpress notices that you have been dropshipping for some time, they’ll invite you to join the center. But, why wait?

You can join the dropshipping center by logging into your account on Aliexpress. If you are new to Aliexpress, you’d need to first create an account, but if you already have an account on Aliexpress, you just have to click this Aliexpress dropshipping center link to join the dropshipping center.

After you enter the Aliexpress login details for your account, you need to read the General Agreement on the dropshipping center page, and if you agree, you just click on enter.

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Check the image below to see how it’s done:

Aliexpress Dropshipping Center

After agreeing to the General Agreement you would then have to agree to the Data Service Authorization.

 Find Winning Products

On the next page, you will be required to enter your personal information. Your name mainly. If you have entered this dropshipping center through your Aliexpress account, this should automatically be filled up. Check to confirm that it’s how you want it and then click Submit.

 Dropshipping Center

If all is done right, you will see a page with a congratulatory message. You now have to proceed to the dropshipping center by clicking on the link you find on the page. The next page you will see is your Aliexpress dropshipping center dashboard. From here, you can start performing basic tasks. Let’s try to add apps to our dropshipping center.

Aliexpress Dropshipping Center

Each of these apps have pretty similar uses, DSers helps you to process 100s of orders in as little time as possible, Shopmaster helps you to import products and place orders in bulk, while Todser makes bulk importing and ordering of products very easy. One other feature you find with Todser is that you can spy on the Facebook ads of your competitors.

Shopmaster looks like the most extensive of all three as it works with virtually all eCommerce technologies out there. So if you are dropshipping with Shopify, it would work just fine, and the same goes for if you are dropshipping with Alidropship on Woocommerce.

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In case you are yet to decide between these two powerful dropshipping tools, I wrote an article on a comparison between Alidropship (WooCommerce) vs Oberlo (Shopify). That article will surely help you decide on which you should use for dropshipping.

For this article, I decided to use DSer, since that is the only app I haven’t tried before now. The app asked me to register an account, and after confirming my email address, I proceeded to enter my Shopify store URL. (

This automatically redirected and installed the DSer app in my store. The next asked that I select a pricing tier. It has a free, $29 per month, and $49 per month plans.

I selected the free plan because I don’t need a paid plan right now. Next, I went through the tutorial. I then clicked on Link to Aliexpress on the top middle to start linking the app to my Aliexpress account.

Dsers dropshipping

This is what your account on DSer would look like after you have linked it to your Aliexpress account.

DSERS shopify

After this, we just have to go back to our dropshipping center to continue using the tools. From all indications, you don’t need to link a third-party app to use the dropshipping center.

You can still enjoy using the dropshipping center to search for hot product ideas, and when you find a winning product, you’ll just go search for it on the main website and then import using either your Oberlo chrome extension or your Alidropship chrome extension.

Dropshipping Center

Aliexpress dropshipping center review

So we are now inside our dropshipping center. There are a couple of things I noticed right off the bat, and I must say, this tool looks pretty useful for dropshipping.

The tool packs settings and features that drop shippers would normally look for when dropshipping. The supplier rating, the country of origin, ePacket shipping, dropshipping orders, products that have videos, and a couple of others.

Let’s take a look at some of these to see how important these filters are for us.

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This feature brings up a selection of hot products that have videos on their product pages. Videos are very important for our product pages and our ads; in fact, I have seen the best results when I use videos in my Facebook ads. So being able to get free videos that we can edit into a video for Facebook ads is something I love about this.

DS Orders

This is a count of orders that other dropshipping stores have placed for this product. This is a super cool feature as you won’t have to do too much guessing to know what products are selling. The best ads are those that are combined with the right products. So the most successful dropshipping stores are those that test a ton of products to see which will work.

This option takes out the guesswork and cuts out hours of work. Don’t blindly pick a product from this list and start promoting, though. Do your own research. See if it’s a trend or if it’s a spike that will soon die off. Do your due diligence before promoting any product you see to save advertising dollars.


The emails I receive almost every day from customers on the dropshipping store is about delays in order shipping. Some customers haven’t received their orders 30 days after. Now that is awful. But when I was adding the product to my store, the supplier didn’t offer ePacket.

And the product is one that is selling more, so I can’t throw away my chances of making more sales just for that. But imagine that I had a way to ship products with ePacket. That’s like the fastest shipping option for dropshipping stores.

So when targeting your ads, always pay attention to ePacket countries. I have created a list of all the ePacket countries. So you might want to promote mainly to those ones so that you wouldn’t have issues with making deliveries.

Shipping from

This feature shows a list of countries from which you can dropship. Everyone knows that many of the products made in China and sold on Aliexpress have quality issues. Dropshipping makes everything worse because you can charge like 10 times the price of the product from your buyers, and your Aliexpress supplier will end up sending low-quality, crappy products to the buyers. At the end of the day, you get bad reviews and no return customers.

I will advise that before you start selling a product, place an order first, and see the quality. This will help you decide if you should sell it and at what price it will be fitting to sell for. You don’t want to rip people off. That is not morally cool (from my point of view).

Image search

So let’s say you have downloaded an image of the product or you have a screenshot of a product you’d like to sell. The image search feature on Aliexpress dropshipping center allows you to upload an image and search to find similar products.

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Sponsored products

When people are spending money to promote a certain product, chances are that the product is hot. So I love the feature because it shows you a list of products that are presently being sponsored. See if any of them have a lot of orders, see if it matches your checklist for selecting a winning product and start promoting.

So that’s our look into the Aliexpress dropshipping center. Please let me know if this tool is useful to your dropshipping business or if you’d stick with your old methods.

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