Alidropship Plugin Review: Best for WordPress Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is one of the few online businesses that trended in 2018 and 2019, and the business has grown to become one to love for being easy to operate and for having a lower startup cost compared to some online businesses. This Alidropship plugin review will be helping you decide if dropshipping using the Alidropship WordPress plugin is better than some other options we have out there.

What is Alidropship?

You might have heard about other dropshipping tools like Oberlo, Printful, Dropified, and Spreadr. All of these tools have one thing in common. They make sourcing products online and fulfilling orders very easy. Oberlo, which is mainly used with Shopify is the main competitor with Alidropship which is mainly used for dropshipping on WordPress, with Woocommerce.

Alidropship isn’t very beginner-friendly, so some have decided to order a custom store, saving themselves all the stress of designing a store, and try to make starting a dropshipping business a step-less tedious.

But how does the Alidropship plugin perform when it comes to dropshipping with Aliexpress?

A Stripdown of Alidropship Plugin

As is the case with my reviews, I try to touch on different parts of a product or service individually before reaching a conclusion, and the case wouldn’t be different for this Alidropship plugin review.

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Alidropship Customer Service

Customer support is one thing you would want to consider before deciding to purchase the Alidropship WordPress plugin.

We noticed unusual delays before the Alidropship support answered our queries, and it’s not too strange to see customers complain of being ignored for weeks by the customer support.

We went like 48 hours before our queries were handled. But if there was one thing I appreciated about the customer service, they were helpful, professional and our issues were handled perfectly. You would have to decide for yourself if you’re chill with this.

Importing Products on Alidropship

While Alidropship isn’t 100 percent beginner friendly, we believed the feature to import products was pretty easy to use. The only time we got a lag was when it came to editing each product, including product pictures and a couple of others.

There would be quite a lot of back and forth movement between the front-end of the website and the backend to ensure that product pictures, descriptions, and other things are in place. Was it 100 percent easy to import products on Alidropship? I’ll say no. Alidropship is generally known for having a learning curve, so I’ll say it’s around 85 percent easy to import and edit products.

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Regular Updates to the Plugin

Alidropship does a pretty cool job of providing regular updates to their plugin. They also have a free premium theme for users which is pretty cool for stores started on a budget. The free WooCommerce premium theme valued at $59 is also eligible for free regular updates. They get a pass on how often they get the plugin updated.

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Chrome extension

Many dropshipping plugins and apps have to work with browser extensions, as they are either importing products from Aliexpress or Amazon.

Now, that is one of the reasons why these plugins are very effective and why people pay for them. That is the problem they solve. How does the Alidropship browser extension perform on this front?

We hated the fact that they only had a browser extension for chrome, which is limiting compared to other apps.

Some things we did like about the browser extension which many other apps didn’t give was the ability to search for lower-priced identical products. With the browser extension, we selected a product we wanted, and then targeted lower-priced similar items and searched for stores based on the store rating and an Alidropship calculated seller trust score.

In case you want real-life product photos, maybe for your reviews or as a part of your product page, the browser extension allowed us to view all of these and download or import the ones we wanted.

Other features of the Alidropship plugin is the ability to select products that have ePacket shipping. If you are new to dropshipping, ePacket shipping is a shipping option that is weeks faster than others, and it is the perfect choice for dropshipping businesses targeting ePacket countries. You just need to check the list of ePacket countries, see if you can build your store around these, and you’d be starting dropshipping on the right footing in the area of customer satisfaction.

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Order fulfillment

How easy is it to fulfill orders using the Alidropship plugin? The WordPress dropshipping plugin allows you to fulfill orders automatically based on some preset metrics, or fulfill them manually.

One of the drawbacks we noticed was that the plugin wouldn’t automatically update the order and mark it as processed as we find on Oberlo. If you want the app to do that automatically for you, then you would need to have the settings toggled on. While it wasn’t the best from my point of view, it may be something you’d like.

One of the benefits of having this toggled on is that it wouldn’t be marking the order as shipped until the tracking ID is added to the order on Aliexpress. One of the cons of not having it automated is that you would manually check and retrieve the tracking ID and mark it as processed, which would be time-consuming for some.

One of the best things about this Alidropship plugin is its feature that allows you to modify customer orders from the back-end. I used Oberlo for quite some time, and I regularly got emails from customers who wanted us to add products to their orders, remove products, or even change colors or sizing. That was impossible to do, and we would often ask the customer to either cancel the order, or we would cancel the order and place it all over again.

One other feature you would find with other tools is the automatic order fulfillment. Alidropship visits Aliexpress, searches for the product ordered, automatically enters all customer and product data, and places the order. All you need to do is to enter the payment details and complete the order. You would be needing this as you grow and have to fulfill more orders daily.

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Ease of Use

I mentioned that Alidropship isn’t 100 percent beginner-friendly. But how easy is it to use the tool after you get a hang of it? Pretty easy and seamless. The features work well, and as soon as you know your way around creating your store (if you don’t go the custom store route), and importing products and editing your pages, you start enjoying how the plugin works.

We loved how easy it was to integrate Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Auto-updating orders, auto fulfilling orders, and pricing automation are few of the many features you enjoy with this WordPress dropshipping plugin.

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Is it worth the $89-lifetime payment? In my opinion, it is. I mean, if you choose to start dropshipping businesses on Shopify, you would be paying a minimum of $29 per month, but with Alidropship plugin and WordPress, you only pay a yearly subscription and domain registration fee while having an Alidropship plugin paid for one-time.

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